Drop in collections from 2 % accommodations tax


International promotional campaign suspended.


There was at least a 20% drop during 2009 in collections from the 2% tax on accommodations, leading to the suspension of international promotional campaign   for Puerto Peñasco programmed for this year, remarked Rafael Gonzales Valenzuela, director of the city’s Convention and visitors Bureau (OCV).

The OCV Director indicated the decrease of funds in the Trust from said tax meant they could not meet the goal of $ 120,000 dollars that had been contemplated   for promotion in Arizona and California, with $ 60,000 from the Mexican board of tourism Promotion.

He indicated the national promotional campaign wrapped up last September and, given commitments assumed at that time, the decision was made to not apply resources towards an international campaign.  The reasoning behind this is that given the drop in funds from the 2% accommodations tax, further promotion expenses would complicate the situation extremely.

Gonzales Valenzuela believed that the resources from the 2% accommodations tax have fallen due to the parallel decrease tourism and also because some companies, from the small amount collected, are possibly using for other areas and not declaring this tax.

Given this, he added, they are holding meetings with the hotel owners and those that rent homes condominiums in order to raise awareness that these funds are to help promote Peñasco as a whole, so it is necessary that bit by bit they come up to date with contributions due.

He stated that if Puerto Peñasco wants to be positioned as a competitive destination, it is necessary to invest in promotion in order to attract visitors who will breathe life into the local economy for years to come.

Carry out the rescue operations in the best way possible.

Guadalupe Javier Rivera Barrera, port captain, reported that the Carranza II, owned by Humberto Ruiz Leyva, had left port on October 23rd, with provisions to fish for a month.

He ret iterated the last contact with the crew was around 11 p.m. on Tuesday, October 27th, when the engine apparently got stuck in the fishing nets due to the strong waves.

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