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Thursday, July 21st, 2011

New Progress on the Coastal Highway

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

On my flight to Puerto Penasco from Rosarito June 15th I found that there is new progress on the Highway from the El Golfo side of things. I was excited to see new sections of road being paved and carved out. I am inserting a few pictures of the progress. All these pictures were taken from about 7000 to 6000 feet.

 I am planning on driving the new coastal highway in July including four wheeling through the middle and back onto the pavement and then onto El Golfo. Anyone who is interested in going on the Safari can contact our Phoenix office at 602 404 2982 to reserve a spot in the caravan. You must have a four wheel drive or make arrangement to ride with someone who does.


DSC_0863.JPG dirt work clearing the path for the new road to Penasco Coastal Road in Mexico 

Coastal Highway Progress A great shot of a road that wasn't there a few flights ago.  DSC_0858.JPG


Airport makes Progess

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Many people have been asking what is going on with the new airport. I took a flight over the construction site the morning of August 21, 2007. I was happy to find very good progress over the past several weeks.  I took several pictures from different angles and altitudes. Let me know what you think. If you have any specific requests about other project, let me know.

Steve Schwab

Airport Progress in 2007.jpg Airport Progress in 2007 (1).jpg Airport Progress in 2007 (2).jpg Airport Progress in 2007 (3).jpg

You can click on any of the pictures above to make them bigger so you can see them better!!!

A few new pictures from the air of Las Conchas

Monday, August 13th, 2007

   These are a few pictures I took as I was flying over Rocky Point’s Las Conchas Beach. I have many more but I liked these. We manager about 80 homes in Las Conchas. It is a great place to relax.

     Las Conchas in Peñasco Las Conchas in Peñasco Las Conchas in Peñasco Las Conchas in Peñasco

     Las Conchas in Peñasco Las Conchas in Peñasco Las Conchas in Peñasco Las Conchas in Peñasco

Check out www.rockypointvacationhomes.com for rentals in this beautiful growing community.

New Photos of Sandy Beach and Cholla Bay

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Here are some new photos we took in June 2007, during an Ultra Light Ride over Sandy Beach, Manny’s, and back to the Reef again. Make sure and look closely and you will see some changes around Sandy Beach, the Malecon, and by Manny’s Beach Club. Rocky Point is growing extremely fast, and we want you to see all the wonderful changes.

    Esmeralda Resort Sonoran Sun Resort Bella Sirena Resort Las Palmas Resort    

  Princesa de Penasco Casa Blanca Golf Villas Las Palomas Phase #2 Coronado Bldg Phase #2 Las Palomas    

   Las Palomas Resort Phase #1 Las Gaviotas The Harbor & Pinacate Condos Marina Pinacate

  Harbor & Marina The Malecon (Fish & Shrimp Market) Flavio's Restaurant Manny's Beach Club    

  Manny's Beach (Rocky Beach) Back over the Malecon Malecon Harbor & Boats    

  Pinacate & Penasco Del Sol Looking at the Ocean (Las Palomas) Princesa Casa Blanca Villas

  Las Palmas (Ocean View) Bella Sirena (Ocean View) Bella  Sonoran Sun (Ocean View)    

  The Sonoran Sun Sandy Beach to Whale Hill IMG_4433.JPG Cholla Bay    

New Photos taken by David Culling and posted by Shea Peil at seasideshea@gmail.com

New Airport Construction

Saturday, February 3rd, 2007

I found the new Rocky Point airport ( mmpe ) last week on my way to Tucson Arizona. These are pictures of it on Feb 3 07 As you can see there is the out line of it and they have heavy equipment grading the runway. Puerto Penasco is in great need of the new airport that is supposed to open in Late 2008. Thanks to Jessie Onesty for flying around with me today to get these great picutres. The Puerto Penasco airport is 9.1 miles east of the current operational airfeild.If you would like more information about landing at the current airport check out www.seasidemexico.com for all the current information.

   New Airport Construction     New Airport Construction     New Beginings.jpg (2).jpg

   New Airport Construction     New Airport Construction     New Airport Construction