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Mare Blu Restaurant

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Mare Blu Restaurant

Mare Blu is a fine Italian Restaurant, located on Sandy Beach. The restaurant is right next door to Wreck at the reef. I believe the name of the road that takes you to this location is called (Camino A La Choya). You will run into it about 3 minutes before you reach Competition Hill. It is right in front of Sandy Beach, which is another, pluimagess for this fine restaurant. It offers a beautiful view of the Ocean that is complimented with the best Italian food in town. They also count with fresh seafood on a daily basis, I personally recommend the Salmon Piccata, the sauce made with white wine, lemon and butter gives this dish an exquisite taste and makes it a top dinner dish at Mare Blu. They also offer a selection of dishes more suitable for children, which makes Mare Blu the perfect restaurant for all the family to enjoy. So you have the best Italian food in town with out a doubt. If you in the mood for seafood, Mare Blu also has a menu for some very delicious seafood dishes and they only prepare their dishes with fresh seafood. It is located in front of Sandy Beach so it’s going to be a delicious meal with an amazing view and a soiree of live music to make your evening, one to remember.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


If you’re getting married in Puerto Penasco and you need a wedding planner, do not worry, you’ve hit the right place because here in the city there are people who can help because they have a great experience in coordinating weddings.  

The wedding planners are helpful for the couple and the couple’s parents and be in charge of identifying the needs ideas and the concept of wedding they want to do, spend their pictures or take them to places dodne the event is held so that they become familiar with it, also they help them make a wedding budget.  

 Also help them hire the right people as photographers, stylists, makeup artists, florists, bakeries. No doubt that is great support they offer since they carry the wedding itinerary.


Also you can get prices (discounts) to the families of the bride and groom at the time of stay in a hotel    They can also help in translation with people or paperwork.   

Do not forget that you must enjoy such an important moment where they will be surrounded by love and who will be living the most important moment of their lives.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


An attraction for tourists and people from Rocky Point is the binoculars installed by the Cooperative Jasay Star Peñasco.  

These binoculars have a field of view of seven kilometers away, enough to appreciate the resorts and all beach runner. Victor Portela, is the driving force behind the project.    To enjoy these binoculars will have to deposit 5 pesos for every peso and 25 cents is entered will be used to support social programs being developed by the DIF.

 These binoculars have a height of 1.62 cm are made of steel and aluminum and have a 285-degree horizontal movement and freedom of movement of 35 degrees.

 This is another way to leverage our environment and enjoy it and what better way than seeing Cortez Sea from sunrise to sunset.

You can see the hills of the California low easily or shrimp boats and because there tourists who enjoy boating.

 It is another attraction to the boardwalk to motivate people to return and enjoy the beauty of the sea.   Do not forget to bring your coins get to enjoy these binoculars.download


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Rocky Point main attractive as we know is that is surrender by incredible and beautiful views and landscapes, if you are interested in finding a new way or adventure to squeeze your adrenaline levels , whit an unforgivable experience l really recommend you to your shoes out of the sand and flight them up which is absolutely great to be able to pass trough the with clouds where only the birds can be and take pictures, look down and see all the happy families enjoying their vacations by the beach and some kids waving their little hand to say hi to you, besides all this amazing experience, it’s a really safety recreational activitymaxresdefault


They have different shapes and sizes including hang, gliders and powered parachutes , singles and two seats planes, ultra lights are relatively easy to operate, Here in the rocky point are ,you will flight around the t coast area over the sea, and part of the choya hill and dunes area, you will have the opportunity to watch some dolphins swimming over the deep blue of the sea and some desert animals as coyotes or rabbits, also you can appreciate flying next to you different kind of birds like , eagles, seagulls, etc. .. if you are interested of this experience and you need to get more information about where to get the ultra light trips, you can ask the phone number on the resort that you are staying at or you can contact them directly online, personally l recommend you this experience that you will never forget.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016



