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White Balance for Spring Break and Semana Santa Period

Friday, April 1st, 2016

White Balance for Spring Break and Semana Santa Period

Monday April 28 concluded the period of Spring Break and Easter leaving a white balance 0 dead in Rocky Point. This beautiful Port had two hundred and thirty thousand visitors in the holiday period featured the mayor Ernesto “Kiko” Munro. He also noted that the Office of Conventions and Visitors registered one hundred and ten thousand visitors in three weeks of Spring Break and one hundred twenty thousand in the week of Easter, leaving an economic impact of more than two hundred and twenty three thousand pesos or twelve thousand six hundred million dollars . The protection was very important for the municipality of boulder as I apply 400 policemen, opened a group of tourist rescue and volunteer educational institutions as paramedics UTPP and civil society were volunteers for all the festivities. about 100 units and 300 elements deployed in the parts most traveled and the Malecon, Mirador, Calle 13 and on the beaches of Sandy Beach was allocated. Rocky Point is very pleased with the results as all because it was more organized and less problems. We credit the Municipal Police, State, Fire, Red Cross, and secretary of the Navy of Mexico for their great effort. We remain the best for our port!


Biosphere reserve Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar.

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Biosphere reserve Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar.

Biosphere Reserve El Pinacate and Great Altar Desert, also known as the pinacate, this important natural area is located in the desert of Sonora in northwest Mexico.

where efforts are made to conserve different geological features of great relevance as 400 cinder cones 10 maar craters, lava flows, the volcano Santa Clara and several species of flora and fauna.

If you come to visit Puerto Penasco Sonora feel free to visit “El Pinacate”

is a wonderful experience where reign silence, vastness, fascinating landscapes and rich biodiversity, is a tiring journey but worth taking, there you will find the Sonoran desert whose landscape is shaped by volcanoes, sandy surfaces, deep craters, endangered animals and many animal species such as green frogs, huge desert tortoises, iguanas, rattlesnakes, bighorn Cameros, birds and a variety of insects you will be fascinated by what your eyes see.

It is somewhat surprising to know the whole story is book and especially know. It was here where NASA tested the lunar rover would use in the special program Apollo.

You’ll be amazed after making the long journey in the Gran Desierto de Altar.



Thursday, March 3rd, 2016



The history of our town started in 1826 when a retired Lt. Robert William Hale Hardy of the British Royal Navy was in this area looking for pearls and precious metals. And named the area Rocky Point and that’s how it was identified on the maps until our president Lazaro Cardenas changed it to Puerto Punta Peñasco. But to make it easier to pronounce the English name dropped the word port and the Spanish name dropped the word gname dropped the nd dropped the word .ent y was in this area looking for pearls and precious metals. and Punta. Prior to the 1920s, this was a safe harbor for the fisherman from the Gulf of California, Guaymas, Bahia Kino, Puerto Libertad, and Puerto Lobos began to come to camp here. The reason these fisherman would come here was for a fish called Totoaba, not for the fish meat but for its medicinal use. During that tome the area was known as Punta de Piedra or Punta Peñasco. The name comes from a large quantity of solidified lava that hit the Gulf. In the 19th century fisherman from Arizona would also come here but since there was no source of drinking water, it was never settled permanently. Back in the 1920s, a man by the name John Stone from Ajo, Arizona, came here to build hotel/casino to take advantage of people coming to escape prohibition. He drilled a water well, and set up flight service from Phoenix and Tucson to bring tourist to drink, gamble and fish. It is said that Al Capone frequented the place. In the 1930s, under president Lazaro Cardenas a railroad was built to connect Baja California to the rest of Mexico, and the town began to grow again, a police delegation was added in 1932, as a dependency from the municipality of Sonoyta even though the town was part of the municipality of Caborca. The railroad grew new population centers and the layout of the city Puerto Peñasco was begun in the 1940s. In 1941, the village had 187 inhabitants who made a living fishing shrimp or working the Sonora Baja California railway.

Francisco Gastelum Morales

Rocky Point México

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Rocky Point México

the wonderful things to enjoy in Rocky Point are so many activities for the whole family in many of them this Pinacate Volcano This volcanic region is one of the most inhospitable of the Sonoran desert and its landscapes are truly shocking. Although you might think otherwise, it has a great biological diversity and there is about 18% of the fauna recorded Sonora, 41 species of mammals, 237 birds and 45 reptiles. A desert like few in the world that you will not regret visiting landscape.rocky-point-pics-17-620x416

That’s for people who love the mountains and climbing.

If your family like the open sea you can visit San Jorge Island These islands of rock formations are of great importance by the number of migratory birds passing by. For this reason in 1978 they were declared Area Federal Reserve. If what you want is to practice some kind of water sport, this is where you should head because its waters are ideal for diving for its plethora of sea creatures, and there are places where you can go fishing and other water sports .

