CERESO benefit domestic woodworking material

 ■ They will make toys to give to their children at Christmas and Three Kings Day

Offenders Social Rehabilitation Center (CERESO) of this port today were carpentry material by the civil partnership of community support for the social rehabilitation within the framework of the celebration of the Fourth Cultural Week 2010.

Jesus Armando Ramirez Islands, President of the Association said that what is sought with this type of program is to bring the inmates a work tool and above all that this Christmas and Three Kings Day approaching, can give to their children a toy produced by them.

 “Look at this act as society’s message is out there, people that we care about you, we care about their welfare and we would be in a position to provide something more meaningful, more relevant, we care about supporting the authorities in the role they have and support you, know that people who live out there with you the unfortunate of deprivation of liberty, “he said Ramírez Islands.

He explained that resources were obtained through the processing of a loan the government provides, but sometimes does not make use of them due to ignorance.

Blas Bastida Marcial Councilman who represented the mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro said that the Mayor has said repeatedly that he wants people in this port has been first class, which is not to respect persons or second or third “The support has been knocking on doors in the Senate, the federal government to bring resources to Puerto Penasco, is no exception in this social rehabilitation center in the future are good people,” he said.

Galván Jorge Luis Godoy prison director said in his speech simultaneously in 15 rehabilitation centers in the state were undertaken early and activities for persons deprived of their liberty is of great importance, as they will participate of events that will significantly help in the remodeling of his character and preparation for when they have the opportunity to reintegrate into society.

Invited them to take full advantage of the different options that the prison offers that value the great support that society provides them with pleasure.

He thanked all the people whose participation and support made possible the development of the activities will be carried out throughout the week in the CERESO.

At the end of the event’s CERESO band delighted the ear of the internal and played three tunes performed by others in a professional

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