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sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

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Train staff of the Public Municipal Security

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


With the goal of having more police forces trained and equipped to provide better service to citizens the Public Security Bureau launched the “Training Program 2011 ¨ the elements of the Municipal Police provides cheap nfl jerseys 16 workshops to be held this year .

Items such as weapons and shooting, human rights, police ethics, basic manual, reporting among others are part of this training will be given to police officers by the City and the Grant for Municipal Public Security (Subsemun) in addition to the Institute of Public Safety of the State (ISSPE).

On behalf of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the Secretary José Ramón Campos Santos welcomed the audience by emphasizing the great importance that have this type of training for agents, which will help them continue with due regard to the public.

He stressed that these programs allow them to better public servants, men and parents, instilling respect for the peñasquenses, stressing the commitment of the Municipal Government to continue providing the necessary tools to do a better job.

“This course is for the benefit of you, to continue honoring this corporation and what care is their job, all in support of our community,” he said.

Highlighted the work of the Inhabitant of the efforts so far to the elements that make up the Municipal Police have this kind of training and a good team, hoping this will become one of the best in the state and national levels, a said Santos Campos.

For its part, the Director of Public Safety Lazaro Hernandez Bravo said that these workshops will give better guidance elements and preparation company for the city, and inspire warmth and trustingly on people.

He urged the staff of this corporation to put total dedication and cheap oakleys commitment during this training which is part of a better preparation to continue with their daily work to the benefit of the integrity of the inhabitants of this Municipality

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Takes protest civil protection brigade

Saturday, March 5th, 2011

The swearing-in and delivery of supplies to the community brigade was led by Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, town clerk Campos José Ramón Santos, the director of the municipal civil da protection unit Rubén Martínez Salido and state civil defense coordinator Ruben Rosas Rodrigo Gracia.

The responsibility of giving the course was conducted by Marcela Orozco Noriega, assistant principal of diagnoses and risks, who spanned a range of circumstances that could be directly involved today, Community brigade, were taken into account natural disasters, the how to cope, how to use the resources we have and how they can help the department to safeguard the lives of people.

During the course, there was interest from attendees who showed all his doubts, which 二人のベンチャー経営者の再出発 were duly answered by Orozco Noriega.

Alejandro Zepeda Munro, mayor of Puerto Peñasco, like secretary
José Ramón Campos Santos, congratulated the community brigade for your interest in attending the course, were emphatic that have full support of the municipal government to carry out the necessary work if it depends on protecting the community.

Acknowledged the hard work he has performed in front of the unit Rubén Martínez Salido whom the mayor referred to as one of the hardest working people in your fake oakleys team.

For its part the state’s civil protection coordinator Ruben Rosas Rodrigo Gracia, after also congratulate the brigade today, said that in the very near future will Ruben Salinas office of fire chief in the state, given its large experience and ability to coordinate and manage emergency situations.

He also acknowledged the work of Rubén Salinas management especially for resources that contribute to improving both facilities and equipment and training to human resource dependence

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Unveil Thinking program · water ·

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

 In order to inculcate among the people taking care of vital fluid, the CEO of the National Water Commission of Sonora (Conagua), Florencio Diaz Armenta Alejandro Zepeda accompanied Munro Mayor announced the hockey jerseys program · Water Thinking “that would currently developing this institution in Cheap Oakleys the State.
In the presence of Deputy Leslie Pantoja Hernández, Diaz Armenta announced this important campaign that are making in Sonora where they are given the task of convening mainly school and college students to participate in the First Contest of cartels and Video with the theme “Think for Water, How are Cheap Oakleys you going back?”.
He explained that individual may participate as students from different high schools located in the State of Sonora, where they must attach a copy of the work of Wholesale Jerseys the school badge which they belong.
He explained that ray bans sale the work will be received until a period ending March 21, where the signs should be addressed in a free the theme “Think for Water, How are you going back?
I note that videos and posters done they will be uploaded to sitioswww.facebook.com / pensarporelaguaencartel and / or www.facebook.com / pensarporelaguaenvideo where voting will take place through the application I like to, “or” I do not like ¨ in the facebook page fan of making you call this, where the 10 most voted to pass the final round and are evaluated by cheap nfl jerseys a jury.
He said that the competition results will be announced on March 26 on the official website of this network and in various media, adding that the awards will take place on March 29 where the first place and take a Ipad poster printing, professional video camera nikon and cheap china jerseys the projection of the same in the second round, second a lap top Mini and an iPod Nano third in both categories.
For its part Zepeda Munro said the importance of those programs that seek to raise awareness among the student population primarily on the care of the water to learn to manage it properly and avoid despediaciarla.
 Revealed that work in conjunction with the State Government for Puerto Penasco very soon have a water treatment plant because it is cheap jordans an important issue in this city because it is in talks to soon make it happen

