Cet-Mar Aqaurium is your “Ocean-Eye” View

    You want to get up close and personal with all the spiny type things that inhabit our ocean around Rocky Point?
    Welcome to Cet-Mar Aquarium, easily accessible on the right as you drive to the entrance of Las Conchas.
    For two-bucks per adult and one-buck for kids you will see all types of sea dwelling whatchamacallits.
    Included are horned sharks, brown shrimp (yes, they do have heads), yellow snapper, lobsters, moray eels, sting rays, sea stars, sea cucumbers and every kind of crab known to man.

    Sea turtles? One of the two residing in a large tank swam up and accepted a pat on the shell.
    One tank featured a redsaddled sand stargazer, with the accompanying sign: “This fish is buried in the sand, Can you find him?”
    Answer: Nope.
    There were two small petting pools where observers (especially kids) can probe around with such critters as starfish, octopuses (octopi?), clams, sea urchins, snails and oysters.
    Outside the Aquarium is a sign in Spanish which, translated, says: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”
    Go and enjoy.

    “There are only a few original jokes, and most of them are in Congress.” – Will Rogers

    So these three senior citizen ladies from Green Valley, AZ, are in Rocky Point. They admit they are hooked on “S-M’s.”
    At the Friendly Dolphin…S-M’s. A night later at The Lighthouse…S-M’s. Yet another night later at Lily’s…more S-M’s.
    They return to Green Valley to dry out. They openly admit they must have their S-M’s when in Rocky Point.
    The ladies are Dodie Bowler, Sonia Flowers and Lorraine Vonk.
    S-M’s? That would be “strawberry margaritas.” And I’m here to tell you when they order, they always add three words at the end.
    “Grandes, por favor.”

    Golf is not a game of perfection. It is a game of surviving imperfection. – Dick Eitel

    Near JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay there’s a newly constructed, fine-looking house overlooking the bay.
    Next to it is an equally large house, but obviously one of the originals, showing considerable signs of wear and tear.
    Painted across the eves is a large sign which reads, “Buy me. I could be as pretty as my neighbor.” And a large arrow points from the old to the new.

    Nutritional tip of the day. Eat lots of ice cream.
    Now I know there are those who will frown on that advice, but listen me out (out, listen me in?).
    We were at Guillermo’s (the Caliente Sports Book) in Rocky Point, and who should be sitting at the next table but Beto Malone, internationally known nutritionist from Searchlight, NV (a former pearl diver from Yuma).
    So I asked him point blank: “If you eat a lot of ice cream, will you get stalactites?”
    Beto: “No.”
    Moon: “If you eat lots of ice cream will you get stalagmites?”
    Beto: “No.”
    There you have it! There is no need to say anything more, except the cherry-amaretto at any of the Thrifty’s is to die for (for is to die?).

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