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Here is a nice article I found on Trip Advisor, under the screen name mex21man. He and his wife have some nice things to say about Rocky Point. I thought you might like to read what they said. 

Hello everyone. Mex21Man & LuLu here, and we wanted to ask you a question, if we may. Where do you go to relax and recharge your “inner battery” before you go bananas? Where is that special place you have chosen as your safe haven? I know some people don’t like to share their chosen sacred ground, but I don’t mind because there is plenty for everyone. My favorite place to recharge is Rocky Point, Mexico. Now don’t roll your eyes, or go “aw, come on, Mexico”? Rocky Point is a 2 sided coin. Flip the coin and get “heads”, you have chosen to relax on the beach with a cold drink and watch an amazing sunset over the Sea of Cortez. The only time you will probably move is when you’re out of beer, have to use the restroom, or you ‘re getting hot and you want to cool down in the ocean. Flip the coin and get “tails”, now you have chose to go out and enjoy the nightlife and go dancing with your friends. You visit about 5 different clubs in one night before you even realize it happened. The night will end when you decide, not the watch on your wrist. YOU DECIDE! It’s your vacation. Enjoy it. Have fun and try the Taco Stands and great Restaurants. Enjoy the Ocean rentals and Activities. Make your own Land Adventure on Quads, ATV’s, or take a Jeep Tour to the Pinacate Mountain Range. Visit the Aquarium, Fresh Oyster Farms, or Kayak in the Estuary. Make Rocky Point exactly what you want it to be, “Your unforgettable adventure”. My wife and I love Rocky Point. We will continue to share our adventures with you. We hope you enjoy the photos. We ALWAYS load as many photos as possible so you can see how fun Rocky Point really is. Today, we have 8 photos of the Sunset in Rocky Point.

Mex21Man & LuLu

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