Spring Break is coming up, It officially starts on March the 14th. Rocky point receives thousands of families and groups of friends who decide and spend there vacation down here to have a good time, enjoy the beach, go out to do activities but what is there to do here in rocky Point? There are tons of activities to do down here, the most usual one is going out and enjoying the beach, playa bonita beach is the one with he most activities you can go out and ride the banana boat or even rent a jet ski and ride around. You can also rent quads or rhinos and go out to the small dunes that are located in front of the hotel zone by the reef. One activities that’s is worth doing is the air glider, its a small plane like machine that is for two people you fly over the coast of rocky point and you can see the whole town from up there. If your out in rocky and want to go out at night there is a couple of places you can visit for example the Wrecked, Southside Jillz, Elixir just to name a few. Now that you have some activities in mind come on out and have some fun, don’t forget to bring the family also!

Horseback Riding in Rocky Point

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Horseback Riding in Rocky Point

Pinto! Bayo! In Apache, Sioux and Indio, too! “It’s just Armando Rolon, owner of Rancho El Establo (El Establo) here in Rocky Point compilation of his best horses for a trip to the sandy beach.

The weather is beautiful in Puerto Penasco these days and there are few more relaxing activities and peaceful to wander along the edge of a calm sea while mounted in the comfort of a hand-made fine leather Charro saddle up a horse-friendly. Armando has the experience of many visitors along the sandy beach during the coldest period of the fall, winter and spring in Puerto Penasco.

A real rancher, Armando rarely exhibits his estimates for the extreme summer heat Rocky Point ponies. Foals appreciate. You can tell, because usually expressed occasionally looking back to the way they let you know they are enjoying the adventure as you are. As saying: “We are delighted to have him on board, friend!”

thingsrpDuring the season, he is Armando and his able assistant, and his son, Juan Antonio, and selected assemblies are directed along the way to serve the visitors with a walk on the beach every day. Their rates are reasonable at $ 20.00 USD or $ 200 pesos for half an hour and $ 30.00 US for one hour. Still accepts pesos exchange 10-1, so it is a better deal for the gringo gentlemen who currently receive about 13 pesos for one dollar. Paid in pesos at the exchange and is saving over US $ 4.00 for a walk half an hour!

Even cooler is that you do not have to do anything to hitch a ride with these people on horseback. If you’re on the beach anywhere in the reef (the westernmost end of the sandy beach) Princess (approximately the midpoint towards the eastern end of the long stretch of soft sand), which will go through each pair hours. You do not miss them as well, unless you are in a deep sleep, in a sailboat, kayak, jet ski or banana, which in all cases, but sleep one, you will see them on their way back to the beach. You can also catch allows them to rest their horses on the beach, usually in front of the sea or Sonora Sonoran Spa Resorts Condominium and chat with people on the beach. Wave or walk to them and express their wishes. They will be happy to do so.

sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

City government will build an obelisk to the marina and town

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

By: Victor Salazar


Due to a request from the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) and a longstanding concern of the council, the municipal Public Works (OP in spanish) Department will conduct an unprecedented work in this city, by building an obelisk, which will have several uses between government official event and along with events of Semar, said Fernando Curiel Navarro.

The Director of Public Works (OP) of this city, revealed exclusively that the obelisk that plans to build, will serve as a venue for civic events and solemn both the Navy and the City, so that the obelisk will be built on the esplanade boardwalk (Rocky Point´s malecon).

“As we all know and everybody has seen, the Navy has always supported us with marching bands and their elements in different events, and what better than these events, with an obelisk look more worthy of admiration and in a place like the waterfront, we want with the obelisk, even more prominence to this iconic area of ​​the city, “he said.

Curiel Navarro explained that the malecon´s esplanade is the place where the obelisk will be biult, as it is an area of ​​more wide and open to visitors and locals, popular and comprehensive civic events will take place in town and for this nature, the town also will bear the investment costs of the obelisk, and Marina provide monumental flag and plaque commemorating the sailors who will be commemorated every year.

“The work is not yet started, the work is to be defined, what we do know is that the work will be a concrete building covered with granite, is a fast work, commitment to have it ready by June but we can have it before, May this be ready, “he said.