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Invites the Coordination of Fisheries Peñasco to talk about diving accident prevention

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Invites the Coordination of Fisheries Peñasco to talk about diving accident prevention THROUGH Municipal Government Coordination of Fisheries Case makes a cordial invitation to all divers and ends of life of the community to attend a talk on Cheap Jerseys Thursday, February 10 at 5:00 pm in the Art Kiosk Camarón.Francisco Square Cañez Pascual Zavala said that the conversation is done to address important issues on the prevention of accidents to perform this activity with thus avoid any mishap or incident abuse while divers and ends of life are trabajando.Francisco Cañez Pascual Zavala explained that this meeting will be headed by Daniel Guemis professional instructor in this Municipality who will release prevention measures to be implemented to all engaged in this activity, this in order to avoid any inconvenience or risk cheap jerseys from china while engaged in this practice acuática.El Fisheries Coordinator of the City Council called on all stakeholders currently using diving activity to attend and be part of this important meeting regarding the work that will later be desempeñan.Declaró implemented a training workshop which will present more specific issues with this practice Aquatic and all recommendations jordan sale to follow to safeguard the integrity of all divers

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Friday, January 9th, 2009


         Guaranteeing that oysters cultivated in this region are healthy and do not represent consumption problems, was the objetive of a training course on good practices in aquaculture produccion of bivalve mollusks, recently imparted to producers from Caborca and Puerto Peñasco. Erick Ramirez Castillo, head of pathology health campaigns against bivalve mollusks, revealed that although there is constant and permanent monitoring, this training aimed to reinforce knowledge of oyster cultivators on appropriate management of their products while assuring that the is of good healthy quality.
He detailed the curse was given to 15 cooperatives from Caborca and Puerto Peñasco dedicated to the cultivation of oysters, stretching from the area of the San Judas estuary to the Los tanques estuary.

He expressed cheap football jerseys that training has provided good results, as tests carried out at the oyster farms show that the product is apt for human consumption. In addition, he noted, there is even the possibility of once again attaining certification for export to the United States.

Ramirez Castillo expressed his gratitude for the willingness of the nearly 100 oyster cultivators of the 15 cooperatives in the region, in maintaining their activities clean and healthy, which can bolster their precense in oyster production. Manuel Humberto Paez, hockey jerseys head of the bivalve mollusk program for the secretary of health, stressed the importance of this training to assure that oyster produced in Peñasco and Caborca is apt for human consumption.

The oysters cultivated here, he noted, have an aceptable quality, adding there are no strong contamination concerns that could affect them. He assured both residents as well as visitors Fake Oakleys may consume these products outdoor with confidence.

Local oyster cultivators participate in     national  gathering

Two oyster cultivating cooperatives from the Morua Estuary in Puerto Peñasco recently participate in the IV gathering of Experiences on Collective Manegament of Coastal Resources, carried out Nov. 5 -8 in San Blas, Nayarit, reported a press release put out by the Intercultural Center of Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO) The press release indicates that the goal of the meeting, which brought together 24 social organizations from 9 states across the country that carry oakley outlet out productive activities in coastal wetlands, was to create a space for discussion, reflection and exchange among the organizations regarding their experiences, problems and alternatives in developing their activities and in searching to improved their lives and that of their families.                                                                          Maria Concepcion Garcia, Maria del Rosario Luna Javalera and Jose de Jesus Rodriguez de Santiago, members of the Sole Cooperative of Woman and the Punta Roja Cooperative, respectively, attended the important event thanks to the support of La Ventana, fake ray bans A.C. and the Intercultural Center of Desert and Ocean Studies, A.C. During the meeting, participants addressed different problems that threaten environmental health and, therefore, the future development of the communities residing there.                                                                                                                                                   

The release notes that it was interesting to note the similarity of problems encountered in the different states including pollution Wholesale China Jerseys and the destruction of habitats due to industrial and tourism development, as well as concerns of deforestation, illegal fishing or ill managed dumps.

