City employees perform walk in the Pinacate

Amid an atmosphere of entertainment and fellowship employees working in the H. Rocky City Council enjoyed a pleasant walk through the Reserve Pinacate Biosphere where they witnessed the natural beauty that this place offers in the Visitor Center “Toak Shuck. ” More than 180 people working in different departments of the Municipal overplays arrived at this historical museum a year ago opened its doors to tourists and residents who reside here in order to appreciate the beauty of the flora and fauna. From an early hour a large group of workers headed to that destination which is considered one of the thirteen wonders of Mexico for its lush vegetation and spectacular landscapes that are already part of one of the most precious beauty of this city At this visitor center group of workers were greeted by a qualified person here who welcomed them and a facility tour and a brief history on the background of Pinacate and “Shuck Toak” in the dialect of the mountain means Papago During the coexistence holy city employees, attendees could watch an audio-visual detail after explaining the features of this place and all the natural beauty and animals survive here for several years. Following this we made a walk through two paths having different background landscapes made even more entertaining and fun this tour that was part of a healthy coexistence between all co-workers of the Municipal Government

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