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Spring Break in Rocky Point Mexico

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Spring Break in Rocky Point Mexico

Rocky Point Mexico has been the best option place for a vacation at the beach for many years now. Spring Vacation in 2015 was reported as a successful year for all visitors in Rocky Point and is a safe place destination to travel here in Mexico. Oceanfront resorts have entertainment events ranging during Spring Break dates. You must be aware that the majority of the tourist resorts require a minimum of 3 nights stay and certain of them you must have at least some one in your part that is over 25 years, the person making the reservation has knowledge of this regulation. streetcrowdThis year Spring Break will be held on the following days of March 6-17; as well Easter weekend and Spring Vacations are going to join from March 18-27. Events, music, beach and sun in Puerto Peñasco are expected during this holiday. Take a look at some of our resorts directly in our website (dates March 06-27) or for future reservations that conforms to your availability and book your condominium today! www.seasidemexico.com


Spring Vacation in Rocky Point is something similar to a short peak season, and spaces are filling fast. Book now! Do not get left out, call us now at 638 383 0200 in Mexico or 602 412 3715 toll-free from the US.

Holly Weekend in Rocky Point

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Holly Weekend in Rocky Point

Rocky Point is a very nice vacation destination, is recommended for holly weekend season book your stay in advance as it is one of the dates on which Rocky Point is filled of tourism. It is customary vacation with the whole family, Spending quality time at the beach, cook, many of our tourists bring along their “toys” , Rinos 4×4 cars and motorbikes since during the day they visit and drive their off road cars in the sandy dunes they also experience friendly races on the famous LOMA that is located in Cholla bay also who does not have such devices there are different places in the city where you can rent at low costs per hour. During the day and night there are bands at the Malecon area and is one of the activities that are very comen to dance along the muisic.


Our turists come from the nearest cities to rocky Point of the most within Mexico and the US, our tourists enjoy much of the stands that you can find the Mexican cravings, even Cocnuts prepared seafood inside, theres is also pina colada stands where the drink is served in the pinapple.

This is usually one of many traditions we have in Mexico


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Puerto Peñasco Mexico has been one of the place for many year ideal for American tourists especially for young people at spring break. This 2016 is said to be one of the Spring Break had not seen for a long time.

Dispate of what they say about Puerto Peñasco , this city (Rocky Point) is the safest in Mexico. Hotels in Puerto Penasco are more than ready to receive a THESE Young tourists and also a families who decide to come and visit. Before you leave USA know all the requirements you need for visiting such as auto insurance and Passports.


To rent in these days of spring break should be at least 3 nights and at least 25 Years old in the group. ENJOY resorts such As Pinacate, Gulls, Sky Sonora, Princess, Bella Sirena and Sonora Sol And if you prefer you see Being at home in any of the UN compound, it would have to rent a house through Mar Beach Home Rentals.

Enjoy the restaurants in the region like: wrecked on the reef shark (seawall) beach bum (seawall), Boo Bar (seawall) and Collins (s Princess Resort) Puerto Peñasco This more than happy for you to enjoy a Unforgettable holidays !!!

sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Tradition Continues with the 2010 Puerto Peñasco Carnival

Friday, March 19th, 2010
The people are the number one concern for this group of municipal leaders in 2010.  Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro has repeatedly assured his citizens that they are the number one priority of his staff and policies.
The Mayor has indicated that his plans and programs always have been and always will be focused on the improvement of quality of life for the residents of his jurisdiction.  This indication came after improvements for Puerto Peñasco’s economy were anticipated.
As a necessary part of the process of progress, the Mayor has said that he and his city employees will continue to seek the promotion of public safety by strengthening police operations by equipping more patrol cars for duty and improving the state of currently used police equipment.
2010 will be a time of difficult tasks to bring to fruition new projects to improve living conditions while offering badly needed jobs to the most economically hard hit ares of the city, the Mayor stressed.
The Mayor has made it known that the most difficult time for Puerto Peñasco is in the past in terms of the economy.  He feels that 2010 is a time when ideas for improvement will fall into place and things will get back to normal.

