City Counsil Approves Ambitious Housing Project

Jose Antonio Perez
Recently, the City Council, meeting in full session, unanimously approved an ambitious project for the construction of 5 thousand social interest homes in Puerto Peñasco, proposal which will be presented for inclusion in the Sonora Housing Program.

    At the end of the session, Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez stated that the project aims to provide hosing to those in real need, principally those that earn less than the equivalent of 4 minimum wages, in order to be able to provide households for families.

    The Mayor explained that the cost of each home shall be for 16 thousand pesos, and includes the support of federal and state subsides. He added that the local government will eliminate municipal payments and will take responsibility for paperwork procedures.

    He clarified that it has not yet been defined that it has not yet been defined exactly where the 5 thousand homes will be built, but that tentatively areas under but that tentatively areas under consideration include the Ejidos of San Rafael or Las Lagrimas, as there negotiations for land appropriation with both of these community land groups.

    Renteria Sanchez expressed that this series, set to get underway next year, is one of the first steps towards resolving the problem of housing needs.

    In other business, the ordinary meeting of the City Council agreed they would look to coordinate with the Mariana Trinitarian Association in order to obtain support for the provision of cement, as this organization negotiates subsides with the State Center for Municipal Development (CEDEMUN).

    They stated that CEDEMUN grants 47% of the amount for cement that the city purchases for public works such as road dividers, sidewalks, and improvements for housing.

    This support helps reaffirm the commitment of supporting the creation of housing programs, allowing for the relocation or regularization of those that have invaded lands in the area known as the oxidation lagoon. It also provides for the construction of housing, through prior socioeconomic studies, in order to determine those in need, putting aside those with selfish interests.

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