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Whale Skeleton Cedo in Las Conchas

Natural History Talks: A free natural history talk, with exhibits, is presented (in English) every Tuesday at 2PM and every Saturday at 4PM at the CEDO Marine Science Center in Puerto Peñasco. (Presentations in Spanish take place every Tuesday at 4PM and every Saturday at 2PM.)
Learn about spring tides, giant whales, the vaquita, and CEDO’s conservation programs. The exhibits include the 55 foot skeleton of a fin whale, the Sea of Support Ecosystem Tile Exhibit and the CEDO Earthship Visitor Center, made from used tires and aluminum cans.

CEDO Earthship Visitor Center and Gift Shop: The CEDO Earthship Visitor Center and Gift Shop were built by CEDO volunteers, pioneering this environmentally sound and economical method of construction. Using old tires, scrap cardboard and aluminum cans our volunteers not only built this complex of energy efficient structures, but also taught other members of the community how to build such structures themselves, passing on this useful technology.
Find out more about our Earthship here.

The Visitor Center includes a Gift Shop specializing in field guides, maps, artwork, clothing and toys that feature the biodiversity of this region. We offer delicate silver jewelry, leather drink holders, fleece jackets, mousepads, and marine-themed Christmas ornaments, among many other objects. By supporting local artists the CEDO Gift Shop is helping develop economic alternatives for this fishing community.

Field Adventures: Join us to explore local estuaries, intertidal zone, desert craters, and more!

Tour Operators Invited: Make special reservations for your tour group to attend presentations, mini-ecotours, slide shows and home-tours. For more information, contact us at



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