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Friday, April 1st, 2016


Esmeralda has the fanciest condos here in Puerto Peñasco. There’s a lot of people do not know how good looking there from inside. There quick to judge from the outside. Since Esmeralda has not been finish and it looks that is not a good place to have a great vacations. The unit EA 101 is great in so many ways the there no way to describe nice looking condominium .You would have to go your self to take a look at it and really appreciate its beauty from inside. This unit has been decorated with a lot of detail to the last thing you wouldn’t think off. All appliances have been chosen especially for the kitchen. esmeraldaarialDon’t worry about not having room in the kitchen. Everything has been done so you have room to do anything you would like during your vacation. It has a great ocean view from the dinning area and living room. Able to appreciate the view were aver you are. You can be watching TV and at the same time have a view to the old port. Or in the patio there’s the view to the Cholla Bay . You really have to come and se this unit to really enjoy and see why is a lot better then the other resorts makes it unique. As to the TV all of them are flat screen be able to enjoy your favorite channels. Next time you see Esmeralda you wont judge it from the out side and take your time and get to know it.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


If you’re getting married in Puerto Penasco and you need a wedding planner, do not worry, you’ve hit the right place because here in the city there are people who can help because they have a great experience in coordinating weddings.  

The wedding planners are helpful for the couple and the couple’s parents and be in charge of identifying the needs ideas and the concept of wedding they want to do, spend their pictures or take them to places dodne the event is held so that they become familiar with it, also they help them make a wedding budget.  

 Also help them hire the right people as photographers, stylists, makeup artists, florists, bakeries. No doubt that is great support they offer since they carry the wedding itinerary.


Also you can get prices (discounts) to the families of the bride and groom at the time of stay in a hotel    They can also help in translation with people or paperwork.   

Do not forget that you must enjoy such an important moment where they will be surrounded by love and who will be living the most important moment of their lives.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Puerto Peñasco, Sonora is one of the most tourist cities with which account the state of Sonora. It is a small port where their jobs are fishing but yet with the passage of time was constantly visited by the date which today is one of the most visited places in the year in different cities. Puerto Peñasco has several attractions. But in his home for so draw attention of tourists they were built several complexes which are today very visitides to be located in the condominium which is called Sandy Beach Resort. This area is unique because it has the best condo complexes to be found in boulder starting with the newest of the complex this is called Sonoran Sky, followed Puerta Privada, Las Palomas, Costa Diamante, Casa Blanca, Princesa de Peñasco, Sonoran Spa, Sonoran Sea, Las Palmas, Bella Sirena, Sonoran Sun and finally Esmeralda. So this area being one of the most visited since these complexes have ocean or most facing the sea. Sandy beach apart from having the most visited complex has its attraction to one side these are the dunes where you can ride on motorcycles or rinhos.

Sandy Beach Resorts


Saturday, April 13th, 2013
The wedding of your dreams

The wedding of your dreams

Is incredible the feeling of thousands of butterflies flying inside us when we are in love. Everything then turns into a world of fantasy and all of sudden we wish that the future we yearn next to that special person becomes real. We definitely feel that our wedding, that ritual that indicates the beginning of our lives as a couple, must be an unforgettable moment, full of details and with lots of romanticism.

Paper details

Paper details

It is for this reason that every time, more couples dream about celebrating their wedding in a fantasy place. And it is just that, especially for us women, the place on which our wedding will be held has a lot of meaning. The problem starts when the magazines specialized in the subject invade our minds with thousands of images of weddings celebrated in the middle of magnificent landscapes, huge lakes, saloons in front of the ocean and endless gardens, making us believe that the wedding of our dreams has to cost an arm and a leg. Obviously, all this flows into a high dose of stress for the couple when their budget is not enough to afford all the expenses.


Fortunately, there are many of us women who know that even the most arid place on the earth can look just fantastic under the simple enchantment of decoration. The question is, however, “how” to decorate without spending a lot of money. The answer is really simple when we understand that the true meaning of decoration is simply to create an atmosphere that welcomes our guests with no need for us to be personally in front of them:  a napkin carefully folded on the table, a lit candle or a fresh flower are details that no guest can overlook. On the other hand, when the budget is not enough to buy, for example, fresh flowers, cloth napkins, glassware, table cloths and the long etcetera that implies organizing a nice reception, the most fabulous suggestion is to replace as many items as possible by beautiful paper handicrafts. Had you thought about this already?



