Coastal Highway, increases potential of the Region

Coastal Highway
Increases Potential of the Region
The coastal highway promotes this region to the level of the best of tourist destinations, giving life to the Riviera of the Sea of Cortez, asserted Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours Castelo upon the inauguration of the Puerto Peñasco –Gulf of Snata Clara stretch of the road.
After traveling the 134 kilometer route, the State Governor arrived at the inauguration accompanied by “Las Mañanitas”, performed by a mariachi group in honor of his 52nd birthday. He said this thoroughfare will be the “crown jewel” of the country.
With local residents, business people, local authorities and some of his closest co-workers on hand, the Governor emphasized this coastal route opens opportunities for investment in the construction of hotels and restaurants that will permit what is really important…that residents of Sonora can have better lives.
“When we began to talk about this coastal highway, they called us crazy and laughed at us, but we persevered and we have achieved it”, he said.
The coastal Highway, he added, opens a tourist market to four “small towns” in the United Status: Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, as well as San Diego and Los Angeles, California, which together comprise one of the richest areas of the world.
“Without a doubt, these are four important cities with a huge purchasing capability, more than all of Mexico, and we are drawing from this zone”, he explained.
The Governor stressed that in spite of obstacles, it was possible to finish this stretch of highway because they desire to promote the development the state requires. For this reason the coastal route is now the crown jewel of the country.
He underscored he is not focused on the condominiums, nor the hotels or the tourists, yet they are the medium for that which really interests him, benefiting the people who live in this region.
“The bottom line is that people have better lives, that our children have a better future, and therefore we have committed ourselves to the coastal road, to water, to sewer and to public security”, Bours Castelo indicated.
Bours Castelo paid recognition to the former presidents, Vicente Fox, who committed to the project when it was presented to him during his administration This is now equally being done by President Felipe Calderon.
Humberto Valdes Ruy Sanchez, Secretary of Urban Infrastructure and Development (Sidur), explained details of this highway that has been constructed as much with State resources as Federal. He explained it was built under specifications according to the needs of tourists coming from the United States who may be towing trailers or boats behind their cars. This requires overcoming many obstacles, but the results more than validate the effort.
Humberto Valdes Ruy Sanchez said the Gulf of Santa Clara – Puerto Peñasco stretch, with an investment of 685 million pesos, forms part of the highway that will connect San Luis Rio Colorado with Puerto Libertad. The total investment in the highway will be 780 million pesos.
He reminded listeners that this project began with paving eight kilometers in 2005.  Ruy Sanchez stated that the project is a result of the vision of Governor Eduardo Bours, to expand the tourist development of this region, which one day will be more important than the Riviera Maya and represents the new Sonora.
Epifanio Salido Pavlovich, State coordinator of the Commission for the Promotion of Tourism, stated that the Riviera of the Sea of Cortez, with its diversity of flora and fauna, represents a grant opportunity for the state in relation to tourism.
The first stage of the coastal highway, he added, puts Peñasco just 4 hours from San Diego and 5 ½ from Los Angeles. This is why it opens a new era for Sonora.
He specified that according to data from fonatur, in 2005 the twenty-year projection of tourist development for the zone is to construct 35 thousand hotel rooms and generate thousand of jobs to serve million of visitors each year.
In his remarks, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez expressed appreciation for all the help received from Governor Bours, in relation to potable water, sewers, electricity and public security, all towards improving the quality of life of Peñasco residents.
The coastal Highway begin in Sna Luis Rio Colorado and connects the Gulf of Santa Clara with Puerto Peñasco. It is twelve meters wide, with lanes 3.5 meters in width, and a 25 meter stretch of shoulder in each direction. It required an investment in this first stage of 685 million pesos.

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