Zepeda Munro believes that the responsibility of progress is shared by his staff and the society they serve.  He calls to the communities to continue advancing and doing what is best for Peñasco.

On another note, the Mayor has stressed that the current municipal cabinet will not be undergoing any changes in the near future because there is no ground to make any changes.  His current cabinet will remain unchanged for the time being.

The Mayor addressed rumors that circulated towards the end of last year that indicated changes amongst his staff and appointed officials, stating that the rumors were just that, rumors.  He remarked that only minimum staff cuts to the local government were anywhere in sight.

Although changes of local leaders is not foreseen, the Mayor has stated that he is not afraid to make changes amongst his staff who are not performing to the best of their abilities or if an adjustment to the budget is required.
In a move to put his constituents at ease he has publicly stated that no reasons exist for concerns to be raised about the inadequacy of local leaders because all leaders and directors have exhibited a willingness to work hard perform to the best of their abilities.  The Mayor hopes that things will continue in such good order so that he may end his term with the same folks he started with.

Zepeda Munro has indicated that there will be no major cuts but minor changes may be needed when considered appropriate.  Cuts may result in office rotations that will allow the local government to do more work with less people.

Third Pinacate trek

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Third Pinacate trek


         With participation expectations exceeded, and no serious incidents to report, the third annual trek entitled “The Steps of Kino in the Pinacate” was a hit and provided a concrete basis to provide continuity for these types of excursions, reported Amaranto Celaya Celaya, Municipal Chronicler.


Celaya noted that of the 85 people initially expected for the event, this number reached up to 106 in total.

He added there were also at least 40 who were not able to register in days leading up to the event.

In addition to being encompassed in a surrounding of relaxation, culture and nature, there was a true family feel to the excursion, as 53% of the adventurers were women, 27% children and 20% men.


Celaya remarked there were no major incidents to report, except for that of a child who fell into a water basin who was promptly rescued with no major problems.


He pointed out with this success, they are considering the possibility of continuing the treks, and even to hold two events a year rather than one as had been done during these first few years.


The city Chronicler reiterated the spirit of these treks is fully cultural, as one cannot ignore the enormous importance of the Italian Jesuit Missionary, Eusebio Francisco Kino, who also had the virtue of being a cartographer, geographer and astronomer.


The signified an unprecedented event, as it was first time a sitting mayor climbed the volcanic cone measuring 1,200 meters high, across a 24 kilometers trek, and also the first time that a group of this size participated in such a climb, as annually only a total of 30 to 40 people do so.


Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers October 2008

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Celebrate Life and Song with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakersin Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico!
Quick LinksTICKET


DAY OF SHOW$30 – General Admission Wristbands can be purchased at Rocky Point will-call (details below) on October 10 & 11.
Wristbands purchased online between September 28 – October 4 will be available at our will-call pick-up location (Location coming soon…)
Day of Show tickets ($30) can be purchased at the will-call table as well.
WILL CALL HOURS: Coming soon!

All wristband purchases are Non-Refundable.
Children 12 & under are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult. Attendees between the ages of 13-17 will require a ticket for admission and must also be accompanied by a paying adult.
Photography and video is allowed during the concert.
Please do not bring open containers of alcohol or coolers of any kind into the venue.
RCPM Merchandise will be available during the concert and at JJ’s Cantina the following day.
A U.S. Passport will NOT be required to attend Circus Mexicus in October 2008. Please visit travel.state.gov for all necessary information regarding crossing the United States/Mexico border. It is noted that U.S. and Canadian citizens will need to present a government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, plus proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate.

Yearly Events in Rocky Point

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

Have you had the pleasure of attending one of the wonderful Events held in Rocky Point each year? If you haven’t, your missing some great times to party in Mexico. We though we would list the different events that we have seen or attended ourselves, so you can see how fun they can be! We hope to see you in 2008, enjoying Rocky Point and all it has to offer.

Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers – Are you ready for another “kick ass” concert? We are too! Come and enjoy the amazing and talented group from Arizona, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers. They travel the globe often to share there sights and sounds with all the wonderful fans who attend each concert. They visit Rocky Point, Mexico, twice a year, so don’t miss the next show! Roger Clyne will have their first concert on January 12th, 2008, at JJ’s Cantina and again on May 17th, 2008, at the Sunset Cantina

Chili Cook-Off – This “yummy” event is always welcome in Rocky Point. Some of the best chefs from all over the US gather in Rocky Point twice a year to allow us the opportunity to try some of the best Chili in the world, and some of the hottest too! This event usually starts setting up pretty early, so don’t come late and be left out. We encourage you to come join us for a “damn good bowl of chili”! January 19th at Hotel Baja & May 10th, 2008 at JJ’s Cantina 

   Chili Festival Cook-Off     Chili Festival Cook-Off     Chili Festival Cook-Off

3rd Annual Shrimp Festival – We have Jumbo Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Bacon Wrap Shrimp…. Okay Buba, we get it! Shrimp of every shape, size, and flavor will be available in Rocky Point for your tasting pleasure, so bring a few extra dollars, and your appetite, and let’s enjoy some fresh, wonderful Shrimp. January 19th, 2008

   Shrimp Dishes.jpg     Shrimp Dishes (1).jpg     Shrimp Dishes (2).jpg

Angler of the Year – Fishing tournament held as a 3 phase event. If you fancy yourself as a good fisherman, bring your skills to Rocky Point and have some fun. Phase 1: February 15th, 16th & 17th. Phase 2: June 26th, 27th & 28th. Phase 3: October 5th, 6th & 7th.

   Angler of the Year Tournament     Fishy Fishy.JPG     Fishy Fishy (1).JPG          

   Fishy Fishy (2).JPG         Angler of the Year Tournament             Angler of the Year Tournament

Over the Line Softball Tournament – “Let’s Play Ball!” Gather your team together for a fun filled Softball tournament in Rocky Point. Come and play, or just sit back, have a drink, and let the others sweat and work hard while you sip your Margarita! Date to be announced! 

   OTL Softball Tournament       OTL Softball Tournament       OTL Softball Tournament

College Spring Break – Spring Break in Rocky Point is must see & must do. It is “one heck of a party” that you don’t want to miss. Make your reservation today so you have a place to “crash” at the end of the night when the party dies down. If you have any questions about the required age limit, you can call Sea Side Reservation in Phoenix, Arizona, at 602-404-2982.

           Rocky Point Spring Break                Rocky Point Spring Break               Rocky Point Spring Break

     Rocky Point Spring Break     Rocky Point Spring Break     Rocky Point Spring Break

Spring Break Dates for 2008: University of Arizona – March 15th – 23rd; Arizona State University – March 8th – 16th; University of Nevada – March 8th – 16th; University of new Mexico – March 8th – 16th; Northern Arizona University – March 17th – 25th; New Mexico State – March 17th – 25th; San Diego State University – March 24th – 31st

Passover, Holy Week & Easter Weekend – Have you ever attend a party that lasted an entire week? We have! It was during Holy Week and Easter for the past 3 years. They usually have over 60 bands from all over Mexico come and entertain the crowds. The food is great, the music is amazing, and the weather is absolutely beautiful. Come celebrate Easter with us in Rocky Point. You won’t be disappointed. March 16th – 23rd

      Holy Week & Easter     Holy Week & Easter     Holy Week & Easter

      Holy Week & Easter     Holy Week & Easter     Holy Week & Easter

One Club Open Golf – If you want to try Golf, in a whole new way, then join the One Club Open Golf Tournament hosted by JJ’s Cantina. The have their own Golf Course, “when the tide goes out!” Come see for yourself how fun golf can be, when the right people are in control of the fun! April 5th & September 27th, 2008

    One Club Open      One Club Open      One Club Open

Volleyball on the Beach – Are you “itchin” to play some beach volleyball? No problem! Plan to visit Rocky Point in April for Volleyball on the Beach held on Sandy Beach. You can enter the event, or just be a spectator and enjoy the drinks, the sun, and all the fun you will have with your friends. April 19th, 2008, at Playa Bonita Hotel

