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The Beach, Sonora

Thursday, July 18th, 2013

  The Beach, Sonora


The beach is one of the most extensive archaeological sites and one of the most spectacular of Northern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. It is located near the village of Trenches, Sonora, at 515 meters and an area of ​​approximately 12 km. Most of the site’s cultural relics found in alluvial fan sediments formed in the foothills of the Sierra Boquillas, covering 4 km long (east-west) and 2 wide (north-south) . The remains have been exposed due to high erosion, although the site still some miles to the west and north.
As part of La Playa Archaeological Project, led by this writer along with Elisa Villalpando (Sonora INAH Center) and James Watson (University of Arizona) have researched about 530 archaeological items, including around 283 human burials (250 burials and 33 cremations), 30  dog burials and 114 ovens. In addition, we documented Pleistocene paleosol where mammoth remains were found, bison, camel, horse, antelope, deer, wild boar and tortoises.
Based on our research, we proposed that the site of La Playa has a long history of about 10 000 years of occupation.
Terminal Pleistocene (ca. 12500-8500 BC) and early Holocene (8500-5500 BC). Among Paleoindian archaeological materials were located Clovis projectile point, now in a private collection other Clovis point whose base channel it broke before and two fossilized antler hammers. Also recovered at least four type projectile points Peduncle Collapsed. It should be noted that similar types of tips are scattered throughout the western United States, which have dates ranging from 8700-5000 BC
Middle Holocene (5500-2500 BCE). Traditionally, the Middle Holocene has been considered a Altithermal period in which the temperature rose and the rain fell, causing adverse environmental conditions. The absence of archaeological components of this period in the Sonoran Desert seems to support the theory that posits the existence of inhospitable environmental conditions.
It is possible that the site of La Playa has been occupied at least intermittently during the period Altithermal.
The Late Holocene (2500 B.C.-200 A.D.). The occupation Boquillas Valley increased considerably in this period, which seems to coincide with the return to more favorable climatic conditions which prevailed to 3500 BC About 13% of the projectile points are types corresponding to the first part of the Late Holocene (before the Early Agricultural period), including four points Chiricahua (2800-500 BC), 27 points Cortaro (2300-300 BC) and two Gypsum tips (2500 BC-500 AD).

Tucson direct flights to Rocky Point

Monday, June 24th, 2013

Tucson trying to get direct flights to Rocky Point

Puerto Penasco, Mexico, or Rocky Point as it translates to in English, is a popular getaway for Arizonans.  This beautiful sea side place that is sometimes referred to as “Tucson’s beach” because of its popularity and proximity.  Imagine, however, if you could fly, spending more time in the warm, welcoming waters of the Sea of Cortez.  There’s now a big push to get direct commercial flights from Tucson to not only Rocky Point, but other cities within the State of Sonora, Mexico.  Mary Davis, originalSenior Director of Business Development & Marketing for Tucson International Airport said “a little more than a year ago, Tucson Airport Authority board of directors approved an airline incentive program to allow TAA to be competitive in negotiating air service. Not long after, we were approached by the airport director in Puerto Penasco about ways to work together to attract an airline or airlines to reinstate air service to Mexico, which had last flown in 2008 with AeroMexico.”

Davis says AeroMexico canceled those flights due to high fuel costs, the recession, and higher fares not attracting enough passengers to keep the flights going. She says TAA has been working to find a carrier since then to resume flights.  It takes a lot of work to get the flights up and running again and TAA representatives have been working with government officials from Rocky Point, the State of Sonora, the tourism industry, and businesses including airline companies.  Davis noted that Strongpoint is doing the survey as a community service to aid in air service development.  The survey focuses specifically on business travel demand. Air service to Mexico has been strongly expressed as a need for economic and job growth, tourism and leisure travel support.”  The idea of direct flights benefits both sides of the border says Russ Black with Peñasco Recreation Company, “Mexicans all over Sonora flock to Tucson to shop all the time and especially just before Christmas. If they had a flight from Sonoran cities into Tucson it would encourage many more to go to Tucson to do their big shopping.”  Black says the advantages are endless, “I can see fishermen groups, golf groups, and families taking advantage of a one hour flight versus a four hour drive. Investors, lookie lews, everyone that wants to visit but don’t like to drive will benefit. This plan is all good for everyone involved.