Paper luminarias

Paper luminarias

Paper center pieces

Paper center pieces

And it’s just that paper is such a versatile element that can trigger a huge amount of ideas to decorate your reception. If you like handicrafts, you can replace the natural flowers by colorful paper flowers. If you can’t buy or rent glassware, you can think of your other options such as using clear plastic cups (Yes! Plastic!), making them look fabulous by just placing a paper napkin –of the colors you want- inside them. Even the paper napkins can be customized by printing on them a cute stamp that commemorates the wedding, for example, the names or initials of the bride and the groom or some cute drawing design.


Simple and charming uplightingAlso, the amount of light in the environment affects as part of the decoration, since it can even intimidate our guests in cases where the light is too much, or it can also make them feel more relaxed and less inhibited when the lights are soft and bohemian, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere for this type of celebration. Basically, it doesn’t matter if the place you’ve chosen to celebrate your wedding is not too eye-catching or if it definitely looks like it’s part of a horror movie: if you manage to soften the intensity of the light along the place, you will have guaranteed a 70% of the decoration (Yes!), now that the atmosphere will be completely romantic and you can even add some complements with candles to give an elegant touch. To attenuate or soften the lights at the place of the event, you can use some chinese paper lanterns, which are already a classic item chosen by many couples who want to add a bohemian touch. And, if you want it “with a cherry on top”, there are other couples who decide to customize the seat of each guest on the table by placing cards or paper details with the names of each guest.

Soft lights for a bohemian feel


The important part of this all is that you don’t leave aside all these beautiful details that will make your guests feel welcome, no matter what place you choose for the event or if the menu you offer at the reception is pretty simple.

For all those couples who planned their wedding for a near future and don’t have enough time to prepare all the decoration, a very good choice for them is to plan an outdoor wedding, now that the view of the surroundings reduces the need of excessive decoration. For example, the weddings at the beaches of Puerto Peñasco (beaches better known by the name of “Rocky Point” by the North American tourists) are now so popular, that these beaches have become an icon for this type of events. If you’re planning your wedding at this destination, it would be a very good idea for you to approach a wedding expert who can help you choose, such as Soledad Méndez from “Si, I do” wedding planners, who will assist every detail you might dream for your wedding at the Mexican local phone number (638)388-8238 (if dialing from the U.S., just add 011 + 52 at the beginning) or at the e-mail address sol@siido.com .  She will surprise you with her charming and elegant options.

By: Carla Seldner/ Visit Rocky Point. April, 2013



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Thursday, July 21st, 2011

Mexican Wedding Laws

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

rocky point wedding

If your thinking of getting married in Rocky Point check out the current Mexican Marriage Laws…
Legal Marriage Ceremonies Performed in Mexico
People under the age of 18 may not get married in Mexico without parental consent. With parental consent, boys have to be at least 16 and girls need to be at least 14 years of age.
Foreigners are not subject to residency requirement, but will have to identify themselves by presenting their tourist cards and/or visas as well as a copy of their passports.
In the case of two non-Mexicans, the civil marriage process is designed to eliminate undue delay. However, if one of the spouses is a Mexican national, permission must be given by the Secretaria de Gobernación; this request may require several months to be processed.
At the time of entering into the civil marriage, the couple must declare that they are being married either: (a) with all goods and property in common (all goods held as “community property”) or (b) under the regime of “separación de bienes” which means that each individual will maintain ownership of their pre-marriage property.
If one or both individuals has previously been married to a person still living, then proof of a legal divorce must be provided. These must be certified under the “Apostille Protocol.”
Persons previously married must present proof of the termination of that marriage in the form of a divorce decree or death certificate. If the divorce or death took place outside of Mexico, it must be authenticated and translated into Spanish. Divorced people cannot marry in Mexico until one year after the termination of the divorce. If either party is widowed, the death certificate of the deceased spouse will be needed as part of the documentation requirements.
Witnesses – You will need to have 4 witnesses present at the legal ceremony, and they must have valid identification.
Validity Outside of Mexico – Your Marriage Certificate will be valid worldwide, but you should get your certificate legalized in Mexico to ensure it is legally accepted when you get back home. In Mexico, a civil marriage is valid for legal purposes worldwide, however, a spiritual wedding without first being married in a civil ceremony is not.
Before a couple may be married by the Church they must have been married under civil law by a judge or justice of the peace. It does not matter whether the civil ceremony is performed in Mexico or in some other country, but proof of the marriage must be presented.
NOTE:  There are many more legalities, such as paperwork, blood tests no more than 14 days before wedding date (approximately $100 USD per couple), etc., plus birth certificates apostilized by the Mexican consulate in your home country must be sent preferrably 3 months before the wedding.

