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Toma color es una actividad que se ah llevado acabo desde el 2012 y que se ah vuelto una tradicion de puerto penasco. Aparte de ser una actividad que implementa la actividad fisica, es un programa en el cual toda la familia puede participar, es muy divertido. Pero sobre toda es una fundacion que recauda los fondos para fines altruistas. En el ano 2012 patriciparon mas de 800 personas de todas las edades. Esos fondos recaudados se sumaron para apoyar la clinica de hemodialisis para un nuevo equipo. Este ano se llevara acabo el dia 24 de Abril. Que esperamos muchos se inscriban para contribuir con esta buena causa, como les comento aparte sera una actividad para beneficios altruistas es muy divertida para hacerlo con la familia. Basicamente los participantes pueden ya sea caminar, trotar o correr como les sea mejor. A cada KM que se llegue seran esploveados de colores. Al final de la carrera llegaran todos coloridos se ve super padre y bonito. Igual al primera lugar se le da entrega de un permio. Asi que a caminar para una buena causa.ruta2015

sizzling event 2011

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Puerto Penasco: Safe Haven in Mexico for Americans

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Puerto Penasco: Safe Haven in Mexico for Americans

Rocky Point Road Guide

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Sea Side knows how difficult it can be to find your way around a strange new town, or even someplace you haven’t been to in a while, like Rocky Point Mexico. With such a fast growth rate in Rocky Point, you may find something new each time you visit. We have put together a collection of photos with additional information that may help you navigate your way around town a little better than before. We will begin at the Lukeville Border in Arizona.

      Lukeville, Arizona     Lukeville Border     Mexico Border Patrol

Crossing the border is very simple. Just follow all the rules, posted signs, and any hand signals from the border patrol, and you will be just fine. After you cross the border and pass customs, continue forward until you see the Circle K on your right. This is where you want to turn left, then go over the bridge.

      Circle K Turn     Circle Bridge (1).jpg 

As soon as you pass over the bridge, you will notice the road starts to split. You want to stay to the right (on Highway#8 to Pto. Penasco) which leads to Rocky Point. You will pass a large store on your left called Vasquez. Vasquez is a great place to stop for any supplies you may need to continue your trip. They also have a great little taco and burrito stand next door.

      January 06 424.jpg     Tequila     Vazquez Store in Sonoyta 

Alright, you’ve picked up supplies, bought some tacos, and now your on your way to Rocky Point. It is 62 miles once you cross the border into Mexico, so take your time and drive safe. You know when you are half way to Rocky Point when you get to the Red Cross Building on the left side of the road. This is also where you would find the turn off that takes you to the Pinacate Mountain Range (FYI). From here, it is 30 minutes to Rocky Point on a very straight road (no turns or curves). As you begin to enter town, you will begin to see your first sign of street lights. If you are staying at the Beach Front Resorts on Sandy Beach, you want to look for this sign (below) to find your turn. You will turn right at the light, just after the green sign.

      Green Signs

If your staying at a hotel or condo in town, you would want to continue forward through the light. Now, if you turned right to drive to the resorts on sandy beach, continue on this paved road. Toward the end of all the shops and stores, you will pass over the train tracks and continue forward to the next stop sign, which has the Circle K on the corner.

      Circle K Stop

Follow the road “round-about” to continue to the resorts. At the next stop sign, you will be at the crossroad to the resorts, the town, and the Reef Club and Cholla Bay. Continue forward to the resorts. Turn left to head back to town by way of the old Cholla Bay road passed all the shops on Rodeo Drive. Turn right to find The Reef Club, and eventually Cholla Bay.

      The Golden Arches!

Here is a photo showing which direction you would be coming from if you decided to turn left at the arches. The silver truck would be “you” heading back to town thru Rodeo Drive.

      Driving to Rodeo Drive

If you continued forward at the arches, you are heading toward Sandy Beach and the various Resorts. The next photo shows the new paved road they finished in late 2006 that follows the ocean behind the resorts and leads back to town. 

      From Above 

The paved portion ends at the entrance to Playa Bonita, then continues on the dirt road that leads back to Calle 13. On the way, you will pass by the Sea Side Corporate Office on your right.

      Calle 13  

Now your at the end of this road, facing Calle 13. Where do you want to go next? If you turn right, it takes you to Pinacate Condos, Sunset Cantina, Max’s Cafe, and our 2nd Sea Side Office. If you turn left, it takes back to the main road with the pedestrian overpass (on Benito Juarez Blvd). If you go straight, it would take you to Santiago’s Ocean Rentals and The Rey Del Mar Sunset Cruises & Charters.

      Sea Side & Pinacate Way     Calle 13 to BJB     Calle 13.JPG

Lets flashback for a moment, to the first right turn at the light that leads to the Sandy Beach Resorts. If you chose not to turn right at the light that leads to the Sea Side Resorts, and continued forward into town, you would arrive at this light (2nd photo) a few minutes later: Penasco-Centro/AV. Constitucion.

      Benito J Blvd.jpg     Benito Juarez Blvd 

You can continue forward to the next light, which is the light with the pedestrian overpass, or you could turn right and take this road to Super Ley Grocery Store. Super Ley is just like a Fry’s or Bashas here in Arizona, but with much better prices on food and drinks. On the way, you will pass hotel Paraiso on your left. 