Did you know?

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Did you know?

Turtles are among the reptiles, are classified as such by having a shell that protects your vital organs and short wide trunk. Its shell Articulo 4  exit through the opposite side, the head and front legs and leaves behind the hind legs and tail.

By the structure of your spine attached to the shell, the turtle breathing hard by the weight of its shell and its mouth in the form of an eagle’s beak.

Turtle is thought to have about 220 million years have appeared and is estimated to be older than lizards and snakes.

The turtle is tolerant and China is seen as a symbol of good luck.

10 Wonders of Mexico

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

10 Wonders of Mexico

Making a tour of our Country proudly found wonders both natural and manmade. We are fortunate that in our state Sonora have one of these that is famous wonders of the Pinacate Reserve and found to15 miles from Rocky Point. We are rich in wonders here mention five natural wonders and five man-made wonders:

  • 5 Natural WondersArticulo 6

Copper Bar (chihuahua)

Quintana Roo Xel-ha

The Reef (Veracruz)

The Pinacate (Sonora)

Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary

  • 5 Man-made Wonders

Historic Center of Mexico City

Tulum (Veracruz)

Chepe Railroad

Palenque in Chiapas

Calakmul (Campeche)

Squid Tostada (Fried Corn Tortilla)

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Hey have you ever wanted to try a new recipe when sitting on the beaches. Next time you are in Rocky Point head down to the Malecon and pick up some fresh squid to make some yummy Mexican tostadas.  It’s a great way to enjoy something new the next time you are sitting on the beach and looking for something tasty an new! I like to eat them when we are the the Princesa Resort on Sand Beach.

Squid Tostada (Fried Corn Tortilla)


2 Pounds of clean Squid (no skin and no padding)






Tomato puree

Toast (fried corn tortillas)

Beans cooked and mashed



Articulo 6Boil the squid with salt and pepper after cooking cut into wheels, put in a pan with the tomato puree, chopped onion, chopped tomato, chopped celery and mix until hot.

A toast is put beans as a base and put the mixture on top squid, is put fresh chopped cabbage and avocado.

Just like that the rich are squid toast.

Your water bill can be now paid at any OXXO in Rocky Point.

Monday, May 13th, 2013

Your water bill can be now paid at any OXXO in Rocky Point.


The CEO of the water company in Rocky Point (OOMAPAS) informed that from Tuesday May 7th users can go to any of the OXXO Convenience stores to pay the water bill, which is more comfortable, because it can be done at any hour, any day of the week.

He stated that they negotiated with the trade chain OXXO to further facilitate billing recovery, without the need that people go to the headquarters or the modules that are open only Monday thru Friday.

The director added that OOMAPAS established this agreement with the commercial chain OXXO to improve their service with the community.

They will only take the amount that is on the bill and you will not be able to get any discounts if you pay at such stores.


Saturday, April 13th, 2013
The wedding of your dreams

The wedding of your dreams

Is incredible the feeling of thousands of butterflies flying inside us when we are in love. Everything then turns into a world of fantasy and all of sudden we wish that the future we yearn next to that special person becomes real. We definitely feel that our wedding, that ritual that indicates the beginning of our lives as a couple, must be an unforgettable moment, full of details and with lots of romanticism.

Paper details

Paper details

It is for this reason that every time, more couples dream about celebrating their wedding in a fantasy place. And it is just that, especially for us women, the place on which our wedding will be held has a lot of meaning. The problem starts when the magazines specialized in the subject invade our minds with thousands of images of weddings celebrated in the middle of magnificent landscapes, huge lakes, saloons in front of the ocean and endless gardens, making us believe that the wedding of our dreams has to cost an arm and a leg. Obviously, all this flows into a high dose of stress for the couple when their budget is not enough to afford all the expenses.


