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Airlines interested in Rocky Point

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Airlines show interest in Rocky Point

Discussions held with national and international companies

By: Guadalupe Cabrera

Information taken from: Join us newspaper

Although during these trying times, particularly in the area of the economy, it is not really feasible to implement direct commercial flights to Puerto Peñasco, there are still airlines interested in venturing into this area, reports Alonso Dominguez Ruiz, administrator of the Sea of Cortez International Airport.


Dominguez Ruiz indicated they have met with both national and international companies including Sky West, US Airways, Aeromexico, and Aereo Calafia, among others.

He noted that even as of the November inauguration of the new terminal, there was interest in venturing into this region as a new stop along flight routes.

He indicated the Sea of Cortez airport had only been in operation for about two months and has awoken tremendous interest given the importance Puerto Peñasco now has a tourist destination.

Dominguez Ruiz indicated they will remain in contact with the various airlines who have demonstrated interest in Puerto Peñasco, and will seek out others, as the objective of the Sea of Cortez airport is to create an influx of aerial tourism within the mid-term.


He indicated it is not possible to forecast how long it will take to begin receiving commercial flights from either national or international airlines, yet they will do whatever is necessary to assure this can be done within the shortest amount of time possible.

Domínguez Ruiz noted that for now, the Sea of Cortez airport has begun operations nationally.

However, he added, they have the ability to operate new routes to and from various cities abroad as the desire is for Peñasco to one day receive numerous tourists from across the globe, in addition to those from the U.S.

It is worth noting the new Sea of Cortez airport, into which 450 million pesos were invested and that is conditioned to receive Boeing 737-700 planes, began operations at the end of October and was formally inaugurated by Mexican President Felipe Calderón on November 5, 2009.

Approval of Municipal Development Plan

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Approval of Municipal of Municipal Development Plan

Authorization given for creation of Cultural Institute

 By:  Guadalupe Cabrera

Information taken by: Join us newspaper


Authorization of the 2009-2012 Municipal Development Plan and the creation of the Puerto Peñasco Municipal Institute of Culture and Art, among other agreements, were addressed during the fifth ordinary full session of the City Council.


 A press release reported the local City Council unanimously approved the Municipal Development Plan, which includes priority projects and actions to be taken to benefit the entire community of Puerto Peñasco.

 During the ordinary session, held on January 7th, and led by Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the Director of Planning and Economic Development, Víctor Mazón Muñoz, presented the plan which is to be published in the Official Journal of the State, publication costs which will be discounted from the municipal contribution.

 In the meeting, members from the governing body issued approval for the creation of a Municipal Institute of Culture and Art for Puerto Peñasco, which will substitute what, is currently known as the Department of Civic Action and Culture.

This agreement, as reported in the release, will provide greater faculties to draw in more programs and resources for the intensive promotion of culture throughout the city.

 Among other points reached, City Council members also gave authorization for a private company to carry out a study to see if there have been improper charges by the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to City Hall and, as appropriate, recover any amounts there may be.

 Furthermore, representatives voted in favor of the implementation of a Comprehensive Vacation Program for city employees to go into effect during periods at the end of the year and in the summer, in order to create a standard vacation period without hindering the work of the City or community services. Similarly, the City Council authorized the proposal presented by Mrs. Francisca Nidia Pino Montoya, with respect to naming one of the city’s streets after her deceased father, Abelardo  Pino Ruiz  “El Quemal”, in recognition of his contributions as one of the pioneers and founders of Peñasco. Under this point it was also agreed to change the name of 68th Ave. to Guadalupe Baca Cervantes.

 Finally, through a majority, representatives gave approval that the Office for the Comprehensive Management of Municipal Sanitation Services (OOMISLIM) implement charges for trash collection from officials from the first and second tiers of the Municipal Administration.


Wednesday, February 10th, 2010



Typed by: Guadalupe Cabrera

Information taken from: Join us newspaper


24 million pesos to be invested 


The contribution of six hectares of land on behalf of the San Rafael ejido (communal land) will allow for the construction and operation of a new independent campus for the Technological University of Hermosillo (UTH), Peñasco branch, in which an initial investment topping 24 million pesos is to be applied.



Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro reported through a press release the construction of the new university facilities, which will broaden options in the area of higher education for young students in this municipality and region, is set to begin in March.



He stated they believe the construction will wrap up in a timely manner in order to begin holding classes at the new campus by next September.

