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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013
Fun exercise

The refreshing side of the exercise

Currently, if you ask 10 people why they exercise, it is very likely that the answer of 9 of those people is that they just want to lose weight. With so much publicity about how the human body is supposed to look in the fake oakleys esthetic sense, it´s not a surprise that many people worry about how they look (or, more specifically, about how they look to others). When an exercise routine is initiated under the influx or the concern of losing weight, it is easy to forget how fun, gratifying and innovative this activity can be. Personally, as much as cheap oakleys I adore exercising, it turns out to be one of my favorite hobbies as long as the routine is always creative. Did you think that this couldn´t be possible? Well… it is. The routine doesn´t have to be the usual program of repetitive and predictable exercises that can lead you to boredom in the long run. How to exercise turns out to be real art when you require creativity to invent new ways of exercising. Wholesale NFL Jerseys Here are some recreational ways to always transform your routine in something new:

1.- The music is the key.- It´s serious; even if it doesn´t seem to be so important, there´s a huge difference between exercising accompanied by any type of music than doing it with the music you really enjoy. It´s not unusual that we choose to play the music of just one CD with the catchy tunes we like; however, the error is playing the same CD for the whole 3 months. Try new music every time you can and you´ll see the difference.

Fun exercise

Fun exercise

2.- Accompany yourself with someone who shares the interest.- Is incredible how fun and stimulating it can be to share your exercise with one or several partners. If you go to the gym, always place yourself right next to that person who never fails to any of the sessions; for you, it will be a real incentive to watch a determined person doing the routine and you will be secretly challenging that person if you attend to all the sessions as well. If you like jogging or playing any sport, make sure to accompany yourself from an exercise pal who has enough determination to achieve the daily routine no matter what. You will see that you and your pal will be motivating each other.


3.- Change the panorama.- Let´s be honest: we human are not made to repeat any task when we are tired or bored. If one day you really feel you are tired or pessimistic, it´s time to change your routine by changing the panorama. If you usually attend the gym, replace it once in a while for a walk at the park or for a friendly front-tennis round. If you regularly exercise at home, it´s time for you to go out and do something new accompanied by your friends, like artificial rock climbing, join the kick boxing routine at the gym or a friendly foot ball game. If you have a bicycle, skate board, roller skates, treadmill or any other toy that you don´t use very often,  this is a very good time to enjoy it and invite a friend to use it with you. Remember that we are not chained o any particular routine.


<div id="attachment_6046" style="width: Metal 286px” class=”wp-caption alignleft”>New activities

New activities

4.- Always keep your mind open to new experiences.- If you are in the sports environment, it might happen that a person invites you to do something different one day. Sometimes we leave ourselves get intimidated by a new activity just by the fact that we have never practiced it before; then, we prefer cheap nfl jerseys to say no to that valuable invitation instead of giving ourselves the chance to practice something new. Therefore, always try to perform new activities and, Who knows! You might even find a new hobbie!

By: Carla Seldner / Visit Rocky Point.  April, 2013.


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sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4903" title="sizzling_event" src="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event.jpg" alt="" width="316" height="480" srcset="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event.jpg 316w, http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event-197×300.jpg 197w" sizes="(max-width: 316px) consumer 100vw, 316px” />

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Nuevo Temazcal Spa Clinica Estetica Facial y Corporal

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Nuevo Temazcal Spa Clinica Estetica Facial y Corporal 


Nuevo Temazcal cheap ray bans Spa is a concept in services towards achieving relaxation of the nervous and muscular systems wile nourishing the skin for tissue regeneration. The Spa applies professional massage and facial techniques and obtains results through using vials and creams of our highest quality cosmetic line. 

<span lang="EN-US" style="font-weight: normal;font-size: 17pt;font-family: ray bans sale ‘Century Gothic'”> 

The Spa was born six years ago with the idea of integrating harmony and health in each person who sought treatment, with the goal of obtaining aesthetic beauty. 


At Nuevo Temazcal Spa, we offer the best equipment in order to achieve important changes in whatever problem we work to address, whether it be facial wrinkles, acne, blemishes, scars, skin tone or in the body – fat, Cheap Football Jerseys cellulite, dehydration, accumulation of stress and/or recovery from surgery. 


We dare say that our team is Wholesale NFL Jerseys the best!. We are continually attending international congresses, recognized for presenting the latest material in the realm of aesthetics on a global scale and where we acquire new equipment that we offer here in Puerto Peñasco! Among our services we offer ultrasound, diathermy, electric facial and body radio frequency, vibrating massage, micro and regular skin peels, laser, oxygen therapy, infrared and pressotherapy. 


We are continuing to grow through the preference of our clients. We offer comfortable facilities to assure the type of Cheap china Jerseys relaxation our clients expect from a Spa and are constantly adding more space to compliment our services. Shortly we will inaugurate the traditional Temazcal in order to live the experience of our ancestors through the detoxifying ritual of holistic restoration. 


We Cheap NFL Jerseys are professionals in massage and cosmetics. The staff at Nuevo Temazcal undergoes a thorough examination of skill and Penyakit knowledge to be able to offer excellent service to each of our clients. Upon choosing Nuevo Temazcal Spa you can be assured your requests will be thoroughly analyzed in order to suggest changes necessary for the care of your health and we will recommend appropriate treatment, based on information you provide in a clinical questionnaire. The Spa experience in Nuevo Temazcal is harmonizing for the bmind, body and spirit. 


Another activity we carry out is training of persons who wish to dedicate themselves professionally to giving cheap oakleys sunglasses massages and facials as well as reductive and toning treatments and manicures and pedicures. We have created the GRACIDA HOLISTIC INSTITUTE, offering courses for beginners and updating those already dedicated to Spa service. It is important to emphasize that our programs are enriched by various courses that compliment techniques in learning how to improve the level of service. We are always seeking to be and to offer the best so that our students reflect the philosophy of giving and love that can be realized through this work. These “a la carte” courses are planned according to the needs of groups of therapists. We assess the needs of anyone looking to open a Spa, from the type or classification, concept, chosen are of service, operation manuals, marketing and training of personnel. 

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New Spa Package

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Come and enjoy our new Spa Packages we have available, only through Sea Side Reservations! You can enjoy a day of beauty and relaxation while being attended to by a trained professional, who’s only job it to help you find the tranquility you deserve. When you purchase your Spa Package with Sea Side, you get a 10% discount on the lodging of your choice, including Sonoran Sun, Las Palomas, Bella Sirena, Princesa, and more! Call for your Spa Package today! We want your next trip to Rocky Point to be your most relaxing trip ever! You can call our Sea Side Phoenix Office at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350.

          La Spa at Sonoran Spa Resort         La Spa at Sonoran Spa Resort         La Spa at Sonoran Spa Resort

          <img id="image1294" height="96" alt="La Spa at Sonoran cheap ray bans Spa Resort” src=”http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/The%20La%20Spa%20(3).thumbnail.jpg” />         La Spa (4).jpg         La Spa at Sonoran Spa Resort

          La Spa (6).jpg         <img id="image1295" height="96" alt="La Spa at Sonoran Spa Resort" src="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/04/The%20La%20Spa%20(4).thumbnail.jpg" 2012 />         La Spa (8).jpg 

Information provided by Shea Peil at seasideshea@gmail.com

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