Fortunately, there are many of us women who know that even the most arid place on the earth can look just fantastic under the simple enchantment of decoration. The question is, however, “how” to decorate without spending a lot of money. The answer is really simple when we understand that the true meaning of decoration is simply to create an atmosphere that welcomes our guests with no need for us to be personally in front of them:  a napkin carefully folded on the table, a lit candle or a fresh flower are details that no guest can overlook. On the other hand, when the budget is not enough to buy, for example, fresh flowers, cloth napkins, glassware, table cloths and the long etcetera that implies organizing a nice reception, the most fabulous suggestion is to replace as many items as possible by beautiful paper handicrafts. Had you thought about this already?



Paper luminarias

Paper luminarias

Paper center pieces

Paper center pieces

And it’s just that paper is such a versatile element that can trigger a huge amount of ideas to decorate your reception. If you like handicrafts, you can replace the natural flowers by colorful paper flowers. If you can’t buy or rent glassware, you can think of your other options such as using clear plastic cups (Yes! Plastic!), making them look fabulous by just placing a paper napkin –of the colors you want- inside them. Even the paper napkins can be customized by printing on them a cute stamp that commemorates the wedding, for example, the names or initials of the bride and the groom or some cute drawing design.


Simple and charming uplightingAlso, the amount of light in the environment affects as part of the decoration, since it can even intimidate our guests in cases where the light is too much, or it can also make them feel more relaxed and less inhibited when the lights are soft and bohemian, creating the perfect romantic atmosphere for this type of celebration. Basically, it doesn’t matter if the place you’ve chosen to celebrate your wedding is not too eye-catching or if it definitely looks like it’s part of a horror movie: if you manage to soften the intensity of the light along the place, you will have guaranteed a 70% of the decoration (Yes!), now that the atmosphere will be completely romantic and you can even add some complements with candles to give an elegant touch. To attenuate or soften the lights at the place of the event, you can use some chinese paper lanterns, which are already a classic item chosen by many couples who want to add a bohemian touch. And, if you want it “with a cherry on top”, there are other couples who decide to customize the seat of each guest on the table by placing cards or paper details with the names of each guest.

Soft lights for a bohemian feel


The important part of this all is that you don’t leave aside all these beautiful details that will make your guests feel welcome, no matter what place you choose for the event or if the menu you offer at the reception is pretty simple.

For all those couples who planned their wedding for a near future and don’t have enough time to prepare all the decoration, a very good choice for them is to plan an outdoor wedding, now that the view of the surroundings reduces the need of excessive decoration. For example, the weddings at the beaches of Puerto Peñasco (beaches better known by the name of “Rocky Point” by the North American tourists) are now so popular, that these beaches have become an icon for this type of events. If you’re planning your wedding at this destination, it would be a very good idea for you to approach a wedding expert who can help you choose, such as Soledad Méndez from “Si, I do” wedding planners, who will assist every detail you might dream for your wedding at the Mexican local phone number (638)388-8238 (if dialing from the U.S., just add 011 + 52 at the beginning) or at the e-mail address sol@siido.com .  She will surprise you with her charming and elegant options.

By: Carla Seldner/ Visit Rocky Point. April, 2013



Labor Underperforming Employees are happier

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Labor Underperforming Employees are happier

Logic dictates that the top performers are those who are more comfortable with their work and enjoy certain Articulos 7 y  8benefits through the recognition of their heads. But the reality is exactly the opposite. From acuerdocon some estudoos made in Atlanta, United States, people with poor job performance tend to feel more happy and satisfied than those that best meet their work.

According to Mark Murphy, director of Leadership IQ, these results may be because employees often end worst performing their work faster and they are less pressured by their bosses, making them less stressed and more comfortable with your work and personal life. By contrast, those who do better tend to stay up late editing the work of others and feel more harassed by their managers. This shows that the less responsible reassures him not intereza in if your employment status ..

