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Sunday, May 18th, 2014




We finally have the famous Puerto Peñasco Little Caesar pizza franchise. Economic changes are slowly reaching our city and you have reached is a fact that foreign investors want to invest in Puerto boulder while this will generate jobs.

Recall that Little Caesar is the fourth largest chain of pizza in the U.S., is headquartered in Detroit Michigan and has over 2500 restaurants.

This franchise is in Aruba, Puerto Rico, India, Turkey, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Iceland, Czech Republic, Japan and the United States.

And now it has fallen to Puerto Peñasco.

His specialties are Hot N Ready 3 Meat Treat, which are affordable.

Little Caesar is located on the Blvd Juárez, next to Seaside Beach Home Rentals.


Eco- tourism activities in Rocky Point

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Eco- tourism activities in Rocky Point


Puerto Peñasco has natural resources that you will not find anywhere else in the world. We are surrounded by sea and desert , starting with this we can be sure that already belong to an unusual place .

The region of Puerto Peñasco has to his credit with many species of flora and fauna endemic. Giving latter curiosity and sundry to take to limit any experience with nature in this beautiful place of Sonora.

There are several guided tours which will allow you to take the time to learn more about this amazing land. The Biosphere Reserve Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar , and the vast Sea of ​​Cortez in marine species, will be the stage for you to know more about what you speak .

There are different tour guides specially devoted to this kind of tours, and highly recommend you make use of them to make the most of this experience.

The guides will give to you the specific recommendations should take into account before and during their adventure , they can understand better than anyone the situations you may face .

Unique opportunities to explore the desert and the sea to the fullest. The biodiversity of the reefs and beaches , with one of the largest seas of the North American arena , as well as being part of both the Biosphere Reserve of the Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar and considered both a of the 13 wonders of our country . And soon to become one of the visual landmarks of the United Nations International will be something you will never forget .

This certainly is the final piece that is missing in their planning , gain knowledge while amusement.

Here are some of the activities that take place at these locations :

Most of these tours ecotourism are provided by the Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans better known as CEDO , organization dedicated to the research and implementation of educational programs for the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Northern Gulf of California and its coast.

It is noteworthy that the purchase eco tour with CEDO You are purchasing travel insurance as well as basic elements for the activity .

Discovering Las Pozas ; It is a tour that features the CEDO and revolves around the tidal activity in the Gulf Northern California , and is famous for its dramatic flow . This tour explores some of the reefs and rocks along the coast. It is an informative and explorative tour.

Kayaking Morúa Estero ; beyond being a kayak is a browsing experience as ‘re entering areas where access could ever walk with the help of this travel guide is secured CEDO fun and learning.


Currently , there are several in Puerto Peñasco companies engaged in tourism eco tours, and there are also experts in guided tours for horseback another most representative of a visit to Puerto Penasco , El Pinacate .


Schuk Toak ; Schuk Toak is the Visitor Center not long ago opened , highly recommended to visit the Visitor Center ‘s hand experts Sonoran Desert Tours , they offer interpretive tour Schuk Toak well as options such as ; hiking among dormant lava flows, crater visit “El Elegante” . Night of Stars, where the constellations of the universe will be explained by a guide. These tours vary in duration depending on the option you are willing to choose .



Land Activities

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Land Activities



There are land activities which may not stop practicing , especially to have a closer experience with the outside. It is not unusual that you bring your own ATV ‘s (All Terrain Vehicule ) .

Otherwise, the ATV ‘s is something that cannot go unnoticed while you are enjoying your vacation in Puerto Peñasco.

Being located in an area completely in the desert, Puerto Peñasco is undoubtedly the most popular place in the region to practice riding ATV ‘s

It is permitted to drive ATV ‘s on the streets , as long as traffic laws are not violated. We recommend either way ignoring traffic signals and places where you can not access You ATV .

Some specially designated for this type of activities are as ” La Loma ” located on the way to Cholla Bay. It is a place well known in Puerto Peñasco, and find all kinds of vehicles , mostly jeeps and 4×4 competitions are played here regularly on weekends , it is a place for the whole family .

Find where to rent an ATV is not difficult task because business income are located in various areas of Puerto Peñasco. The rental of such vehicles varies between $ 30 – $ 50. For your car , you will be required driver’s license .

You should always take appropriate precautions , especially should take note of the following also:

It is not allowed the transit of ATV ‘s on the beach

• Use your helmet at all times

• The maximum number of people per ATV is 2

• Drivers must be over 16 years

• Do not play racing or Brinques .

• Do not drink and drive at the same time

• We recommend to stay away from the busy streets as Benito Juarez Blvd , Fremont Blvd and Puerto Viejo.


