Expectations met and occupation rate grows 11%.

By: José Antonio Pérez
More than 3.5 million tourists, of whom 1.920 million were foreigners, visited Puerto Peñasco during 2006, meeting expectations for the outgoing year, revealed the Director of the Visitors and Convention Bureau, Rafael González Valenzuela.
González Valenzuela indicated that the hotel occupation rate increased by at least 11%, achieving an average of 70.3% for the year.
He explained that in the specific case of international tourism, which represents 65% of the total of visitors, the city saw an increase in the influx of tourism of 270,000 people. In 2005, the registry of visitors to the area was 1.65 million while in 2006 this number reached up to 1.92 million.
With respect to economic earnings, he added, in 2006 this recorded between 18 to 20 million dollars, while in 2005 this was 16 to 18 million dollars.
González Valenzuela indicated that currently they are working on plans and promotional programs in a manner so that expectations are to reach an average hotel occupation rate of 75%.
He added that 2007 began well with an important flow of tourism, as the first day of the year registered an 80% occupation rate and hopes are that this will increase, principally over weekends and particularly with visitors from Arizona.
In addition, the Visitors Bureau Director remarked, expectations are for an upturn in occupation at the RV parks with the return of “snow birds” and winter tourism during the first three months of the year
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