In Mexico, church weddings do not change your marital status, so you will need to get married by a Justice of the Peace before your church wedding.

The marriage requirements above are for two foreign citizens. If one of the people to be married is a Mexican citizen, the process is lengthy and you will need to present your papers to the Instituto Nacional de Migración in advance.

NOTE:  Because of the legalities of Mexico law, to simplify the process of getting married there, remember, a wedding ceremony performed by a United States minister/officiant in Mexico is not a legal ceremony, however, a brief legal ceremony (usually about five minutes + signing the marriage license) with witnesses can be arranged anywhere in the Greater Phoenix area (or Arizona) prior to a ceremony and celebration in Mexico. That way your wedding will cost you less, be legal in the U.S., less time consuming and stress-free!


More information on Rocky Point Weddings and Rocky Point Wedding Planner or try Rocky Point Beach Home Rentals for your Ceremony

Rocky Point Wedding Theme Ideas

Tuesday, January 9th, 2007

Many couples decide to go to Puerto Penasco Mexico otherwise known as Rocky Point since it offers beach weddings & ceremonies while combining thier honeymoon.
Often these resorts will have a beautiful area or gazebo set aside for weddings next to the beach. Often, getting married in a resort next to the beach lessens some of the problems that can arise with a ceremony on the sand.
Often resort hotels will have private beaches to get married on so you can get privacy for your Rocky Point Weddings.
Also they will have facilities – such as shade, drinks etc which will make the ceremony go smooth for everyone.
Also these resorts can provide the reception on a beautiful terrace – but wedding photos can still be taken on the beach.
Many resorts do offer ceremonies that also do take place on the beach along with the reception facilities.

The Following ideas are some themes for those who are thinking of having their wedding on the beach in Rocky point.
Mexico Theme
Traditional Mexican dancing dresses a white zappista Mexican shirts makes a great barefoot wedding. If your not all about being seriuos you might consider putting the best men
in Somberos
Whimsical Beach Wedding Ideas
Do you love dolphins, sea turtles, star fish or mermaids? All of the above? You can come up with some great beach wedding theme ideas based on the creatures of the sea.

Your wedding dress could be mermaid style, ever so pale sea green. Weave pearls throughout your tousled hair. Have your “King Neptune” wear a white rayon shirt with a Hawaiian style lei of ivy and green slacks. If he is really into helping you with your theme, you might persuade him to wear the gold crown! I wouldn’t count on it though! Your wedding party could be dressed in dark emerald green mermaid gowns and of course the flower girl would be the “Little Mermaid”!

Your wedding cake would be beautiful with green ivy and sea shells and decorations, invitations and wedding favors would be a breeze. There are oodles of ideas and places that offer items to fit this beach wedding theme.
Nautical Beach Wedding Ideas
If you both enjoy boating, consider a nautical theme. A simple, sleek wedding gown for you and a dark navy slacks and a nautical style shirt for him. Make your exit memorable at the end of the day by sailing off into the sunset if you have a boat.

Decorate with netting, anchors and colored rope. Use the same motif on your wedding cake. A small sailboat or a lighthouse would be beautiful as the cake topper.

Make your own “message in a bottle” wedding favors. Place a little sand and your wedding thank you note inside, cork it and tie a small piece of colored rope on it.


Hawaiian Beach Wedding Ideas
Nothing could be more romantic than a Hawaiian beach wedding theme! Just the sound of Hawaiian guitars can whisk you off to the island without ever leaving your home!

There is a gorgeous simplicity to your Hawaiian style white gown called a ‘holoku” and your guy is “to die for” in the traditional white “wedding shirt” and white shorts or slacks. Very informal but very beautiful!

The wedding party and guests add color to the occasion with multi colored Hawaiian style shirts and sun dresses. The brighter the colors – the better! If you really want to experience the Hawaiian theme, go all the way with the grass hula skirts! The traditional lei and haku (floral neck and head wreaths) add simplistic elegance and flip flops or bare feet are definitely the order of the day!

Of course your wedding would not be complete without Elvis Presley’s version of the “Hawaiian Wedding Song”! If you are too young to remember the movie “BLue Hawaii”…rent it! The song is a Hawaiian wedding tradition and the movie will convince you that a Hawaiian beach wedding theme is for you!
Beach Party Wedding Ideas
Now here is a beach wedding theme you can really let loose with! Totally informal, cheap, and relatively stress free. A sundress for you, walking shorts and a pastel short sleeved shirt for him.
The reception could be as simple as colorful beach towels or blankets spread in the sand and decorated with sand pails and sand tools. These will be especially useful for occupying the kids later in the day! Ask your guests to dress for the beach and BYOB – (bring your own bathing suit) you thought I meant beer didn’t you? Some will do that anyway, without being asked!