      Volleyball on Sandy Beach     Volleyball on Sandy Beach     Volleyball on Sandy Beach

      Volleyball on Sandy Beach     Volleyball on Sandy Beach     Volleyball on Sandy Beach

Regatta Sailboat Races – That’s right folks! The Sailboat Races are coming back to Rocky Point, and not just one race this year. They will be in Rocky Point for 4 seperate races, so get ready to enjoy the show! It is a wonderful site to see all the beautiful sailboats out on the ocean, enjoy the cool breese while enjoying some friendly competition. Bring your binoculars and the zoom lens for the camera, and just sitback, sip your drink, and enjoy! Dates to be announced! Fore more information, click: www.azcatsailer.com

      Sailboat Races     SRaces.JPG     SRaces (1).JPG

      SRaces (2).JPG     SRaces (3).JPG     SRaces (4).JPG

Sky Divers over Rocky Point – Come and whitness the awsome display of Sky Divers that invade the skies above Rocky Point, Mexico. These master of the trade go from sun up to sun down, loading back into a vehicle headed to the airport, once they have safely landed on Sandy Beach. We recommend bring your binoculars and camera, sit back on the beach, and enjoy the aerial show. April 25th, 26th, & 27th, 2008

      Sky Diving Masters      Sky Diving Masters       Sky Diving Masters

Pro Desert Racing – Join us in sunny Rocky Point, Mexico, for the first race of the year sponsered by Pro Desert Racing. Come and watch these “Mosters of the Desert” send a rooster tail high in the air as they race through the desert like a “Bat Out of Hell”! This race is a longer loop out to the mountains of about 80 miles and run three laps for pros and two laps for sportsmen, utv’s and limited pro classes. Bring your binoculars, cameras, and video cameras so you don’t miss a minute of the action! We hope to see you in the Mexico Desert in Rocky Point. April 26th, and again on December 6th, 2008.

   www.ProDesertRacing.com.jpg     www.ProDesertRacing.com (1).jpg     www.ProDesertRacing.com (2).jpg

Additional information and photos available at www.prodesertracing.com 

Tri Family Rocky Point Sandy Beach Triathlon – Tri Family Racing & Sea Side Reservations present our next amazing Trithlon, which we decided to hold at the Princesa de Penasco Resort, during the gorgeous month of October! Come and enjoy the events and cheer on your favorite athletes. For reservations at one of Sea Sides Beautiful Resorts or Beach Home, call 1-877-407-2251. For more information on the Triathlon, click Tri Family Racing. New dates to be announced!

      Triathalon Photos     Triathalon Photos     Triathalon Photos

      Triathalon Photos            Triathalon Photos           Triathalon Photos

Cinco de Mayo – This event gets better and better each year. Last year, in 2006, they had a Tv station from Mexico come and conduct interviews of some of the locals in Rocky Point, and they filmed the live entertainment for a later broadcast. Before the music and dancing begins, they set up small tents for the many of the restaurants so they can have samples of the wonderful food they serve at a very small price. A dollar here, and a dollar there, will allow you to try several restaurants you may have wanted to try in the past. Come and experience Cinco de Mayo in Rocky Point. It is a great time to enjoy Mexico! Cinco De Mayo will be May 5th, 2008. Celebration will be Saturday May 3rd.

      Cinco De Mayo Festival     Cinco De Mayo Festival     Cinco De Mayo Festival

      Cinco De Mayo Festival     Cinco De Mayo Festival     Cinco De Mayo Festival

Memorial Day – What can you say about Memorial Day. It’s a great time to come to Mexico and enjoy the nice weather before Summer hits in full force! Fill the cooler, grab your “best buddies”, and make the 4 hour journey to Rocky Point in May. The choices of Clubs and Bars are endless, so don’t worry about “where to go or what to do.” You will not run out of entertainment over Memorial Day weekend. May 23rd – May 26th, 2008 

      Memorial Day     Memorial Day     Memorial Day

Mexico Independance Day (Dia de la Independencia) – This is the “Grand Daddy” of all events in Mexico. Independance Day is the celebration of freedom, pride and strength. It is a wonderful time to come to Rocky Point and learn about Mexico’s history, and to celebrate with friends and family. Rocky Point, is only 4 hours from Phoenix, Arizona, so you have no excuse not to attend and enjoy Mexico Independance Day! Date to be announced!

