Children rat Ulan Bator

Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union Mongolia has not lifted his head, and proof of this is the situation prevailing in the capital, Ulan Bator. Under its streets, sewer systems, home to some 4000 children abandoned by their families, abused and marginalized by the people and the police, and on many occasions, victims of rapes and murders are not investigated. They are the “Children Rat” in Ulan Bator.

Following the demise of the Soviet Union Mongolia lost a significant portion of its assets, its economy was severely battered, and those citizens who had the grace to enjoy housing, land and / or farms lost everything. The companies were privatized, dismissing much of the proletariat, and the same happened with many of the public office. In short, the country fell apart, and this brought a sequel to today’s pervasive poverty.
Families and could not the upkeep of children, were financial burdens, and got rid of them. In most cases the “solution” step by sending to the capital to try his luck. The reality is that luck does not just come for many of them over the years thousands of children took refuge in the only place in Ulan Bator where the cold, weather is not deadly to humans, the sewer system .
Under the soil of Ulaanbaatar live thousands of children, from newborns to adolescents, people with no future beyond a possible early death than either of the infections and diseases that are exposed by the cold, abrasions, or violence. And worst of all, the local population has become accustomed to this situation, showing the vast majority of contempt and disgust chronic, and calling them “dirty” or “rats.”
The way of life they have is not simple, as children, day begging, foraging at the dump, carry luggage on the bus, and clean the windows of cars, girls in prostitution in the slums Ulan Bator. The latter has resulted from childhood that these children contract sexually transmitted diseases or become pregnant and have their babies in the sewers.
These homeless are not included in official records, or have documentation, which can not be employed or in school. However this does not mean that they have made even more democratic than those of the surface (apparently seen normal), as these children branded as “rats” and “garbage” do not steal, but who earn their money and spend the group, the group leaders are chosen for their experience in the sewers, and even sometimes wedding rituals take place between members.
And where they live is not much help, since this vast sewer system built by the Soviet Union in the 60’s has hot water pipes that continuously operated abrasive killing children. But with temperatures down to -40 ยบ outside there is no other viable solution, some die by the brutal contrasts in temperature between the outside and the water pipes that provide heat to their “home.”
And of course, the confrontation in the city was swift: the children and the house so children have fun beating, causing serious injury and even death, the girls are continually violated, and all this without the possibility of call for help, and it is sad that police also part of such abuses

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