CEDO In Rocky Point

CEDO stands for Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos or in English: The Cultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans. CEDO is a non profit organization located in Las Conchas near the Cet Mar aquarium. They have been in Rocky Point since 1980 and in 2007, won the National Conservation award for Mexico. Their main focus these days is trying to help save the Vaquita Marina, literally the little sea cow, as it is the smallest porpoise in the world; only living in the waters of the northern Sea of Cortez. Check out this video that they put together, it tells the story of a rescued Vaquita that was beached just east of CEDO:

Vaquita Marina on You Tube

The Estuary and the Sea The Estuary and the Sea 

Cedo offers tours of the estuaries as well as tours to Bird Island. These tours are invaluable as you can learn from biologists about the marine life and plant life of the area. They also offer tours to Pinacate, the huge crater left my a meteor many years ago. See the related post for more on Pinacate.

Entrance to CEDO Entrance to CEDO 
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