Welcome back to all our fair weather friends (also known as sensible people)….the hot and humid weather of August and September is fading from memory as the perfect month of October is here. Summer break lasted about one week too long for me. I appreciated the peace of summer, warm water, and very few people around. However, the last Sunday before Labor Day, I clearly lost my good sensibilities from too much time alone in the muggy heat of summer. I saw a “poor family” on the

Cholla Bay Road

and stopped to help them. Declining my offer of gasoline and use of my cell phone to call for help, their needs appeared greater. I considered how terrible it must be to have 3 children, be broke down in the heat of summer, and to have no friends to call… so, I offered to tow them home, lesson learned: Find out if the person you are towing knows how to drive BEFORE you tow them. After the women rammed into the back of my car twice, eventually breaking the tow rope, I discovered she didn’t know which pedal was the brake, nor did she know that the key to the car she was driving was on the floorboard, so she hadn’t turned on her ignition so her brakes would indeed work ( if she indeed knew where the brakes were!!!!). so , I don’t know what really happened that day…perhaps this family had been sitting in this car for shade and it wasn’t theirs car at all. Perhaps it was their and they really didn’t know how to drive. Perhaps they stole it and I helped!! If anyone is missing a really beat up white sedan, which appears to be riddled with bullet holes, has a broken timing belt, and appears that someone launched through the front wind shield, I know where it was a few weeks ago. From now on I just offer water to people who appear to need help. If you see me towing anyone, please stop me,as clearly, I have once again lost m mind. With cooler temperatures and warm water there are many fun, annual activities in October – the RPT´s bi-annual El Golfo Run(definitely going this year, as it may be one of the last with the new highway restricting access to the off road!), the ever popular roger Clyne and the peacemakers concert, the jazz Festival (jazz by the Sea), the A.A. Round-up, and Fall Break by many of the Arizona Schools. Keep your eyes on the local publications for all the activities. Anyone interested in a book club, check in either with me at xochitl’s or with the drive shop.. we’re trying to organize one.. should be fun. I recently had some done here. I have the utmost confidence 

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