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Sea Side Phoenix Showroom

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Welcome to our Sea Side Phoenix Showroom that opened its doors in May 2006. We want to invite everyone who hasen’t yet, to please stop by and see what Sea Side Reservations has to offer you in Rocky Point Mexico. Our showroom has two 44′ Tv’s showcasing our beautiful Sea Side Resorts and the amazing town of Puerto Peñasco, Rocky Point, Mexico. We also have brochures, restaurant guides with maps, activity guides with maps, and driving directions. We truly have just about anything you will need when traveling to Rocky Point. We have also created our own info-pack called Crossing the Border to Rocky Point, Mexico, which has information about any travel restrictions to and from Mexico, questions and answers to many of the questions you will have before you travel (including current Passport requirements), information about our Rocky Point Shuttle Service, names with contacts and locations for all the fun ocean activities and rentals, and 3 full pages of restaurant recommendations. Come by our Phoenix Showroom and speak to Monica or Shea, “Your Rocky Point Experts”! Office hours are from 9am to 5:30pm Monday thru Thursday and 9am to 5pm on Friday. We are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Our Phoenix Office is also one of our pick-up points for our Puerto Penasco Shuttle Service. See you soon!

Sea Side Phoenix Showroom Sea Side Phoenix Showroom Sea Side Phoenix Showroom

Sea Side Phoenix Showroom Sea Side Phoenix Showroom Sea Side Phoenix Showroom

Phx Showroom.jpg SSPhx.jpg

You can reach us at 602-404-2982 or 1-866-785-2350. We also have several sites that have all the helpful information you will need when traveling to Rocky Point. www.seasidemexico.com

Information posted by Shea Peil at Shea@rockypointexperts.com

New Immigration Service for Puerto Penasco

Monday, February 19th, 2007


Dear Friends,

In an effort to continue providing you the finest, most comprehensive services available, Sea Side is proud to introduce the following new service.

The first Friday and Saturday of every month our staff from our Rocky Point Immigration Department will travel to our Phoenix office at 13636 N Tatum Blvd ( southwest corner of Tatum & Thunderbird )  This service is intended to allow owners the convenience of doing much of their immigration work with fewer neccesary trips to Puerto Penasco.

Our first visit is scheduled for March 2nd and 3rd. Owners are encouraged to call ahead for an appointment so that we may dedicate all the time necessary to provide you optimum service. We encourage you to contact Sea Side three months in advance of your legal status expiration date so that we may begin the renewal process timely.

We will make ourselves available to provide the following services :

  1. Provide general information regarding Mexican immigration regulations and procedures.

  2. Take FM-3 / FM-2 initial applications.
  3. Take FM-3 / FM-2 renewal applications..

The cost of these services is as follows:

  1. $ 395 dlls for an initial FM-3.

  2. $ 295 dlls for an FM-3 renewal.
  3. $ 420 dlls for an initial FM-2.
  4. $ 360 dlls for an FM-2 renewal.

We invite you to read about our immigration status processing services, FM-3’s and FM-2’s at our website: www.fm-3.com.
Please call or email us to make your appointment. We look forward to seeing you at our Phoenix office.

Lupe Valenzuela
Sea Side Legal Department

Tel.: ( 638 ) 383-0703 ( ext 115 ) in Rocky Point.
( 888 ) 888-262-4508 ( ext 115 ) Toll Free
Fax : ( 638 ) 383-0701
Email : seasidefm3@gmail.com

New Bill Pay Service in Rocky Point

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Sea Side Reservations has just released their new verison of Snoopis Verison 3.0. There are many new features and make owning property in Puerto Penasco much more hassle free. Check out www.seasidebillpay.com

Rocky Point Bill Pay


Rocky Point Informational Seminar

Saturday, November 4th, 2006

The Seaside Reservations Phoenix office held their First Informational Seminar about Rocky Point for those who have never been to the area. Guests enjoyed food and drinks, and were given a 40 minute presentation by a Seaside employee. The seminar covered all the basics from restaurants, crossing the border, activities, and even accomodations. Guests also were given a 10% discount for their next stay. For more information on informational seminars about Rocky Point, call Joe at 602-404-2982, between 9am and 5pm, Monday through Friday.

New Reservation Office Located in Phoenix Arizona

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Sea Side Reservations has a new showroom and reservation office for Rocky Point, Mexico in Phoenix Arizona. Now you can go to the Sea Side Reservations, The Rocky Point Experts, and sit down with an expert before you go. They can personally guide you through the process and take the time to have a real conversation with you about your trip to Puerto Penasco.  Sea Side Reservations show room has plenty of videos, literature and take aways for you to really understand what your trip can be like before you ever drive to Rocky Point or take the Rocky Point Shuttle. The Group also puts on a monthly seminar on an Introduction to Rocky Point and also does guided tours.

The office is located on the corner of Tatum and Thunderbird at 13636 N. Tatum, Scottsdale, Arizona 85032 The

Phone number 602 404 2982

shuttle in front of office

How to Rent Your Home and possibly get more.

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

How to Rent Your Home and possibly get more.

