Concern for lack of Control in firework sales

As it is a problem that affects everyone, and is the direct responsibility of those living in Puerto Peñasco, efforts will be sought to put order to the sale of fireworks in the city. This issue is currently out of control, affirmed Nicandro Cornejo Torres, Municipal Coordinator of Civil
Protection. Cornejo Torres stressed that although the Secretary of National Defense regulates the management of gunpowder and regulations on fireworks fall to the Secretary of the Treasury, the problem is here at home and needs to be addressed. In this sense, he added, they will begin a program to regulate the manner these type of products are sold and the urrounding safety conditions. Cornejo Torres remarked that they would have to work with those who live off the fireworks business in order to prevent any complications or tragic accidents. The Coordinator of Civil Protection for the city reiterated that the intent is to guarantee that indeed minimum safety measures are being complied with and prevent accidents in the best manner possible.
Cornejo Torres commented that this process is of the utmost importance. They will have to be extremely careful in order to truly show that establishments that sell fireworks are safe
while setting a basis for the control of this market. Preparations to apply regulations Cornejo Torres reported that as soon as the City Council of Puerto Peñasco approved the new Municipal
Regulation on Civil Protection, they began working on preparations for its implementation and in this way assure a safer city environment. The Municipal Coordinator for Civil Protection stated that it is only a question of time for the new rules to be published in the Official State Bulletin for them to go into effect, which they expect that will take place shortly. He reiterated that with the City approved document they await regulations in the orderly growth of security
systems. He remarked they would hire a team of at least three specialized inspectors who will carry out enforcement of the Civil Protection rules. He indicated that in fact, they have begun intensive work to assure the adequate operation of fire protection systems, as this preventive measure had not been done for about seven to eight months. Cornejo Torres detailed that the
new Municipal Regulation on Civil Protection contains 380 articles and will allow for the regulation of all public establishments including governmental offices, entertainment areas, nightclubs, all types of industrial and commercial businesses, and any areas of mass gatherings.
These new rules contemplate fines on establishments that fail to comply with the programs for the prevention of fire and accidents, and evacuation routes, among other points


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