Second Deep Sea Sportfishing Tournaments Surpasses Expectations

While exceeding expectations, and with the participation of 70 entrants, some 55% more than last year, the city’s second  Rocky Point deep sea sportfishing tournament recently took place.

In site of the weather, which hindered the Saturday activities the tournament was finally able to take place and concluded the following evening whit prizes awarded to the different categories.

Oscar Palacio Soto, President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), affirmed that thanks to the collaboration of the organizers and panel of judges, as well as the help of the state and municipal governments, despite the adversities of the weather the event met successful expectations.

The president of the OCV said this serves to advance the objective of having the deep sea sportfishing tournament become a traditional and symbolic event, and yet another attraction for tourist.

Ana Laura Saenz Arvizu, regional representative of Tourism, highlighted the participation and enthusiasm of all involved in the competition and call for preparations for the next edition, which is tentatively schedule for May, 2010, whit hopes for a better weather conditions.

Winners in the second Rocky Point Deep Sea Sportfishing tournament included: In the Baya (Golf grouper) category: first place of the vessel Maguito, second place for Real HRD, and a third place for the craft Martillo.

In the Sradinera (leopard grouper) species, first place was again awarded to the boat Maguito, with Catrina winning second place and yacht Streeper reeling in third.

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