A field study is being carried out in order to evaluate the impact of the current economic downturn and possible rebound for Puerto Peñasco, reports Milton Félix Reyes, director of Planning and Economic Development. Félix Reyes noted that the results of said study, in coordination with the office of Urban Development and Ecology, will allow them to see the current real situation and the possibility of requesting incentives from the city Council to sustain and increase private investment.
He noted that the idea is to learn about the current situation of developments already underway, which ones are on hold and which ones are bouncing back, as well as new developments that, despite the economic situation have come to look at Puerto Peñasco and the creation of jobs.
He indicated that they believe within a period of between 2 to 3 weeks the results of the field study will be ready. This information will be crossed with that of the Commission for the Promotion of Tourism for the State in order to attain a final result that will illustrate truly how the local economy is and what is required to continue pushing forward.
Félix Reyes determined some proposals would come out of the evaluation and make their way to Peñasco´s City Council for analysis of support and incentives for private investment.
The Director of Planning and Economic Development stressed that the interest of the municipal government is to maintain the doors open to investment and the arrival of new companies that complement the development the city has seen. He noted they have been doing this with some important commercial chains that are already starting to open their doors in the area.
He stressed that in fact, although the economic situation is not the best at this time, they are aware that tentatively there are at least ten new tourist developments ready to get underway in this area, in addition to those that already exist, through investments that have not yet been specified.  

By Jose Antonio Perez at Join Us Magazine

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