City council approves use of airport land for housing

City council approves use of airport land for housing development project

Expectations for comprehensive project to include athletic facilities 

The Puerto Peñasco City Council, meeting in full session on August 29th, unanimously approved a measure to use land currently occupied by the city airport for future housing development in order to confront shortages in that sector, revealed Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez.

The Mayor indicated that this agreement, which he qualified as historic, will allow for the development of  a comprehensive social interest housing project that will include an athletic recreational facility.

In this manner, he added, it will become possible to resolve housing shortages, particularly for those who earn less than four minimum wages, while providing real solutions to the problem of a growing informal economy.

He remarked that following tremendous insistence on the State Government, they were finally able to attain State authorization to sell or transfer land measuring 250 hectares, currently held by the airport. 

The measure is conditioned by orderly housing development plan at a level in line with the needs of the city.

He explained that of the entire property where the current airport is now located, 80 hectares belong to the municipality and 173 hectares belong to the State Government, which will be donated to the city in order to carry out the comprehensive housing project.

Renteria Sanchez added that trough these steps it will be possible to meet the current and future needs of the city.

He stressed this will be done not through the sale of land, as had been the common practice up to now, but rather through the sale of finished and accessible homes for all levels of society.

The City Leader detailed that once the current airport ceases operations for the new airport under construction, 80% of the available land will be turned over to social interesting housing and 35% of this area will be focused on used for those who earn even less. 

The Mayor stated that there is not yet an estimate of the investment amount to be applied, but the housing program is now a reality and will be come to fruition once the current airport ceases its activities in the northern part of the city.

Renteria Sanchez emphasized that the meeting on August 29th. Was one of the most transcendental sessions of the City Council for the future of Puerto Peñasco and its people.

He expressed his appreciation and acknowledgement of representatives from all parties for supporting projects that directly benefit the community. 

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