Have a beach barbeque. Instead of dancing, have a beach volleyball game or a sand sculpting contest. In short, just let everyone have fun! As the day winds down and the guests drift home, sit back in the sand and enjoy the sunset. It was a perfect, fun day!


Caribbean Beach Wedding Ideas
How about the festive party atmosphere of a Caribbean style beach wedding theme? A Caribbean wedding is the most joyous occasion!

You will be beautiful in a traditional white rayon crepe wedding sarong and your “mon” will be oh so handsome in a similar white weddingshirt. The wedding party and guests brighten the shoreline dressed in vividly colored sarongs, wraps, shirts and shorts.Floral parasols add a nice touch. Shoes are not required!

A Caribbean reception can last well into the night, sipping rum punch anddancing to the sound of a steel drum band playing Calypso and Reggae music. How about a “limbo” contest or a conga line? It’sparty time!

You may want to bring some bamboo torches to light the way!

If you are considering a Caribbean wedding theme for your big day…let’s party!

A Caribbean beach wedding is perhaps one of the easiest and most fun to plan.

You just need a few ingredients to pull off an event that will be remembered for a lifetime – good food, lots of rum, island music and happy people!

Let vibrant color and ‘fun’ be your motif and you can create a fabulous festival befitting of any truly Caribbean wedding.

So…where to start?
Here are a few ideas to get your Caribbean celebration underway…

* Traditionally, invitations to a Caribbean wedding are done by word-of-mouth and anyone who shows up is welcome whether invited or not. Since you probably cannot afford to many ‘surprise’ guests, you may want to for-go this tradition in favor of colorful invitations or save-a-date cards. Impressions In Print has a wonderful selection of tropical themed invitations but my all time favorite artist for stunning tropical cards is Michelle Mospens. If you don’t find the perfect invitation there, you won’t find it anywhere!
* Exotic tropical flowers such as Hibiscus, Bird Of Paradise and Orchids are a must for your bouquets. Here are some great ideas on how to incorporate these beautiful flowers into your bridal bouquets. A single, orange Bird Of Paradise bloom would make a stunning boutonniere. Consider silk flowers for lasting keepsakes.

* As for you wedding gown – an absolutely stunning, snow white, silk bridal sarong is all you need to wear. No shoes are required but, if you want ‘pretty feet’ then you may want to consider foot jewelry or wedding flip flops.

* Liven up your bridal party with vibrant sarongs in a rainbow of colors.

* A Caribbean wedding theme calls for the traditional Black Rum Wedding Cake. The recipe for this cake, laced with fruit and rum, is passed from mother to daughter, generation after generation. Of course you don’t have to have an authentic rum cake. You may just choose your favorite cake decorated with a festive, tropical, Caribbean flare.

* The Island Wedding Shop has a terrific selection of wedding favors for a Caribbean wedding theme. These adorable Pink Flamingo Pops would be the perfect. You can put them is colorful vases to use as table centerpieces before passing them out as favors! Caribbean Soul has some great stuff too!

* Traditionally, a Caribbean wedding celebration will last long into the night. Engage your guests in limbo contest or a conga line to get things going and let nature take it’s course. Sipping on rum punch and dancing the night away to the sounds of Calypso and Reggae music from a live steel drum band will create an experience that no one will soon forget! You may want a few bamboo torches to light the way!


Fantasy Beach Wedding Ideas
A fantasy beach wedding theme could be anything you wish!

* Be Cinderella with your Prince Charming. Have him place the “glass slipper” that fits on your foot as a symbol of your perfect union. You could hire a professional sand sculptor to build a beautiful sand castle asa background for your fairytale theme. Leave in a horse drawn carriage.

* Have a Pirate Wedding. Rent costumes and decorate with treasurechests fake gold coins and jewelry. Have a real treasure hunt. Leaveon a boat.

* How about an “I Dream of Jeannie” beach wedding theme? Decoratewith pretty, colorful bottles in the sand like the one she was found in. Atthe end of the day, disappear in a cloud of smoke!

* A Western beach wedding theme would be fun! Many beaches allowhorseback riding. The reception could be a good old fashioned fireside “camp out”under the stars. Leave on horseback.

