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sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4903" title="sizzling_event" src="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event.jpg" alt="" width="316" height="480" srcset="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event.jpg 316w, http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event-197×300.jpg 197w" sizes="(max-width: 316px) consumer 100vw, 316px” />

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Raise funds to promote Puerto Peñasco in Arizona

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Perform charro event in Hacienda La Cordobesa
With the goal of raising funds to promote Puerto Peñasco in the state of Arizona, yesterday at about 5 pm La Hacienda La Cordoba was the scene of a great event horse dance, skirmishes, flourish of rope, Wholesale NFL Jerseys folk dance and singing, especially with the beautiful Mexican stamp that identifies our beloved Mexico: the rodeo.

The sun was slowly disappearing, attendees were ready and excited to witness the great event, participants were organized to find its place of participation, suddenly, the voice of Miguel Guevara announces the start of the event by presenting participants in Mexicali skirmishes and spontaneous applause started and stayed for all other ray ban outlet presentations.

It was a fresh air but it seemed that people who cooperated in this event, did not feel it was much more whip looked up the various artists who had the cool evening, really enjoyed the event!, Whose presentations were by the association of charros de Mexicali.

Miguel Guevara Askar, owner of the hacienda and host of the night commented that he hopes to multiply the money with the municipal, state and federal project the image of Puerto Peñasco abroad, “we are in a difficult situation and we must unite the rocaporteneses to do something, and I really want to give thanks to the American community who are mostly those who support us and also many Mexicans and everyone puts their bit to where I can “he said.

It is important to registro note that this is the fourth event set by the estate of Cordoba, Cheap Football Jerseys the first was to collect and distribute groceries to the community of Puerto Peñasco, the second was to help the church in Puerto Penasco La Guadalupana, the third party which enjoyed the presentation of Jenny Rivera was to help the school of Music in Puerto Peñasco and this most recent to promote Puerto Peñasco abroad.

Askar said that Guevara will continue to do events for different causes that benefit the people ray ban sunglasses of Peñasco, “We are not professionals, we are not dedicated to this, but if we can do and raise money for what we do and also doing a lot of fun

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Positive weekend in Rocky Point

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

During last Friday, Saturday and Sunday estreia at Rocky Point were received over 20 thousand visitors retirada leaving a shed more than 8.5 million pesos, said Alejandro Zepeda Munro.
The Mayor noted that only in the month of March have had an influx of 80,000 tourists who are Wholesale China Jerseys estimated to have represented an economic benefit of nearly 2 million 700 thousand dollars.
“We had a good weekend in Puerto Peñasco with the arrival of 20 thousand tourists only during Friday, Saturday and Sunday, this represents a 10 percent increase compared to last year, ” he said.
“The presence of vacationers, oakley outlet ” he said “was notorious in the city as hotels occupancy records were taken from 70 to over 90 percent full with cases of. ”
He said that the results obtained during these days have been positive and encouraging to note a oakley outlet revival in the economy of Puerto due to spills generated in the various establishments related to tourism.
“We expect this trend to continue in the coming weeks, in fact we already have reports that indicate that for Easter already have reservations at the hotels at a rate exceeding 80 percent, “he said.
With the results obtained so far, he said, reaffirms that cheap nhl jerseys Puerto Penasco is a favorite spot for vacationers from Arizona and northwestern cities of the state and country.
He said they will continue with promotional activities both nationally and abroad as well as the arrival of charter flights to continue consolidating as the best destination Peñasco.

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Mayor Zepeda promotes Carnival in Mexicali

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

  The Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro appeared before media in Mexicali, Baja California to make efforts to promote the upcoming Rocky Carnival 2011 “Splendor and Magic Time. ”
Accompanied by Mariela Contreras, the Organizing Committee as well as candidates to be the Queen of the Shrovetide festival, the Mayor stressed the proximity between Hacked the two cities to come to this conclusion.
He said the Coast road distances are reduced as well to explain that it is in good condition provided greater security and convenience to drivers.
He emphasized that the city is ready to welcome tourists who visit Puerto Peñasco, either in the Carnival and on the following holidays approaching and Spring Break and Easter.
He noted cheap oakley sunglasses that tourists who visit us tell the good treatment and care hockey jerseys puertopeñasquenses and support of authorities both municipal and state, in addition to the Tourist Police to make your stay in the city is the best.
Among the activities were carried out interviews in the TV shows “Expression” aimed at a youth market, and the star of Channel 66 news “Contact” and magazine programs, among others.
He said that the promotion of the Carnival will intensify in the coming days with media interviews in the state capital and San Luis Rio Colorado, among other activities that are scheduled

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Sonoran Sky developer makes a great overture!

Monday, December 1st, 2008

 To all that read this blog. In my years of working with developers and businesses in several different countries now I have never seen anyone do this on their own. I am very impressed with the developers of the Sonoran Sky for doing this with out being asked. It shows that the people who develop these projects truely feel a sense of loyalty to their clients. Please read the letter they posted below. Thank you Sonoran Resorts.