Be aware of potential tenants’ first impression of your home…… can it be improved?
Consider landscaping needs, how does the property look when the Renter drives up the property? Does it look manicured and taken care of? Is it in top shape?Paint your home’s interior and exterior neutral colors to maximize its appeal and protect it from weather damage. Paint often remember ocean front properties in the Sea of Cortez have to endure the extreme conditions of the second highest salt content water in the world, Extreme humidity during the July, August and September months, the heat of the Sonoran desert and sand blasting from the wind whipping the beach up against your house during the windy months.Check your windows and screens: fix any cracks or holes. Make sure they all work. Renter seem to be extra hard on screens.Have your heating and cooling system and fireplace serviced to ensure maximum performance, and prevent costly repairs later.Clean all carpets, tile, and upholstery regularly. Replace any that are not in top conditionMake sure all appliance are in good working order

Store or dispose of extra furniture to make rooms look more spacious Clean out your garage, attic and other storage areas Remove, or clearly identify, any items that a tenant may want, but which are not being left behind Check out your competition to ensure that your rent price is competitive

Before spending your time and money on improvements, consult with a professional property manager who can give you advice on how to get the best results.


Sea Side Reservations for more information



Steve Schwab

CEO Sea Side Reservations



Should You Allow Pets?

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Advantages of Allowing Pets
Lots of potential tenants have pets, so allowing pets makes your property available to a much larger pool of potential tenants, and thereby increases your chances of renting your home faster and even for slightly higher prices. This is especially important if you have older carpet which could discourage non-pet owners from renting. Plus, if you already have pets, your home may be more likely to appeal to another pet owner.

Disadvantages of Allowing Pets
There is a greater chance of damage to your home when pets are present. And it may be difficult to recover the full replacement cost for older items, such as carpet, if they are damaged by pets. It is unlikely that a tenant’s deposit would be enough to pay for new carpet, and in court, judges are likely to award only a pro-rated amount, based on the remaining life of the carpet.

Our Recommendations
Because of the potential risk involved, we strongly recommend against allowing pets into a rental property. Damage from pets can easily exceed a tenant’s security deposit. Many times damage such as pet odor and flea infestation can be hidden at the time of move-out and, therefore, not noted on the final inspection in time to make deductions from a tenant’s security deposit.

Precautions we take.
We only recommend allowing adult pets whose behavior we can verify through the tenant’s previous rental history. If you decide to allow pets, we take extra precautions, such as charging a non-refundable pet fee. This fee is used at the end of the lease to treat both the interior and exterior for fleas. The tenants are still responsible for having the carpet professionally cleaned at the end of the lease. If damage does occur, we will make deductions from the tenant’s deposit, and proceed with court action, if the damage exceeds their deposit.

Selecting a Property Manager

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Selecting a Property Manager who will represent you in the marketing and management of your Vacation Property may be one of the most important decisions of your new investment. This selection process is just as important as selecting any other professional such as your family doctor, dentist or attorney. The person selected should be working for you, always keeping your best interest in mind. He or she will be directly involved in advising and counseling you about a large portion of your personal assets.This person must have your confidence and trust. Before interviewing property managers, you should determine your criteria for choosing that person. I suggest that you evaluate that person on the following categories:

  • Appearance, demeanor and attitude — How comfortable do you feel in working with this person? How comfortable will your tenant feel?
  • How strong is the overall marketing plan and presentation? 
  • How thoroughly has he or she discussed their services and what you should expect from the process?  

Also, I suggest you ask the following questions during the interview process:

  • How willing are you to assist you in decisions? 
  • Commitment -Are you full time ? Where do you live? 
  • How many years of experience do you have? 
  • How many properties do you manage? How many that are like mine
  • Can you provide me with references from current clients? 
  • Do you provide your own security for my vacation property? 
  • How often will you inspect my home? 
  • How will you keep me informed about the property? 
  • How available are you? What are your hours?  
  • Do you provide telephone service for my vacation property?  
  • What kind of traffic does your website get?  
  • Do you have online booking?  
  • What is your Spring Break Policy?  
  • Do you have a maintenance staff?  
  • What is your policy on renter damage?  
  • What is your policy on maintenance billing?  
  • How do I contact you if I have a question or problem?  
  • How do I block my unit for personal use or family and friends?  
  • Do you have a toll-free phone number? E-mail?  
  • Speed of processing rent checks — when will I get my money?  
  • What if I’m not happy with the service I receive? Will you guarantee my satisfaction in writing?  
  • How do you handle repairs? Do you use contractors or your own staff? 
  • What are your management fees? 
  • How do you handle my taxes? 
  • How and where will you do my Laundry? 
  • What is you cleaning policy? 
  • What is the length of your contact?
  • What if I am not happy with your services? 
  • What is your process for making sure that rentals are distributed fairly? 
  • How much of your rental inventory do you personally own? 
  • When is your reservation office open? How many phone lines and stations do you have? 
  • What happens if a renters cancels for my unit after he has been confirmed? 
  • How do I block my unit at 8:00 on Friday to come down the same night?
  • Do you work with Travel Agencies? What is the process for them to make reservations with you?
  • For More information about property management visit http://www.vrma.com/ or http://www.seasidemexico.com/

    Steve Schwab,
    CEO Sea Side Reservations