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Thursday, July 21st, 2011

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Frequently Asked Questions

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions that may thought would be helpful to make your travel plans to Rocky Point! 

How do I get to Rocky Point, Mexico?
From Phoenix
Take the I-10 west to Arizona 85 (Exit 112). Go south on AZ 85 to Gila Bend. In Gila Bend, you want to turn right at the sign just before Mc Donald’s that says Ajo/Mexico AZ 85. Continue south to Ajo, Why, and to the border at Lukeville. In Mexico, continue south for about 2 miles until you see the Circle K. You want to turn left at the Circle K, go over Fake Oakleys the bridge, and continue forward. Now, you want to follow the sign to Pto. Penasco on Hwy #8 (which is Rocky Point.) The road takes you to the right as you follow Hwy #8. Now it is 62 miles to Rocky Point, so please dive safe and have a great trip!

<p cheap oakley sunglasses />From Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, and Gilbert
Take the 101 Freeway heading south. Toward the end of the 101 freeway it will split into Price rd or the Loop 202. You want to take price road and continue south to Queen Creek road. Turn right at Queen Creek. Now you want to stay on Queen Creek rd, which turns into Maricopa road after a few miles, and continue driving (about 20 minutes) until you see a sign saying Mobile #238. Turn right on #238. Now, you are heading toward Gila Bend. At the end of #238 is AZ 85. Turn left to Gild Bend. In Gila Bend, you want to turn right at the sign just before Mc Donald’s that says Ajo/Mexico AZ 85. Continue south to Ajo, Why, and to the border at Lukeville. In Mexico, continue south for about 2 miles until you see oakley outlet the Circle K. You want to turn left Cheap nfl jerseys at the Circle K, go over the bridge, and continue forward. Now, you want to follow the sign to Pto. Penasco on Hwy #8, (which is Rocky Point.) The road takes you to the right as you follow Hwy #8. Now it is 62 miles to Rocky Point, so please dive safe and have a great trip!

From Tucson
Take the Tucson/Ajo Highway (State Route #86) west to Why. Turn south on AZ 85 and go to the border at Lukeville. In Mexico, continue south for about 2 miles until you see the Circle K. You want to turn left at the Circle K, go over the bridge, and continue forward. Now, you want to follow the sign to Pto. Penasco on Hwy #8 (which is Rocky Point.) The road takes you to the right as you follow Hwy #8. Now it is 62 miles to Rocky Point, so please dive safe.

Additional Information:
urrently they are working on a new Highway, Highway #37 from California. It will most like start from San Luis Rio Colorado. This will eliminate your previous detour through Gila Bend. This should bring the drive time oakley outlet from San Diego to 4 hours instead of 7 hours. We will keep you posted on the progress.

Mileage from US Cities to Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, Mexico
Albuquerque, Nm. – 630 Miles
Denver, Co. – 1,086 Miles
El Paso, Tx. – 486 Miles
Las Vegas, Nv. – 472 Miles
Los Angeles, Ca. – 568 Miles
Phoenix, Az. – 212 Miles
San Diego, Ca. – 468 Miles
Sante Fe, Nm. – 683 Miles

How long does it take to get to Rocky Point?
Well, it is our experience that most travelers make two 10 minutes stops for things like auto insurance, supplies, or a bathroom break. From Phoenix or Tucson (including your 2 stops) it is 4 Hours to Rocky Point. On your way is down, on AZ 85, you will begin to notice more and more large beautiful cactus once you pass thru Why, Arizona. Between Why and the Lukeville border is the Organ Pipe National Monument, which makes the last 30 minutes to the border a beautiful drive.   
What documents do I need to travel to Rocky Point, Mexico?
Rocky Point is in a Free-Trade Zone, which allows travelers driving to Rocky Point to only need a Drivers License. We did speak to a Mexican Border Agent in December 2006 and we were told that any and all travelers staying in Rocky Point, in the Free Zone, for 72 Hours or longer, must get a Tourist Visa (usually starting at $280 Pesos = $28). Now, the choice is up to you to tell the truth and spend some extra money, or, tell them that you are only going for 2 days and then plan to return to the US. We are bound to tell the truth at Sea Side. Here is a few numbers to answer your Passport questions. Local UPS Office 1-800-275-8777 or the National Passport Information Center 1-877-487-2778.

How safe is it driving in Mexico?
Driving in Mexico is very safe, so if you follow the rules of the road, everything will be just fine. We can tell you a few things that might help you along your way. Once you enter Mexico, the Miles per hour sign will now be in Kilometers, not Miles anymore. When driving at night, you may (on occasion) encounter a vehicle with one light (front and back) traveling a slower speed than you. Try and remember that you are in Mexico, not in the US. Don’t be a rude driver and honk & yell. Please give yourself time to react to other drivers, just as you would back home. Rocky Point is only 62 miles across the Us/Mexico Border, so make it a safe drive so you can enjoy a beautiful sunset as you sip your Margarita!

Do I need Mexican Insurance if I drive to Mexico, or does my US policy work?
You are required to have liability when traveling in Mexico, because US policies are not recognized in Mexico, which includes Rocky Point. We do recommend purchasing full coverage because the small price difference is well worth it.  

