Change in Leadership of Tourist Police: Julio Rivera Assumes Role

Julio César Rivera Moreno, new head of the police force
specialized in attention towards tourism.
By: José Antonio Pérez
In actions qualified as routine, Julio César Rivera Moreno assumed local leadership of the State Tourist Police for the city, replacing Ramón Heberto Ahumada Arvallo, who for thirteen months had led the organization, the sole of its kind in Sonora.
In an interview the new head of the police force specialized in attention towards tourism stated that instructions of the general head of the State Preventive Police, position held by Antonio Gutiérrez Lugo, are aimed at improving the presence and service of the institution in Peñasco.

He indicated that his predecessor had been sent to the state capital, where surely he will be assigned to another commission within the corporation in which he belongs.
Rivera Moreno pointed out that work is underway to guarantee effective results in preventive work and the safeguarding of tourist areas. He detailed that to this effect they will work with the support and coordination of other corporations such as the Municipal Preventive Police and the State Judicial Police.
The chief of the Tourist Police remarked that as part of these efforts, on September 27th they were able to capture a person who intended to rob the home in which he had been living, removing the belongings of his employer and of some of the renters in the same home.

He detailed that Sebastián Morales Robles was captured on Álvaro Obregón Ave. And Benito Juárez Blvd., in response to a call for police assistance. He remarked that two cell phones were recovered, along with a drill, a concrete cutter, remote control, camera, eleven compact disks, perfume, a key chain and a variety of clothes, which the perpetrator had stolen from the home where he had been staying. The suspected thief, he furthered, was turned over to the office of the District Attorney for the respective penal processing.

Julio César Rivera Moreno stated that the work of the corporation under his charge is focused on reinforcing preventive work in areas that receive important flows of both national and foreign tourism in order to prevent visitors from being victims of harm to themselves or to their belongings.

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