There was also discussion concerning cheap oakley sunglasses alternatives organizations have sough to counteract these threats as well as their results reached up to this time. The importance of diversifying activities was mentioned on various occasions as well as how to take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable manner.     One of the activities detected as a tool allowing for economic benefits while at the same time respecting the environment was that of ecotourism.                                                              Mrs. Maria Concepcion Garcia mentioned that oyster cooperatives in the Morua Estuary in Puerto Peñasco last year organized the Natur Arte Ecotourism Corridor and have been undergoing training and guiding tours through the estuary (Kayak tours, talks on interpreting local flora and fauna, oakley outlet experiences with oyster cultivation and bird watching) in collaboration with CEDO.

Following a trip she commented, Ecotourism does function, we have already seen how it functions in other places and can work here. In order of ecotourism to function it is necessary to maintain the natural beauty of the landscape and the ecologic functions of these wetlands; to the contrary, ecotourism may be lost.  At the end of the meeting, participants, among them those from Puerto Peñasco, signed a constitutive act for the Network for the conservation and protection of Coastal Wetlands in Mexico.

Within this Network those that signed the agreement made a commitment to defend their ecosystems and work for their right to take advantage of natural resources in a sustainable manner.

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Border Governor’s Conference Wrap-Up

Monday, October 1st, 2007

There was plenty of pomp and circumstance at the Border Governor’s Conference in Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point), Mexico this past week, some of which I have documented in my prior posts below. I just wanted to recap a few points about cheap nba jerseys the conference. My thoughts are after the jump. Please read and post your own comments on the event.

1. The conference was very custom jerseys well organized. I was impressed by the level of security for the main inauguration, the technology employed in keeping track of attendees (bar codes and pictures for everyone) and the large number of staffers available at all times to answer questions and to shuttle people around. The gala dinner on Thursday night was a “who’s who” of Mexican politicians and power-brokers, many of whom were able to experience Puerto Peñasco hospitality for the first time. This was a first-class event hosted by Puerto Peñasco and Sonora and I heard a lot of positive comments from attendees. oakley outlet Hopefully this event highlights for them the strides that have been made in Puerto Peñasco to turn it into a premiere vacation destination and encourages even more commitment from the Mexican state and federal governments to continue investing in the development of the town.

2. I’m sure some may question spending the money it took to host such a major conference in Puerto Peñasco, especially when the town (and Mexico in general) has many other pressing needs. But spending this money shows something that cheap nfl jerseys we are starting to see more of cheap jerseys in Puerto Peñasco, commitment to a broader, more long-term goal – exposure of Puerto Peñasco to the world and further stimulation of economic growth in the town through tourism. Hosting such an important conference in Puerto Peñasco raises the profile of the town globally. It puts the Puerto Peñasco name in numerous media. My parents live in tiny Bluffton, Ohio, and their local newspaper, the Lima news, carried an article about the conference with “Puerto Peñasco” mentioned in it. This is important because people all around the U.S. and world will seek out the answers to questions such as “Where is Puerto Peñasco?” and “What about Puerto Peñasco made such a distinguished group of politicians and diplomats chose to meet there?” – regardless of what the articles were about.

3. While mentioning Puerto Peñasco, press coverage in the U.S. generally was confined to President Calderon’s remarks on immigration, Governor Schwarzenegger’s one-liners and Governor Napolitano’s tough talk about border security. I don’t know what information the press was provided about Puerto Peñasco, but I was hoping that some of them would take the time to focus on all wholesale nfl jerseys the strides the town has made and its future needs as it grows. Not sure if the press just got lazy and reported on the easy stories at the major conference events, or if the conference organizers didn’t take the proper initiative to get the press out of the conference and take them around town to showcase the town a little more. If it wasn’t provided, a press packet in English and Spanish with before and after pictures of the town, a list of accomplishments to date and a list of the planned commercial infrastructure developments (including Rocky Point airport and roads) would have been helpful. Despite a temporary lull in the real estate market, the town will continue to expand and grow by leaps and bounds over the next 25 years (very similar to how – despite the current real estate slowdown – Phoenix isn’t going to suddenly quit rapidly expanding). So I was hoping there would be a little more lifestyle/tourism side reporting done about the town.