 Si I Do are your Rocky Point Wedding Experts, so contact them today!

Rocky Point Beach Weddings

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Rocky Point Beach Weddings

Rocky Point Beach weddings are popular but they do present “special issues”.Failing to consider these ahead of time could leave you unpleasantly surprised on your wedding day!

There is certainly nothing that should dissuade you from your vision of a beautiful seaside ceremony. As a matter of fact, there are many benefits.

Just know the issues and plan for them. Your wedding day will be a wonderful and joyous event!

The “Pros”

* A beach wedding can be much cheaper than a traditional wedding. Who in this day and age can’t afford to save money? It is said that the average budget for a wedding these days is between $20,000 to $30,000! That is an enormous and unnecessary financial burden to be faced with! Don’t start off married life enslaved by your wedding day debts. If you have that kind of money to spend, fine, but if not, don’t go there! Be practical and remember, the day is what you, your loved ones and your friends make of it…not how much you spent on it!

* A beach wedding can be a casual affair. It allows everyone to relax. Your guests can dress comfortably and affordably. Often brides-to-be are unaware of the financial strain they place on their wedding attendants and guests. Not everyone can afford to buy that wedding outfit.

* The wedding ceremony and reception can all be held right there on the beach. No need to travel to different locations. This is very convenient for everyone. Hey, even the kids can have fun at a beach wedding!

* A beach wedding allows you to involve everyone in the activities. Guests are not restricted to sitting quietly in their seats. They can actually be a part of the celebration!

* Beach weddings don’t always require a permit. If you are having a small ceremony and do not require a section of the beach to be blocked off…just do it! Simple yet lovely!

* A beach wedding is a modern and refreshing change from the “stodgy” traditional wedding. It allows your creativity and personality to shine through.

* There is no “right” or “wrong way” to plan a beach front wedding. It can be large, small, romantic, whimsical or even downright goofy! You can pay big bucks and hire everything out, or, you can be cheap and make everything yourself. The choice is completely yours!


* The most important thing to remember when planning a beach wedding is that “Mother Nature” rules! Depending on her mood, she can brighten your day or rain on your parade! When planning your celebration, be sure to plan an “alternate location” should the old girl be cranky that day!

* The beach is usually a bit breezy so take that into consideration when picking your location. Try to choose a “cove” on the beach that is protected from direct winds.

* Be sure to check with local authorities regarding any permits needed to use the beach. This should only be necessary if you are having a large gathering and you want to block off a portion of the beach exclusively for you and your guests. Ask to be sure though.

* Check on the “Beach Rules”. Ask questions. Can you have candles on the beach? Can you play music into the night? How late can you stay? Is there an area nearby for open fires should you choose to barbeque?

* Speaking of food…don’t forget about the seagulls! They are notorious beggars and thieves. You can expect them to attend your beach wedding, uninvited! As long as you keep food covered and don’t feed them, they will stay on the sidelines.

* Remember the tides. You definitely do not want to be surprised by the quick and unanticipated arrival of high tide!

* On the beach, there will be bugs and sunshine! Make sure you consider the comfort of your guests. Bring sunscreen and insect repellant for those who did not remember to bring their own.

* Chairs may sink in the sand if you do not rent flooring to place under them. However, if you are planning a “beach blanket” reception, you will not need chairs. Remember your elderly guests though. Plan for their safety and comfort. You will need to provide them with chairs and beach umbrellas to protect them from the elements.

Beach weddings are absolutely beautiful but nature does provide an element of uncertainty. Careful planning on your part will eliminate most of them.

Just remember…

If every hair is not in place due to the ocean breezes or a seagull drops off his “wedding gift” a little to close to the punch bowl…

These are not flaws or imperfections in your day. They are “memories”! Cherish them and have fun!

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Si I Do Weddings in Rocky Point, Mexico

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

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      September 16th - 17th Shea n Lolis 116.jpg     September 16th - 17th Shea n Lolis 288.jpg     September 16th - 17th Shea n Lolis 132.jpg

Are you planning the perfect wedding, but are still in need of the perfect place to declare your love you that special someone? May I suggest Rocky Point Mexico. Si I Do Weddings in Rocky Point can help you with all your weddings needs. Contact Sol Mendez or June Penticost at www.siido.com, “Your Wedding Experts”!

Takes more than “I do” in Puerto Penasco

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

wedding picture

Dreaming of that storybook wedding on a scenic cliff above crashing ocean waves, blessed by a Mexican sunset while mariachis croon? Or amid bougainvillea’d stone arches in a colonial setting? Few places on earth offer up as many of those Kodak moments as Mexico, and that’s why Mexico has become one of the most popular foreign wedding venues for Norteamericanos. The Mexican wedding cookie and the Mexican wedding shirt have to stand for something after all.

