Construction of Children’s Multiple Use Center

Through an investment of just over half a million pesos, construction on the children’s Multiple Use Center (CUMI) got underway in the children’s park popularly known as “El Carcamo”, behind the offices public services.


The work with community, through the sonoran program of social participation (PASOS), allowed for the construction of the center, which will be finished within a period of two months. There, the young children of this part of the city, will be able to take courses, do activities, and participate in events, among other benefits.


With the presence of members from the civil groups 20 de noviembre and rosa del desierto, who promoted this project, the traditional flag-waving to launch the construction took place. A total of 573,000 pesos will be invested in the project.


In the act, Mrs. Maria del Socorro Marin Medina, secretary of the 20 de noviembre association, explained that finally, following tremendous effort, they were able to achieve this project that directly impacts new generations.


She deemed the construction of the Children’s Multiple Use Center as a dream become reality, and expressed her gratitude to the PASOS program, Governor Eduardo Bours and Mayor Heriberto Renteria, for helping to make this possible.


Miguel Lopez Lara, a member of the the PASOS committee that will oversee this project, underscored the impact this will have is transcendental, given the fact that it is focused on the youth and children, who are the present and future of Puerto peñasco.


On behalf of Mayor Heriberto Renteria, Hector Israel Garcia Rojas stated that this Children’s Multiple Use Center is an example that persistence can become reality.


After stressing the unity and organization of the 20 de noviembre association, he emphasized that this project will create initial benefits for the oriente neighborhood, but undoubtedly will also benefit the entire city.


Similarly, deputy director of PASOS, Juan de Dios Burgos Higuera, highlighted the importance of this consensus program with the fact that in the last six years they have invested in peñasco nearly 100 million pesos precisely through PASOS, of which 15 million were contributed by the community.


He called for the continuity of strategies of this type within the administration, as the value of projects and actions to benefit the community has been demonstrated, such as in the case of this municipal endeavor.




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