Degrees that will initially be offered at the UTH, Peñasco branch, will include: University Technicians in Gastronomy, University Technicians in Marketing, as well as University Paramedic Technicians.

The Mayor furthered the agreement to have another institution of higher education was established after meeting with University director, Miguel Angel Salazar Candia.
He acknowledged they received collaboration from the San Rafael ejido in order to carry out the project. He noted that after negotiations, the ejido decided to participate in the endeavor, providing 6 hectares of land necessary for construction of the campus.
Mayor Zepeda and Miguel Angel Salazar both expressed their gratitude to José de Jesús Mercado Celaya, Ejido President, as thanks to the openness demonstrated it will be possible to begin classes by September.

The UTH Director and the City Leader revealed that 18 million pesos would be invested in the construction of the building, as well as an additional 6,381,000 pesos for equipment. The project will create approximately 200 jobs.

Zepeda Munro emphasized the importance of a new institution of higher education in Puerto Peñasco, adding students will be greatly benefitted by having a University that charges a fixed fee every four months of approximately 500 pesos.

Salazar Candia stated they will begin promotion in May for those interested in being part of the institution. Registration requirements will include a high-school degree, birth certificate, CURP ID, and 6 child-sized photographs.

It is worth noting the UTH has been operating out of the Technological Institute of Puerto Peñasco (ITSPP) since September, 2007, as part of the tourism academic corridor which also includes Conalep and the CESUES.

Reactivation of construction industry begins

Wednesday, February 10th, 2010



Typed by: Guadalupe Cabrera L

Information taken from: Join us newspaper

15 million pesos to be invested in homes


As part of what represents the beginning of the reactivation of the construction industry in this city, it was recently announced a new housing project is set to launch. The project will include an approximate investment of 15 million pesos.


After meeting with Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Arturo Taddei, general director of the Mediterráneo Residencial group, remarked the first phase of the residential complex includes the construction of 45 homes.

He stated the cost of each residential home will fluctuate around 275,000 pesos, and joins other projects that at the end of last year once again began work in Puerto Peñasco, allowing for the creation of new jobs.

The General Director of Mediterráneo Residencial explained the project foresees an approximate investment of 15 million pesos and construction of the first phase will begin within approximately one month, which should also create at least 100 direct jobs.
Similarly, Mayor Zepeda Munro stressed that signs of economic recovery in Puerto Peñasco can be seen with the beginning of new projects such as this and is confident that 2010 will be a good year for those living in this municipality.

The Mayor emphasized the construction of a new residential zone reflects encouraging signs for the local economy.

“It is very positive that we are beginning with this type of news, such as the construction of a new residential zone, which gives us more confidence that we will have a better year in Peñasco,” he underscored.

Alejandro Zepeda reiterated the Municipal Administration would be accommodating for all investors who wish to carry out their projects in Puerto Peñasco.

Tendering process underway for projects to improve image of Old Port

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Tendering process underway for projects to improve image of Old Port 


Written by: Guadalupe Cabrera

Taken from: Join us newspaper


Work planned to begin towards end of January


The public tendering process is now underway for projects within the first phase of the program to improve the urban image of the city. Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro reports 50 million pesos are set to be channeled into the project.


The Mayor recently indicated that, according to the established programs, they believe this process will wrap up just before the end of January, allowing the launching of work for the beginning of February of this year.

He remarked, according to project plans, they will begin with infrastructure projects aimed at laying underground electric lines, among other objectives, in order to reduce the use of aerial cables and posts in the port. 

The City Leader indicated there has been important progress in this first phase of the program to improve the overall urban image. He explained he would be speaking with people from the Old Port neighborhood to assure the work causes the least amount of nuisance possible.
Zepeda Munro reiterated the work to be done in the area of the Old Port will be slow and may cause annoyance, yet involves important work that needs to be done. With this in mind, he also called for the general patience of the public once work begins.

puertoIt is worth noting a comprehensive project for the improvement of urban image had been initially drawn up during the previous administration for nearly 100 million pesos.

The project will include road paving and new infrastructure, new building façades and the removal of aerial wires throughout the Old Port area, along 13th Street and in the entry areas to the city.