But before you and your beloved hop on that plane planning to wed next weekend, make plenty of plans ahead of time. If it’s a quick and easy wedding ceremony you’re after, go to Las Vegas.

Only the civil wedding is legally recognized in Mexico. The religious event is a ceremonial event only and has no legal effect. Consequently, many Mexicans have two weddings — the civil ceremony and the religious one. A civil marriage contracted in Mexico is legally valid in the United States and just about any place else, provided it doesn’t contravene public policy.

Each state in Mexico has its own set of laws prescribing the finer points of getting married, but there’s a prevailing theme of basic requirements. The Registro Civil, found in every city and burg, serves as the city hall’s marriage license bureau, and the bride and groom will need to make their application at the Registro Civil serving the locale where they plan to wed. The requirements described below are the maximum requirements.

At the Registro Civil, the betrothed couple will file an application, present the original and copies of their passports, proof that they’re legally in Mexico (the FMT, or tourist card, FM-3, FM-2 or other visa), certified copies of their birth certificates, medical tests results, and two legally qualified witnesses who will be present at the civil ceremony. Photo identification will be required of all the participants.

The requirements don’t stop here. First, the certified copies of each birth certificate must bear the apostille of the Secretary of State in which the document was issued. And then it must be translated by an approved translator.

If this marriage is a second trip to the altar for either party, then proof of how the prior marriage terminated is required, which means providing a divorce decree or death certificate, certified, apostilled and translated. Divorced persons cannot marry until a full year has passed since entry of the final decree.

Medical tests can range from a simple blood test to thoracic x-rays, but they must be performed in Mexico and within a specified time from the date of application. Persons under eighteen years of age can’t get married without the consent of a parent or guardian. The lowest age threshold for marriage, with parental consent, is 16 for males and 14 for women. (So much for those threats of a 15-year old daughter about eloping with the boyfriend to Mexico!)

Finally, there’s the statement contained in the application designating whether the nuptial duo plans to be married under the system of joint or separate property. Some states have begun to entertain a “none of the above” category. Will this statement, a sort of forced prenuptial agreement, be enforceable in the United States? That’s a matter of state divorce law.

Having amassed all of these documents, the couple is now ready to pay the fee (about $35 USD) and obtain the license. Waiting periods before performing the civil ceremony vary from state to state, ranging from five minutes to a week. For little or nothing, the civil ceremony can be performed right at the Registro Civil, or the full-blown civil ceremony with all the pomp and circumstance of getting married by a federal judge at the Ritz Carlton can take place. Obviously, there’s a much greater charge attached to that privilege.

The civil ceremony having been completed in full accordance with the law, the next step is to obtain a certified copy of the acta de matrimonio, or the marriage certificate. It’s a good idea to obtain several copies right now instead of waiting for later when the memories have faded.

Now let’s add another twist. What’s described above pertains only when bride and groom are non-Mexicans. When a foreigner marries a Mexican on Mexican soil, there’s yet another hurdle.

Foreigners planning to marry Mexicans must first obtain permission from the Secretaria de Gobernación Office of Migración, providing the same documentation as well as a fee of $1723 pesos (about $191 USD). And not just any office will do — the permiso para contraer matrimonio con un nacional must be granted by the office having jurisdiction over where the marriage will take place. This process may take anywhere from 48 hours to two weeks, and a U.S. passport is absolutely required, even if the foreign applicant entered Mexico using a birth certificate.

Just as each state in Mexico has its own laws, each Registro Civil, and indeed each Office of Migración, has its own internal rules of operation. Rules are relaxed in resort areas or anywhere a critical mass of foreigners might gather for the purpose of marrying one another, but the best preparation is to be completely forewarned that tying the knot in Mexico can involve a lot more than finding a wedding singer.

It’s not impossible, but it does take planning ahead. This is where wedding planners are on their mettle — and for more than lining up mariachis and margaritas. The pros can streamline the process so the bride and groom can work on their tans before the wedding and concentrate upon doing whatever it is that married folks tend to do on honeymoons instead of running bureaucracy’s gamut. Weddings in Paradise, a Puerto Penasco planner  can put together the simplest wedding for about $500 USD.

Daunted by the maze of procedure and documentation? Get married back home, quietly, and announce it to everyone gathered at a reception in Mexico.