And activities in the village are the most entertaining in the harbor there are many things to enjoy Walking 450 meters from the seawall that was recently remodeled, is an opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze, eating in its many restaurants, take a drink at one of the bars or pubs, or look in the souvenir little shops selling handicrafts and local products. In the square is the symbol of the city: the statue the shrimp, where festivals are held frequently.

Puerto Penasco

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Puerto Penasco

It was recorded as a city in 1952 in the recent past years the national counting has been more than 60,000 inhabitants, Rocky Point becomes one ofthe top ten cities in Sonora Mexico. It is located 97 kilometers from the border with Arizona Lukville United States of America.

The primitive village began in 1926 when some fishermen arrived this port and started their catch of fish called totuaba. In those days the shrimp had no such demand. That is why these fishermen just came by fishing season and then went to their place of origin.

downloadThe shrimp was a key starting point for this population since the Japanese started exporting to their country, when this happened fishermen began settling in this port permanently with their families of course the economy was improving gradually. It is said that these people did not live very pleasant conditions but remained.

Through the years passed the town grew and grew into what it is today. Today it is a tourist port and one of the most beautiful and frequented destinations in Mexico. Ricky Point is said to continue to grow and become an international destination for foreigners from more distant countries to come on vacation. Rocky Point has beach and desert at the same time it is not a very frequent contrast.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


The project that homeport will bring to Puerto Peñasco will be more than 12 million profit to our port.

 Homeport is located in the area of ​​Sandy Beach.

Despite delays on the construction there is much interest to Peñasco being the point for the big cruise ships like Holland America, Princess and Azamara.

The work, which began in January 2013 in the area of ​​Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco, consists of a breakwater, a platform for building a cruise ship pier, an avenue of access and a pedestrian boardwalk with private beach and ocean views. Big business will be present in the Sandy Beach area restaurants, craft shops and more. Tourism will come to Puerto Penasco and will bring big profits it will be something wonderful, is the opportunity to be of more known, will bring people from all over the world will help the town people have more income, our port will be known worldwide. There will be tourist around the port it will bring great sales to the sales persons. We will have the opportunity to travel on a luxury cruise and see wonderful places, beautiful sunsets, and wonderful experience being able to enjoy a trip on the ocean.


Rocky Point, how it was born?

Sunday, February 21st, 2016

Rocky Point, how it was born?

It all began in the early nineteenth century, the area was important for some people and mining companies seeking precious metals and stones.

In 1826 a retired Navy Royal Naval Lieutenant Britain, Lieutenant William Hale Hardy unveiled this port as rocky point due to the rough mound of volcanic rock jutting into the bay.

1928 boulder was founded by a small group of people mostly fishermen in the region for camping fishing seasons totoaba, who was then at its height.

He became a police station in the town of Caborca, taking his first road to Sonoyta as a gateway to their more affluent visitors Arizonans since then was a place of attraction for residents of that state for its beautiful beaches and fishing .

With increasing demand for shrimp from the Japanese increase this activity, forming an essential part of the economic activity of this community, like the arrival of the railway construction in the Sonora-Baja California route. In 1951 it was declared a municipality # 48 in Sonora, 1989 is a reduction in its surface to the municipality Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta) created.

Even her beauty was always admired by visitors was until the time of the 90’s that was taken more seriously this activity as a source of the economy of the region with the arrival of some investments in tourism infrastructure, currently has approximately 6000/4 condominium complex, three golf courses, two Jack Nicklaus signature uo hotel, giving visitors great expectations of fun and relaxation for families during his visit to Rocky Point.

Extending its catchment area of ​​tourism not only in Arizona, if not California, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Utha, Etc. Those closest to the border in the US and in Mexico, Baja California and Chihuahua states.

Rocky Point captivate all visitors with its beautiful beaches and its many recreational activities.


sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011


Saturday, April 23rd, 2011


The town, Civil and Military Authorities paid emotional tribute in memory of the Heroes in homeland defense that struggled against the invasion of American naval forces on April 21, 1914 invaded the port of Veracruz.

The warm sunlight of this morning 21 April, the town of Puerto Peñasco, civil authorities and the army of Mexico Rocky sector, paid emotional tribute to the memory of the heroes of the fatherland, who on a fateful day but makes 96 years in the port of Veracruz, the people, the cadets and officers from the military academy established there defended heroically with the delivery of their precious lives for the invasion of pride conquering American naval force invaded for no reason and waters native land

Why the speed of a ship expressed in knots?

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Trirreme griego

Ever wondered why you have in the Navy to refer to the speed of a boat, knots are used? A lack of resources, in ancient times had to use imagination to rely on the sea, and despite today’s explanation is simple, not lack of talent.

One of the first methods that were sailors to determine the speed of the ships was an archaic probe. It was basically throwing a rope supplied water of knots separated by a distance, so after a while – once set by the hourglass – the crew picked up the Task Manager to see how the widget was nodes that had been unwound (The rope with knots was wrapped in a piece of wood). Based on data obtained on board knew full speed they carried.

At the end I considered that a knot equivalent to one nautical mile per hour (1 nautical mile = 1.852 km), so that a speed of 10 knots equals 18.52 km / h.