Estuary Morua

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Estuary Morua


The estuary Morua is a lagoon with an equivalent of 11 kilometers squared where you can enjoy a travel made by CEDO, the travel can be by kayak or boat where you will find more than 140 aquatic species and terrestrial. The estuary is known mainly for its oysters produced there, it does not only produce oysters, it also produces crabs, shrimp and fresh sole. None of the products are contaminated because they are really strict with their policies. By supporting the estuary you will increase the health and wellbeing of the planet supporting the sustainable food and also enjoying the beautiful sight that Rocky Point offers all of us.


Home Port in Rocky Point

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Home Port in Rocky Point


Let’s talk about the homeport that is still in progress. Doesn’t anybody else think this is such an awesome idea? Of course it is, this is great opportunity for Rocky Point and its tourism. This new homeport will provide more jobs. The economy for sure will go up with the tourists arriving from the cruise looking for a place to stay go visit all the shops and the exquisite food of Rocky Point. This is great for everybody in so many ways. The home port has been advancing very well which is located down by “The Wreck” very well known by tourists for the Roger Clyne concerts taking place there. So we all are very excited for this new Homeport here in Rocky Point and are anxiously waiting for it.


Take Color

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Take Color



Have you heard of take color? The most mentioned race lately around the country. Take color is a new race encouraging to make people want to feel fit and have fun at the same time. This new race was made to envolve people in a family and fun enviroment.

A few months ago, we had this same race going on in Rocky Point. For the first time in Rocky Point we came to advertise this type of race where it all simply consist in a race with people throwing colors at you. The object is to get more colors, the further you run the more colors you get. Its a creative way to get people have fun and stay fit at the same time.

This race that just went on here in Rocky Point asked for a inscription of $150.00 Pesos which thanks to all the people participating in this race all the money was donated to the children in DIF. Helping the people and the city. Thanks to all the people helping this foundation we will be seeing more from this type of race in the next years.


7 Day forcast for Puerto Penasco Sonora (Rocky Point)

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


7 Day forcast for Puerto Penasco Sonora (Rocky Point)



Tuesday High Low

87 F 71 F Windy


Wednesday High Low

90 F 74F Sunny


Thursday High Low

88 F 72 F Sunny


Friday High Low

86 F 73 F Sunny


Saturday High Low

82 F 72 F Sunny


Sunday High Low

80 F 70 F Sunny


Monday High Low

77 F 68 F Sunny



Activities in Rocky Point

Sunday, May 18th, 2014


Activities in Rocky Point


Rocky Point has numerous activities to do during your vacation. The sunset cruise or daytime coastal cruises are available for all the family members. Rocky Point has its very own pirate ship. This ride offers family time and adventure, with food and drinks. This ship provides great entertainment, pirate fights, musical acts, and fireworks. Kayaking is also a good activity for the whole family. Another variety would be diving; you get to discover what the ocean is really like. One of the most visited destinations here in Rocky Point is Bird Island, you will find over 150 different types of birds, visited mostly by bird watchers.

Parasailing is one of the activities that young people to enjoy on their visit to Mexico. On the other hand, many business people like to enjoy a little quiet time on a game of golf. Something very interesting to see is the Pinacate tours, one of the most beautiful areas of the world. The reserve has nine volcanoes. You can also enjoy all the plant and animal life active on its original state. At last but not the least we have our atvs, Jet skis, banana boats, and horseback riding. Hope to see you in Rocky Point soon!


Things to do in Rocky Point

Friday, September 20th, 2013

Things to do in Rocky Point


We have plenty to do in Rocky Point we have horse riding on the beach ,wave runners (jet skis )banana rides and there’s is a company that is called ECO FUN they have several trips and things to do .They have trips to Bird Island (Isla San Jorge),El Pinacate  That is the Pinacate Biosphere Excursion ,Sunset Cruises, Tours of the City ,Snorkeling ,Boogie Boards, Kayaking, They also have tour of Whale Watching that should be really exciting. On land they have Rock Climbing Wall, Bungee Trampoline ,V Flyer Trampoline, Paddle Boarding ,Water Balls, Bicycles, I even have ECO FUN number Mexico Number is (638)388-9699 or USA number is (602)635-3736 to make your stay a pleasant and fun time and  also do not forget our foods Please Try . Thanks Hope you have lots of fun some of the items are not ECO FUN but are not hard to find Thanks Again.


Thursday, September 12th, 2013



The great desert pinacate and Altar, are 2 wonderful jewels that surround our beautiful town by the sea. The Great Altar Desert is considered to be the place with the most extensive area of sand dunes in the entire American continent. Only in the area of Pinacate, which is considered a Biosphere Reserve and the Great Altar Desert, there are almost 550,000 hectares of protected dune area, but in reality the dune field extends much further south, toward the east Pinacate volcanic area, passing over the U.S. border, within the states of Arizona and California.

Most of the sand dunes form comes from the Colorado River for 2000000-12000.  Strong winds blowing in the great desert of Altar, have created sand dunes up to 230 meters high.