In addition, the consultant looked at a technology company with a thousand employees to determine the levels of commitment they have with the company. To the question “I am motivated to give one hundred percent effort at work?” The results indicated that, on a seven-point scale, low-performing workers were engaged in a level of 5.99 points, while higher performance than a 5.36. Also, the former were more likely to recommend the company as “a good place to work.”

Finally, the study says that those who do poorly do not know they are considered as such and in most cases its performance harms the rest of the employees, generating even desire to leave the job.

These data suggest that many employers are not appreciating the efforts of some of its employees, who may choose to go to other companies for feeling frustrated. The report recommends that managers talk with workers both high or medium yield and with low yield. While the former have to let them know they are happy with their performance, the latter should point out what their weaknesses to try to improve them and not create situations of disparity and resentment among employees

Gold Animals and Hazards

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Gold Animals and Hazards:

Golden poison frog

Articulos 1 y 2There are different species of golden frogs and are believed most poisonous among vertebrates in the world.

Its venom is so powerful that 10 milligrams of concentrated substance could end up with ten thousand mice, up to 20 human and two elephants.

Golden Snake

The golden snakes have a reason for their luxurious color and is the ability to blend. Living in desert environments, this color allows them confused with soil and vegetation, as well as more easily hunt their prey.


Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
Fun exercise

The refreshing side of the exercise

Currently, if you ask 10 people why they exercise, it is very likely that the answer of 9 of those people is that they just want to lose weight. With so much publicity about how the human body is supposed to look in the esthetic sense, it´s not a surprise that many people worry about how they look (or, more specifically, about how they look to others). When an exercise routine is initiated under the influx or the concern of losing weight, it is easy to forget how fun, gratifying and innovative this activity can be. Personally, as much as I adore exercising, it turns out to be one of my favorite hobbies as long as the routine is always creative. Did you think that this couldn´t be possible? Well… it is. The routine doesn´t have to be the usual program of repetitive and predictable exercises that can lead you to boredom in the long run. How to exercise turns out to be real art when you require creativity to invent new ways of exercising. Here are some recreational ways to always transform your routine in something new:

1.- The music is the key.- It´s serious; even if it doesn´t seem to be so important, there´s a huge difference between exercising accompanied by any type of music than doing it with the music you really enjoy. It´s not unusual that we choose to play the music of just one CD with the catchy tunes we like; however, the error is playing the same CD for the whole 3 months. Try new music every time you can and you´ll see the difference.

Fun exercise

Fun exercise

2.- Accompany yourself with someone who shares the interest.- Is incredible how fun and stimulating it can be to share your exercise with one or several partners. If you go to the gym, always place yourself right next to that person who never fails to any of the sessions; for you, it will be a real incentive to watch a determined person doing the routine and you will be secretly challenging that person if you attend to all the sessions as well. If you like jogging or playing any sport, make sure to accompany yourself from an exercise pal who has enough determination to achieve the daily routine no matter what. You will see that you and your pal will be motivating each other.


3.- Change the panorama.- Let´s be honest: we human are not made to repeat any task when we are tired or bored. If one day you really feel you are tired or pessimistic, it´s time to change your routine by changing the panorama. If you usually attend the gym, replace it once in a while for a walk at the park or for a friendly front-tennis round. If you regularly exercise at home, it´s time for you to go out and do something new accompanied by your friends, like artificial rock climbing, join the kick boxing routine at the gym or a friendly foot ball game. If you have a bicycle, skate board, roller skates, treadmill or any other toy that you don´t use very often,  this is a very good time to enjoy it and invite a friend to use it with you. Remember that we are not chained o any particular routine.


New activities

New activities

4.- Always keep your mind open to new experiences.- If you are in the sports environment, it might happen that a person invites you to do something different one day. Sometimes we leave ourselves get intimidated by a new activity just by the fact that we have never practiced it before; then, we prefer to say no to that valuable invitation instead of giving ourselves the chance to practice something new. Therefore, always try to perform new activities and, Who knows! You might even find a new hobbie!

By: Carla Seldner / Visit Rocky Point.  April, 2013.


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