      Hotel    SPLEY.jpg

To get back to the main road, Benito Juarez Blvd, just head back the way you came. Now, you are continuing to drive into town. The next light has the pedestrian overpass. You have 2 basic choices here: Continue forward throught the light, staying on Benito Juarez Blvd, and it will tale you to the Malecon, or, turn right to go to Pinacate Condos, Sea Side Corp Office, Playa Bonita, and Sandy Beach.

If you have a desire to do some shopping, or have lunch at one of the many ocean front restaurants, you want to make your way to the Malecon. Just continue forward through the light with the pedestrian overpass. Then continue through the next light, (which is where they have City Hall and the old Jim Burr Plaza with giant shrimp sculpture), and follow the road to the right. You will pass the anchor on your right as you continue toward the Malecon. 

      102_5634.JPG     Anchors Away My Friend    

On your left, you will pass a few restaurants and bars like Latitude 31 Sports Bar, and another called Coffees Haus, which has some wonderful German Pastries. You will also pass a drive thru liquor store, which is a great time saver!

      Drive Thru Store     Malecon Road

Continue past the drive thru store (on this one way street) and it will take you to the Malecon enterance. At the end of the street (above photo-right) you will find the Dive Shop & Jewelry Sales.

      Pattis Dive Shop.jpg

Now let’s pass the dive shop so we can enter the Malecon. The Malecon is known for its great ocean front restaurants, endless shops and stores, and the fresh seafood which is available to purchase for your return home.

      Not Bad (13).jpg     Not Bad (14).jpg     Malecon View.jpg 

As you follow the one way throught the Malecon, it begins to head back toward town after you pass the Vina Del Mar (on the corner).

      Malecon Above.jpg     Not Bad (15).jpg     Turn on Malecon.jpg

      Not Bad (16).JPG     Not Bad (17).jpg

At the stop sign at the bottom of the hill, you are back where the one-way began. If you want to go back to the Malecon, u-turn left. If you want to go back to town, the sandy beach, or to the rocky beach by Manny’s, continue forward.

Okay, now your heading back the way you came, passing the dive shop, drive thru store, and so on. Once you get back to where the anchor is (below), you have several choices on where you could go. You can break off to the left to a side street which is a short cut back to Calle 13. You could continue straight if you were heading out of town. You could turn right, which will take you to the Rocky Beach area.

      Not Bad (18).jpg

If you turned right, you would be on this street, heading the same direction as the brown ford (photo 1).

      To the Rocky Beach.jpg     Over the Hill.jpg

As you continue down this road, you will pass Gova’s Store and MargaritaVilla on your right. At the top of the hill, you are right next to Fiesta De Cortez hotel.

      Not Bad (19).jpg

At the bottom of the hill, you only have 2 choices. If you turn right, it takes you to the Baja Cantina & Hotel. If you turn left, you will have access to Manny’s Beach Club, Pink Cadillac, Happy Frog, and other bar and restaurants. Take a look at our 1st photo, which was taken from the top of the mountain over-looking the Rocky Beach area. The 2nd photo is looking back toward Manny’s and Baja Cantina.

      Mannys Beach Road.jpg     Not Bad (20).jpg 

If you continued down this road past Manny’s and the Pink Cadillac, it will take you to a 4 way stop. The photo below shows where you would be at the 4 way stop.

      Nuevo Words (16).jpg 

Turn right to go to Granada Del Mar Hotel. Continue forward to find parking and access to the beach. Turn left, and it will take you to Ranas Ranas and Bumaye (clubs & bars), Playa Inn and Plaza Penasco (2 hotels), and to a store called 8 to 12. 

      April 2005 030.jpg

If you continue down the street past 8/12, you come to a 4 way stop. You have 2 basic choices here. If you turn left, it will take you past Black Dog restaurant, the Red Cross Building, then right back to the middle of town (by Jim Burr Plaza & City Hall).

      Back to Town.jpg

If you turn right, you will be driving toward the roads to Las Conchas and the Mayan Palace.

      Nuevo Words (17)1.jpg     Not Bad (21).jpg

If you took the dirt road to the right, it will take you to the Aquarium, CEDO, and the Las Conchas area.

      Not Bad (22).jpg 

If you continued forward on the paved road, it would lead to the Oyster Farms (down a dirt road to the right-10 minutes) or eventually to the Mayan Palace.

      Not Bad (23).jpg

Now, if you decided not to visit the Mayan Palace or the Oyster Farms, just turn around and follow the paved road back into town.

      Nuevo Words (18).jpg 

Well, that is our tour of Rocky Point. We hope it has help you find the things you are looking for to make your vacation the best it can be! If you have any questions about the information on this page, please call Sea Side. We are “Your Rocky Point Experts”, and we are ready to help you in any way possible.

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Page created by Shea at seasideshea@gmail.com         

New Maps of Rocky Point

Saturday, March 3rd, 2007

Map _1.jpg Map of Town  ActivityMap with Photos.JPG Activity Map

Restaurant Map Restaurant Map Shuttle Map with Color.JPG Shuttle Pick-up Locations

We hope these maps help you navigate your way around Rocky Point better! Remember if your looking for a way to get back and forth to Rocky Point you can always sit back and let us drive for you with our shuttle to rocky point

Information created and posted by Shea at shea@rockypointexperts.com