Coastal Highway Update

Flying from Rock Point to Rosarito, I decided to follow the road at about 2000 feet to see if there had been any progress.  While the progress has slowed, there is some new asphalt on the ground and equipment was present for the construction at about 29 Miles away from the Puero Peñasco airport according to my GPS. After finding where the road Puerto Peñasco stops, I went up to 6000 feet and found the other side over close to El Golfo. There was no equipment present at all on that side. The road ends on the other side at about 41 Miles from the airport. It is only about 8 miles east of the El Golfo. Here are the pictures of what I found.

Puerto Penasco  Mexico new highway CIMG2469.JPG CIMG2464.JPG Rocky Point side of New Highway 


Rocky Point rest area on new highway  CIMG2455.JPG