      Mexico Independance Day Celebrations         Mexico Independance Day Celebrations         Mexico Independance Day Celebrations 

November – 2007

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) – This important celebration is an absolute must for everyone who wants to honor the loved ones whom they have lost. We want to celebrate the life they lived, not the life they missed. It is important to remember our loved ones, and not just for 1 day of the year. Come celebrate, “for those you love”, with us in Rocky Point. Celebration strarts on October 31st, and will continue to November 1st.  

      Dia de los Muertos         Dia de los Muertos         Dia de los Muertos

      Dia de los Muertos        Dia de los Muertos          Dia de los Muertos

8th Annual Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally  Now, if your one of those people who keeps saying, “I will go next year”, you are really missing out! Last year, they had close to 10,000 Riders and Guest in Rocky Point. Discovery Channel was on hand to film an up and coming episode of Biker Build-Off, and Easy Rider Magazine was also there to write about the Rally. The past 2 years have been blessed with perfect weather too! Now you have no escuse not to attend this year in 2008. Make your travel plans today!!! The Rally will be held from November 6th to November 9h, 2008.

      Biker Rally     Biker Rally     Biker Rally

      Biker Rally     Biker Rally     Biker Rally

Here is a few of the other events you can attend in Rocky Point each year. We will try and find dates for these events ASAP:

Bathtub Races – Will be held at JJ’sCantina on October 25th, 2008

      BTub Races

We wanted to add the CEDO Adventures at the bottom of the page because they seem to have something going all throughout the entire year! 

CEDO Adventures

      CEDO     CEDO Ocean Studies     CEDO Ocean Studies

Pinacate Peregrination

      Pinacate Mnt Range    Pinacate Mnt Range    Pinacate Mnt Range

Date: To Be Announced (TBA)
Explore the geologic wonders of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve on a full-day tour with CEDO experts. Lunch included.
Cost: $65 adults
Tidepool Explorations 

      Exploring Tide Pools     Exploring Tide Pools     Exploring Tide Pools

Date to be announced!

CEDO naturalists reveal secrets of the tidepools; we’ll look for octopus, colorful anemones & more.
Cost: $15 adults, $10 kids under 12. Kids under 5 free!

Destinations Dunes

Date to be announced!
A hiking tour of the spectacular Gran Desierto, the largest sand sea in North America, with expert guides.
Lunch included.
Cost: $40

Kayak Capers

      Kayak Adventures     Kayak Adventures     Kayak Adventures 

Date to be announced!
For an even closer look at Estero Morúa, come paddle alongside shorebirds, through inviting channels and mudflats. Each tour includes: Expert guides, local ecology talk, full day kayak rental, lunch and beverages. No experience necessary.
Minimum age: 18 yrs.
Cost: $75 for members $85 for non-members

Island San Jorge Sojourn

      San Jorge Island     San Jorge Island     San Jorge Island

Date: To Be Announced (TBA)
Visit Isla San Jorge (Bird Island) and get an up-close look at the abundant wildlife found on this rocky island, including birds & sea lions. This all-day eco-adventure includes an introductory slideshow and lecture about marine mammals, Gulf island ecology, and CEDO research.

Desert Discovery

Date: To Be Announced (TBA)
Enjoy a tranquil walk through CEDO’s Desert Botanical Gardens and nearby coastal desert. You’ll learn adaptations of desert plants and animals, identify tracks, holes and scat, and discover indigenous uses of plants. Perfect for families.
Cost: $10, kids under 5 free

To contact CEDO to find out about up and coming activities, or to book a spot on a current tour or activity, click: CEDO 

We will do our best to keep this page updated and correct to the best of our knowledge. If you have any questions, please call 602-404-2982.

Information posted by Shea at seasideshea@gmail.com