Doll Lady

June Schillinger, better known as the “Doll Lady” along with her husband, Austin, have been making new toys and dolls and reconditioning old ones for the children of Rocky Point since 1982. On Christmas morning Austin Schillinger and Agustin Leon would distribute these toys to the underprivileged children in the outskirts of Puerto Peñasco. In the earlier years, when donations were few and far between, Austin would spend his time making toys from scratch out of used and household items and June would hand crochet balls and dolls to be handed out. Austin also spent his time repairing the donated toys they received and June would make clothes for the naked dolls they received and repair torn clothes.

    In 1988, June and Austin joined the newly formed Santa Claus Club and have continued this work throughout the years. Although now the majority are new toys, but a significant portion are still “gently used toys”. Some of these toys, especially the dolls and stuffed animals must be repaired and dressed. June and Austin work at this task all year long and over the years have enlisted the help of their many friends, often taking over their houses to accommodate the toys. This is such an enormous task and June and Austin need help and are looking for someone as dedicated as they are to eventually take this over and help ensure that there is a toy or doll for every child in Rocky Point and Cholla Bay come Christmas time.

    If you can help them out, or may be interested in taking this on full-time, or in your spare time, please call John Fowler at (602) 840-1528 or email You may also donate toys and dolls to the Santa Claus Club by contacting John Fowler above or you may drop them off at the office of the Rocky Point Times. If you have extra doll clothes, June always welcomes them as many dolls come to her undressed.


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