Christmas and New Years

The day after Christmas, we packed up early to head to Mexico. We picked Alison and Brandon up at the airport and then drove straight to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Chase and Caitlin also drove down that day from San Diego and met us at the beach house. Mexico is always guaranteed fun. Here are some pictures of the many activities.
A giant squid washed up on the beach right in front of the house. This was the first time I’ve sees one in the wild. It was awesome!
We did some good kayaking and fishing. We both caught a couple of fish, and one evening a pod of 6 or so dolphins swam right in front of us. It was beautiful.
We did Tai-Bo one night. Only the girls were strong enough to last the whole video.
Winter is shrimp season, and we bought some delicious shrimp and made fajitas and shrimp cocktail.

Mom made each couple take turns making dinner; we made the shrimp fajitas, Chase and Cait made chicken coconut curry, Alison and Brandon made some rockin pizza, and Mom made ravioli and the New Years Eve appetizers. We ate so well. We also did some shopping in town and on the beach from the vendors. It’s always so tempting to by tacky sombreros and enormous tin sculptures.
I wish we could stay in Mexico forever!

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