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The Santa Fe Clinic (47 Morua Ave, Phone 383-2447) currently serves as Peñasco’s prime emergency care facility in conjuction with the local Red Cross (94 Fremont Blvd, Phone 383-2266) with their major ambulance transport ability.

Depending on the patient’s condition, the injured may often be brought directly to the clinic by private vehicle, as it can be the quickest transport option. If Emergency Air Evacuation (AirEvac, Inc. Phone 95-880-321-9522) or Ambulance Transport (Ajo Ambulance, Inc Phone 520-387-5154/520-387-7621) is needed to the United States arrangements will be made by the clinic.

During this time it is best to put together the patients info, diagnosis, ID for passing through customs, decide who will go with them, and notify family, personal health care provider and HMO or other insurance company in the U.S.

Here are some additional numbers that may be helpful, especially for all the parents who worry about their teens that visit Rocky Point during Spring Break, Memorial Day, and Labor Day. Have fun guys and gals, but please play safe, okay?!

Local Hospital 011-52-638-38-34566 (From the US) or 38-34566 (In Mexico)

Red Cross 011-52-638-38-32266 (From the US) or 38-32266 (In Mexico)

Police Station 011-52-638-38-32626 or 31616 (From the US) or 38-32626 or 38-31616 (In Mexico)

Fire Station 011-52-638-38-32828 (From the US) or 38-32828 (In Mexico)

Sky Medical Air Ambulance (from Mexico) 001-866-805-9624

Taxi’s 011-52-638-38-32773 (From the US) of 38-32773 (In Mexico)

Limo Taxi – 24 Hour Service 011-52-638-38-33065 or 38-33065 (In Mexico)

Border Partol 1-520-387-5671

Passport Information for 2008 – National Passport Information Center 1-877-487-2778

Passport Applications accepted at your local Post Office 1-800-ASK-USPS (275-8777)

Storage Rentals – Placita Penasco Mike at 602-469-3692 / Desert Oasis at 011-52-638-10-20222 (From the US) or 10-20222 (In Mexico)

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