The head chief of OP said that the height of the obelisk will be between 10 and 13 feet tall, which will further enhance the levee, the city and will be a work worthy of inheriting for future administrations and society itself peñaquense.

Mayor opens new offices in Rocky Point Fire Department

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Rodrigo Munro accompanied by Rubén Gracia General Coordinator of Civil Protection in the State as well as Rubén Martínez Salido inaugurated the new office remodeling Fire Station Cmte Alfonso Sanchez Miranda ¨ ¨. In the presence of the elements of fire and then the Board meeting that makes up this instance, the Mayor performed the ribbon-cutting marked the beginning of operations of the renovated facilities. Zepeda Munro thanked the Board members, congratulating the ¨ · Who Smoke swallows are always there to safeguard the integrity of Puertopeñasquenses as it was during this Holy Week which together with the various agencies were able to white balance. ° This is being done is for the Fire Department but also for all the people of Puerto Peñasco I want to congratulate you all for your work and for always being there when you need them citizenship ¨, he said. On behalf of the Governor Guillermo Padres Elias, Ruben Rodrigo Gracia extended a big congratulations to all who make up the Fire Department for their work and make good use of resources which demonstrates the interest that has to work in benefit of Puerto Peñasco. Highlighted the work that has been been doing together, adding how important it is working in coordination with ability and enthusiasm by the public. The Head of the Municipal Civil Protection, Ruben Salinas welcomed those attending this significant event, which highlighted the work done so far is Puerto Peñasco for this department has an office development worthy of work. He thanked the efforts and the support from the Mayor who is always attentive and was able to listen to suggestions and needs that this unit has. He called on all his staff to continue their efforts by inviting them to put twice as dedication and commitment to continue watching and caring for all who live in our city. The event was also attended by the Secretary José Ramón Campos Santos, Trustee Attorney Noe Bañaga Farías, Fernando Andrés Sosa Day Sector Naval Admiral Luis López López Regidor, etc.

Starts annual collection of Red Cross ambulances and delivery of donations

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

With the commitment and support of the Governor of Sonora, William Father Elias, the state began collecting Mexican Red Cross with the slogan: “With your help we can move forward.”

The State Executive gave the keys of thirteen ambulances were delivered to representatives of municipalities in Hermosillo, Obregón, Agua Prieta, Villa Juarez, Ures, Imuris, Caborca, Guaymas, San Luis Rio Colorado and the Red Cross delegation in Sonora.

Guillermo Padres, said that nine ambulances were able to acquire thanks to the voluntary contribution to society through the exchange program and the remaining plaques was a contribution of one million 600 thousand dollars extra from the State Government.

“A Red Cross thank you to remain an attractive face that has a helping hand to others when they most need, the year the Red Cross gives us a great service and the collection is a good opportunity to demonstrate how much we matter ”

Accompanied by his wife Ivette Dagnino’s father, the governor of Sonora set the example and was the first to make its voluntary contribution to the campaign, then were the different representatives of the Ministries and state agencies who have joined with your gift.

For his part, Carlos Freaner Figueroa, Red Cross delegate in Sonora Sonoran society thanked for their input and made a call to continue contributing to the noble institution that is only maintained the good will of the Sonoran.

He explained that in 2010, Sonora Red Cross provided transportation services 110 000 pre-hospital medical services and 150 thousand from the 37 in the state through its thousand 600 lifeguards.

Padres also presented to the Governor a report on the financial situation of the institution a transparent way the resources and reaffirm its commitment to the Sonoran society who invited to make their voluntary contributions to continue providing 302 services daily.
For a month, aid workers and Red Cross volunteers undertake collections in the main streets of the city with the goal of exceeding the 11 million pesos that were donated last year and that will continue to serve families in Sonora.

Sonora Red Cross
110 000 ambulance services
150 medical services and consultation
302 daily services
37 delegations
140 ambulances
1600 lifeguards
13 ambulances were delivered equipped