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24 million pesos to be invested 


The contribution of six hectares of land on behalf of the San Rafael ejido (communal land) will allow for the construction and operation of a new independent campus for the Technological University of Hermosillo (UTH), Peñasco branch, in which an initial investment topping 24 million pesos is to be applied.



Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro reported through a press release the construction of the new university facilities, which will broaden options in the area of higher education for young students in this municipality and region, is set to begin in March.



He stated they believe the construction will wrap up in a timely manner in order to begin holding classes at the new campus by next September.

Degrees that will initially be offered at the UTH, Peñasco branch, will include: University Technicians in Gastronomy, University Technicians in Marketing, as well as University Paramedic Technicians.

The Mayor furthered the agreement to have another institution of higher education was established after meeting with University director, Miguel Angel Salazar Candia.
He acknowledged they received collaboration from the San Rafael ejido in order to carry out the project. He noted that after negotiations, the ejido decided to participate in the endeavor, providing 6 hectares of land necessary for construction of the campus.
Mayor Zepeda and Miguel Angel Salazar both expressed their gratitude to José de Jesús Mercado Celaya, Ejido President, as thanks to the openness demonstrated it will be possible to begin classes by September.

The UTH Director and the City Leader revealed that 18 million pesos would be invested in the construction of the building, as well as an additional 6,381,000 pesos for equipment. The project will create approximately 200 jobs.

Zepeda Munro emphasized the importance of a new institution of higher education in Puerto Peñasco, adding students will be greatly benefitted by having a University that charges a fixed fee every four months of approximately 500 pesos.

Salazar Candia stated they will begin promotion in May for those interested in being part of the institution. Registration requirements will include a high-school degree, birth certificate, CURP ID, and 6 child-sized photographs.

It is worth noting the UTH has been operating out of the Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco (ITSPP) since September, 2007, as part of the tourism academic corridor which also includes Conalep and the CESUES.

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