Steve Schwab


November 27, 2008

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO fake oakleys ALL <a cheap nfl jerseys title=”Sonoran Sky Resort” href=”http://www.seasidemexico.com/sonoran_sky.php” target=”_blank”>SONORAN SKY CONDOMINIUM OWNERS HAVING OUTSTANDING LOANS

Sonoran Sky Resorts realizes that recent unprecedented economic events have affected a few of its condominium owners. In response to this situation, Sonoran Sky Resorts would like to make the following offer to all current Sonoran Sky condominium owners who have loan payments with Sonoran Sky Resorts: Sonoran Sky Resorts is able to reduce the current annual interest rate of 10.5% to 8%, effective immediately beginning with the payment that is due on January 1st, 2009. This offer is good for one calendar year and ends with the December 1st, 2009 payment. The effect of this rate reduction is to reduce your regular monthly note payments for one calendar year. The annual percentage rate will return to the original rate of 10.5% cheap oakleys beginning with the January, 2010 payment. It is important in order to obtain this reduction, condo owners oakley outlet must be current on their loan accounts (no dues). In addition, Sonoran Sky Resorts will also provide a 3% discount to current owners with an outstanding balance if you wish to completely pay off your note(s) on your Sonoran Sky condominium and/or storage unit before march 31st, 2009. For all cheap oakleys new Sonoran Sky condominium and/or storage unit sales, this rate reduction also applies for the 2009 period and then will return to the normal 10.5% interest rate for the remainder of the term. We wish you a Happy Holiday Season and the best in the New Year!

 Sincerely yours,

Fernando X. Anaya Sonoran Resorts

Director Lic. Aracely Flores Paz.

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Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers October 2008

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Celebrate Life and Song with Roger Clyne & The Peacemakersin Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico!
Quick LinksTICKET


DAY OF SHOW$30 – General Admission Wristbands can be cheap jerseys purchased at Rocky Point will-call (details below) on October 10 & 11.
Wristbands purchased online between September 28 – October 4 will be available at our will-call pick-up location (Location coming soon…)
Day of Show tickets ($30) can be purchased at the will-call table as well.
WILL CALL HOURS: Coming soon!

All wristband purchases are Non-Refundable.
Children 12 & under are admitted free when accompanied by a paying adult. Attendees between the ages of 13-17 will require a ticket for admission and must also be accompanied by a paying adult.
Photography and video is allowed during the concert.
Please do not bring open containers of alcohol or coolers of any kind into the venue.
RCPM Merchandise will be available during the concert and at JJ’s Cantina the following day.
A U.S. Passport will NOT be required to attend Circus Mexicus in October 2008. Please visit travel.state.gov for all necessary information regarding crossing the United States/Mexico border. It is noted that U.S. and Canadian citizens will need to present a government-issued photo ID, cheap authentic jerseys such as a driver’s license, plus proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate.

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Package Promotions for Rocky Point

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Here are a few of the Package Deals Sea Side Reservations has put together for everyone traveling to Rocky Point. We want to help you maximize your time so you can enjoy more activities, while using minimum money to do so. Sea Side is working with many wonderful businesses around Rocky Point, and a company here in Arizona, offering the best entertainment and service available, including our Spa Package, Wedding Packages, and Guided Getaways. We don’t want you to miss these great deals, so call today! Sea Side Phoenix Office at 602-404-2982 Or 1-866-785-2350. Here are the various packages that will SAVE YOU MONEY!

Spa Package

   La Spa.jpg

We have a wonderful offer for you from our friends at La Spa, located in the lobby at the Sonoran Spa Resort. If you purchase our Spa Voucher for $108 ($120 value), you also get 10% off all of the wonderful Beach Front Resort offered through Sea Side Reservations, including Sonoran Sun, Bella Sirena, Las Palmas, Casa Blanca, and Princesa. Come and pamper yourself for the day and enjoy a European Massage, Heated Stone Massage, or a Deluxe Facial. We want you to sit back, relax, and let all your troubles just melt away……. At La Spa De Peñasco



Escape to Rocky Point with DETOURS AZ on a 4 Day Getaway. On your adventure, you will depart the highway and visit Saguaro National Park, Sonoran Desert Museum, Kitt Peak National Observatory, and the Organ Pipe National Monument. Once in Mexico, your expert guides will help you enjoy Rocky Point and the various activities offered. You also get discounted rates for all the land and ocean activites you wish to enjoy. This package includes 4 day-3 night tours including expert guide services, transportation, lunch on day 1, and 3 nights of double occupancy provided by Sea Side jordan sale Reservations, “Your Rocky Point Experts”, all for the price of $560 per person, tax included.

Please give us a call at Sea Side Reservations if you have any questions about the package promotions, or any questions about Rocky Point, Mexico. We are always happy to help. You can call us at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350.  

Information posted by Shea Peil at seasideshea@gmail.com

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