Improving the infrastructure of Puerto Peñasco

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Improving the infrastructure of Puerto Peñasco

While we’ve all been promoting our opinions on what should and should not be done to make Rocky Point a better place for everyone (by which some of us mean what would be better mainly for us gringos), the city’s government has been working hard at doing just that. Both the previous mayoral administration and the current one have set their sights on improving the infrastructure of Rocky Point for its citizens, and though it isn’t sexy news like doom and destruction or beautification projects, it’s pretty important stuff.


Here are just a couple of things his administration accomplished during his term in office. We’ll start with the all-important matter of water. Under his watch the city completed two parts of a three-part comprehensive potable water supply program, representing an investment of nearly $200 million pesos and guaranteeing supply to the community for at least four or five years.


 The project included 78.5 kilometers of pipes for potable water laid in various neighborhoods of the city, at a price of $23 million pesos, principally in the regions of Nuevo Peñasco and San Rafael.

 Prior to this project only about 200 liters per second of water flowed into the city; now that amount is between 400 to 500, with capacity able to accommodate 700 liters per second. The completion of the third and final phase, which is already well advanced, is left to the new administration under Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro.

This includes the sectoring of the pipe network with 30-inch pipes across the city and the construction of a 6,000 cubic meter storage tank. The storage tank, made with cutting edge materials and technology, is considered a prototype on a national level.



Also well advanced in the pipeline is a desalination plant for the city, a project much favored by Mayor Zepeda Munro. At an estimated cost of $120 million USD, sources of investment for that come from the local, State and Federal governments, as well as from the U.S. government. I haven’t seen a timeline for that project, but it is definitely on the front burner.

Another area of importance to the health of city residents has been the paving of city streets. There is a certain rustic charm in the sandy streets of Penasco, probably more enjoyed by tourists and expats than by the Mexicans who live there, but besides being hard on vehicles and making it difficult for first responders to arrive at a scene in a timely manner, all that sand blowing around is bad for the respiratory health of the residents. 

Under Mayor Renteria Sanchez 48 streets were paved, representing an area of 381,000 square meters (or 75 linear miles) of pavement in nearly all of the city’s neighborhoods. The initial goal was for about 200,000 square meters, but they were able to exceed that goal substantially. Approximately $75.5 million pesos were channeled into the project, with assistance coming from the State and Federal governments.

The fourth stage of the paving project is left for the new Mayor to complete, with up to $50 million pesos allotted to pave more streets.

2With both tourism and real estate development basically in the toilet at this point, the flow of money into the city’s coffers has definitely been curtailed. Naturally this is having an effect on the government’s ability to invest further in infrastructure plans, but they plow ahead regardless.

It’s possible that the current bust may turn out to be a good thing, allowing the city to take a breather and make more careful decisions about future projects in the region. At any rate, the city fathers are to be commended for their efforts to make Puerto Penasco a better and healthier place to live!

Seeking to include Metropoli Architects within comprehensive development of Peñasco

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Seeking to include Metropoli Architects within comprehensive development of Peñasco


   Investment of 30 million dollars to be applied


Through an investment of nearly 30 million dollars, and a vision set on including Metropoli Architects within the comprehensive development of Puerto Peñasco,  the project entitled “Puerto Mio, Rocky Point Marina, Resort and Spa”, was recently presented to representatives from different sectors of the city.

The ambitious project, currently under construction, seeks to contribute to improving the urban image of this port, in keeping with the fishing industry, which is also essence of Penasco.  The project plan was recently presented to business chambers of commerce, tourist developers, satates authorities and invited guests.

The entire project will include 28 commercial rental spaces, seven offices for rent, a building that will house 95 apartments for sale, a 180 room hotel, six movie theaters and parking for up to 600 cars, all on an area measuring 46,000 square meters. The part currently under construction is the first phase, which will include the commercial area with 28 suites for rent.

The general director of Metropoli Architects, Jose Luis Castelan, indicated the intent is, in addition to creating investment and jobs, to become part of a society such as Peñasco.   In this way, they are putting their own grain of sand towards the city’s growth through infrastructure, with an executive urban project set to recover the marina area and have it become part of the historic center

He pointed out they expect to complete the firs phase of development by summer of next year, offering the commercial area with six movie theaters, which will also include an improvement in the dock area though landscaping and adequate roadways for the safety of the community.

He noted the first phase will create at least 200 new jobs, which are undoubtedly much needed for Puerto Peñasco.

He furthered that currently, there is a lack of planning, which they do not want for Penasco; therefore as developers they come not only to build in order to create investment and jobs, but also to provide a project that interacts with the City government and community.