4. I expect the conference to act as a springboard for even more investment and development in Puerto Peñasco. Governor Bours effectively used the conference to roll out Puerto Peñasco’s red carpet to a wide range of attendees – many of whom are very influential decision-makers. These attendees will carry their impressions of Puerto Peñasco back to their communities and spread the word about the growth to date and the incredible potential of the town, further cementing the long-lasting effects of the Border Governor’s Conference.


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Border Governor’s Conference

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

Probably the most important event in Puerto Peñasco since Al Capone left town is happening next week. Puerto Peñasco will be on the national and cheap oakley sunglasses international stage as hosts for the 25th Annual Border Governor’s Conference from September 26th-28th. Governor Eduardo Bours of Sonora is hosting the conference along with the Vice-Chair of the Conference, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. They will welcome U.S. Governors Janet Napolitano of Arizona, current Presidential cheap nfl jerseys candidate Bill Richardson of New Mexico and Rick Perry of Texas, along with Mexican Governors Natividad oakley outlet Gonzalez of Nuevo Leon, Jose Reyes Baeza of Chihuahua, Eugenio Elorduy of Baja California, Humberto Moreira of Coahuila and Eugenio Hernandez of Tamaulipas.

Also expected to make appearances in Puerto Peñasco are Mexican President Felipe Calderon (his first visit as President) and Secretary of U.S. Homeland Security Michael Chertoff.

The importance of this event to Puerto Peñasco probably cannot be overstated as it will showcase the city in the national and international media as an up-and-coming vacation destination and a place where growth and investment is occurring. Much of the pomp and circumstance will take place in Sandy Beach, hosted by Las Palomas, Puerta Privada, Peñasco del Sol and other resorts, with the larger group events held in the pavilion you may have seen being ray ban sunglasses built to the west of the Esmeralda construction site.

Many of the throwback nba jerseys <font color=”#0000ff”>activities will consist of invite-only closed meetings, meals and the plenary session with delegates and governors participating. However, the public will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the Governors at the inauguration of the refurbished Governor’s Square on the Malecón in Old Port. According to the conference schedule, the inauguration will take place at 3:45 pm on Thursday, the 27th, with Governor Bours and the Honorable Arturo Sarukhan (Mexico Ambassador to the U.S.) speaking. It appears the official conference photograph will be taken at this event, so I expect all Governors and other Cheap Football Jerseys dignitaries to attend. But I can almost guarantee it will be a logistical nightmare getting that many diplomats and their security teams into the Old Port. So if you are going, go very early to try to get a good view. I would welcome submission of any pictures that people take of the event or of the Governors around town.


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Rocky Point Informational Seminar

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

The Seaside Reservations Phoenix office held their First Informational Seminar about Rocky Point for those who have never been to the area. Guests enjoyed food and drinks, and were given a 40 minute presentation by a Seaside employee. The seminar covered all the basics from restaurants, crossing the border, activities, and even accomodations. Guests also were given a 10% discount for their next stay. For more information on informational seminars about Rocky Point, call Joe at 602-404-2982, between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

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Visit Rocky Point Seminar

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Have you heard about Rocky Point, but know nothing about it? If not, then you custom jerseys should attend our hour long informational seminar about visiting Rocky ray ban outlet Point.  Our experts will educate you on everything you need to know about crossing the border, what you need to take with you, the best places to eat and drink, and much more.  The seminar will be held at our Phoenix office on the SW corner of Tatum and Thunderbird on Saturday, October 21st at 10AM.  Please call 602-404-2982 to reserve a cheap nhl jerseys spot, as seating is limited.  Cost is $10 per person and refreshments will be served.  Attendees will receive a 10% discount on a vacation rental in Rocky Point. 

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