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Sunday, April 4th, 2010

Carmen Mezquita

April 4  2010

Rocky Point Mexico

On Sunday April 4th 2010, while I was doing my house shores, at approximately 4:00 pm I felt dizzy and the symptoms begun to grow even more it was then that I realized it was an earthquake.  At that moment I called my parents just to make sure that they were ok.  Since my dad has been in several earthquakes himself in our neighbor cities of the north of Rocky Point he said that in deed it was an earthquake of approximately 6 degrees in Richter scale.  After that I called many resorts of Rocky Point among the Sandy Beach just to double check the impact this had on the luxury condominium resorts here in town.  Dora Tapia maid and Pedro Martinez pool maintenance of Sonoran Sky Resort said that there was no big damage in the resort just chaos and fear from the renters that caught by surprise.  On another hand a local radio station announcer said that soon we will get an earthquake detector that will be installed in the Pinacate Biosphere so that we can have a better control of the happenings in this area since we do not have any at the moment.  During the rest of the day there were several aftershocks of less intensity.  Benito Aguirre, a vacationer from La Paz Baja California Sur said that during his vacation he had a blast, that this City is safe and it has many attractions, from mechanical rides, fishing trips, shopping the friendly locals and in between laughs he said that Rocky Point even showed us how real earthquakes feel, he ended by saying that he will be back again for his next vacations with this family and friends.

Earthquake intensity