Donald Trump’s interest to invest in Puerto Peñasco


Hermosillo, Sonora, December 2, 2010 .- New investment options to give all the Sonoran benefits, including the plan is sound if, cheap ray bans were evaluated by the Padres and Governor William Donald Trump Junior, son of U.S. tycoon Donald Trump.

The state representative was the Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization at the Government Palace, where they discussed some viable projects to invest, among which are roads, water and tourism development.

Javier Tapia Camou, coordinator of the Commission for the Promotion of Tourism in Sonora, said the meeting discussed issues of tourism infrastructure in the Gulf of California, Industry primarily in Puerto Penasco.

“We have been coming to Rocky Point where he was a couple of days there looking at options and wanted to talk to the Governor, be very impressed cheap oakleys sunglasses with Sonora, really good options to be evaluated,” he said.

But it also would be interested in some options income housing in various parts of the state, the official continued.

Camilo Benedetti, Yun group representative of Capital, the financial group which operates the Trump reiterated that the group’s interest is both in tourism development, social housing, road infrastructure and pipelines, among others.

“We are interested in financing infrastructure projects, roads, ports, pipelines, we are also interested in the area of tourism, social housing, these are investments in which we are concerned,” he said.

At the meeting with the Governor Padres, wholesale jerseys Trump and the representatives of the group were informed of the scope of the plan Sonora SI and evaluating the oakley outlet possibility of investing in it.

“We have just been informed of several projects, a hydraulic, an aqueduct and a road, until now we have that information and we’ll see how we expand,” said Benedetti.

On the scope of investment, Benedetti said Chapter it was too early to give details but the negotiation takes a lot of progress and could be made public in the first quarter of 2011 EscucharLeer fonéticamente

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