What type of clothing should I take to Rocky Point?
Appropriate packing will of coarse vary on the time of year you travel to Rocky Point, Mexico. Winter time in Rocky Point can be quite chilly, so bring sweaters and light jackets. There is very little rain fall throughout the year, so no need for umbrellas. In Summer time, the high temperatures are accompanied by high humidity, so drink a lot of water! All in all, from late cheap ray bans March to early November, Rocky Point is the place to enjoy all types of fun and exciting activities.

What is the best way to carry or access money? Should I change my money into Pesos?
Here is some good advice we got from a couple we met in Rocky Point on time. They told us they like to carry cash, and they always carry small bills like, ones, fives, and tens. We asked them why that is? They said it make it so much easier to get change when you go shopping, or buy items, or haggle with the beach vendors. Usually, if you pay with a big bill like $20, especially early in the morning, they won’t have any change or you will get your change in Pesos. They do accept Visa and Master Card at most businesses in Rocky Point. Remember that many places give you a receipt in Pesos, so please don’t think you paid $600 for 4 people to eat dinner. You paid $600 Pesos which is $60 dollars.

How easy will it be to return to the US?
Currently, it is a very simple process to return to the US. All they require, if asked, is that you have a valid cheap jordans driver’s license. In late 2007, or early 2008, they will begin to require Passports for all travelers to Mexico, which includes driving, flying, and cruises. One of the US Border Agents recently told us that anyone who currently has a Passport is encouraged to bring it when you travel to Rocky Point. It can make you return to the US faster than using your driver’s license, if they chose to do a background check.

What is the weather like in Rocky Point?
The sun shines almost year round in Rocky Point. In fact, the weather is one of the main reasons so many wonderful people visit Rocky Point each year. Rocky Point only experiences 2 inches of rain per year, so a dry trip with plenty of sunshine is pretty much guaranteed. During the winter months the days are warm, although the nights can get a bit chilly. The summer months, especially mid June through late September, can feel warmer than usual due to the 90-degree temperatures combined with high humidity. Rocky Point is a year round destination for many people, so come see what you’ve been missing!

Will our vehicle be inspected at the border?
It is very possible, yes, but don’t be alarmed. It is really a very simple process. When you arrive at the border, drive slowly to the spot with the stop signs. Continue to drive slow and keep your eyes to your left side. You will either see it flash red saying Alto (stop), or Pase (go). If it said Pase, do just that. Go one your way and begin the last hour of your trip. If it said Alto, just pull over where they direct you and answer any questions they have. Usually, it is “Where is your destination”, or they may look in the trunk really quick and then you are on your way.

Do any of your Resorts allow Pets?
No. They only allow the Owners to have pets at the Resorts. They do not allow renters to bring pets of any kind.

How much Liquor or Shrimp can we bring back to the US?
You are allowed 10 pounds of Shrimp or Fish, and 1 Liter of alcohol per person. Remember, if you are returning to the US, and you buy any alcohol at the Duty Free Stone on the Us side, next to Mota’s Bus Line, you must take the purchase to the building across the street to the Us Border Office, show them what you bought, answer any quick questions, then return to your vehicle and your on your way. It is a very simple process, but an important to follow.

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Can we drive a rental car to Rocky Point, Mexico?
Yes. Several agencies allow their vehicles into Mexico, including Rocky Point. Budget – 1-800-527-0700; Dollar – 1-800-800-3665 (must purchase their auto insurance); Enterprise – 1-800-261-7331, in Espanol – 1-877-416-0000 (must purchase their auto insurance).

What should we do if we have car trouble on the highway in Mexico?
The roads in Mexico, including Highway #8 to Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point, are well known to have the wonderful Green Angels looking out for your well being. Green Angels (Angeles Verdes) are traveling mechanics that will help motorist in distress. They drive green and white pickup trucks. They may have to charge a small fee if a part is needed, but they will not charge you if no parts are needed and the repair can be made. Tips are always welcome, and a very kind gesture for such great service.

Suppose we have any injuries while in Rocky Point?
The Red Cross (The Cruz Roja) offers help to all at no charge. A service call to AirEvac will be made to fly seriously injured persons back to the US.

Can we use Credit Cards in Rocky Point?
Yes. Most hotels, restaurants, and many businesses accept Visa and Master Card.
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Is it possible to draw money from a US bank account with my credit card?
Yes, but the Serfin Bank and ATM will give you only Pesos.

Is it safe to drink the water Rocky Point?
Yes. Rocky Point has several purified waters stores which cater to the entire town. Restaurant will give you an unopened bottle of water upon request, as do many of the hotels, condos and beach homes. All the stores around town sell bottled water, so you will have no problem finding what you need. I never drink from the tap here is Arizona, nor would I do so in Mexico.

What kind of items can we buy in Rocky Point?
There are many curio shops selling such items as rugs, blankets, clothing, ceramics, artificial flowers, leather goods, dolls, knickknacks, glassware, figurines, and all types of jewelry. There are also specialty shops where you can buy more expensive items, if you so desire. Happy shopping!How do we call to Rocky Point from the US?
You must dial the following sequence: 011+52+638, then the 7 digit local number (Ex. 38+32586). If you need help, or have any questions, please call The Rocky Point Experts at Sea Side Reservations. Local 602-404-2982 or Toll Free at 866-785-2350

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