The general director of Metropoli Architects underscored that with this type of contribution they want to make it clear that they now feel part of Puerto Penasco, as they are not here to build and leave, but rather to stay.

Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro remarked that economic reactivation of municipality has begun to appear thanks to investors who have recover their confidence that Peñasco is the best place to see their projects though.

The Mayor stated his confidence that this will be an important boost for construction that has stopped to begin once again.

“the vision this group brings is important, therefore they have all the backing and support we can provide from this municipal administration; we are commited to promoting and providing support so that investors such as these find in Penasco the best conditions to develop their projects,” he expressed.

“We know there are positive things in store for the municipality and we believe that this can be the beginning of recovering investments in order to make Peñasco a city that continually offers more services to the tourists,” stated the City leader.

Zepeda Munro reiterated that this investment, estimated at nearly 400 million pesos, is positive demonstration of confidence in Puerto Peñasco during these difficult times.

Mexico investing big to win back tourists

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

President Calderon announced on Monday that Mexico is launching a multi-million-dollar campaign dubbed “Mexico’s alive” to kickstart the tourism sector after swine flu scared away many visitors by killing 80 in the U.S.

The government-funded push will feature ads with opera singer Placido Domingo, champion golfer Lorena Ochoa and other national heroes.

Tourism is Mexico’s third-largest source of legal foreign income, but worries have sent hotel occupancy rates to a record low for the entire country.

President Felipe Calderon said the new campaign involved an unparalleled investment in the country’s tourism industry, including 90 million dollars over the coming months.

“It’s more than a promotional campaign, it’s a national movement which requires the participation of all Mexicans, especially those who are most well-known,”  President Calderon said, from a stage surrounded by many Mexican celebrities.

Tour companies are being encouraged to launch a wide range of promotions to lure back tourists from alternative destinations, Calderon added.

The flu’s impact, including on  tourism, was expected to cost Mexico‘s economy around 2.3 Many communities are seeing a renewal of poverty as local Mexican hotels, resorts, shops and secondary business are all laying people off or closing their door for business.

Principales Atractivos Turísticos en Puerto Peñasco

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Después de la pesca, el turismo es la actividad más importante dentro de la economía del municipio; el desarrollo turístico actual ha consolidado una infraestructura con más de 70 restaurantes, 42 hoteles y moteles con 2,012 habitaciones; así como 14 estacionamientos para casas rodantes con 1,435 espacios.

Las expectativas de este sector son sólidas y de alto impacto en la estructura socioeconómica municipal. La afluencia turística asciende en un promedio de 1,000 visitantes diarios; aproximadamente el 85% de los visitantes extranjeros provienen del estado de Arizona, su promedio de estancia es de 3.1 días percapita creando un índice de ocupación hotelera es de un 50%.

La afluencia de visitantes nacionales anualmente suma aproximadamente 300,000 y la afluencia de turismo extranjero aproximadamente 1,700,000 dando un aproximado de turismo anual de 2 millones de visitantes.

El crecimiento de los desarrollos turísticos han marcado considerablemente la actividad económica, ya que a la fecha la costa norte evoluciona implusando los trabajos de la construcción.

Las actividades en Puerto Peñasco no tienen límite, desde pasear por las bellas playas, nadar en sus aguas tranquilas o simplemente tomar un descanso admirando un bello atardecer. Aquí mencionamos sólo algunos de los atractivos de este destino turístico:

Las playas de Puerto Peñasco con tantos kilómetros de arena limpia y aguas templadas, son sin duda el mayor atractivo para el visitante. en ellas se puede practicar el jet ski, paseos en bote, pesca, veleo, o simplemente dar un relajante paseo por la arena.

Además existen varios sitios ideales para la pesca deportiva, buceo y snorkeling ya que se ubica en uno de los principales golfos del mundo, siendo dueño de una enorme biodiversidad de especies marinas.

El Pinacate para el visitante que gusta de la naturaleza, Puerto Peñasco cuenta con una de las más interesantes reservas de la biosfera; los antiguos volcanes, grandes cráteres y extensiones amplias de lava hacen de este bello lugar un excelente sitio para visitar y aprender más de la naturaleza.

Acuario de CET-MAR un centro de estudios marinos abierto al público, donde diversas especies marinas pueden ser observadas, como las tortugas de mar, pulpos, caballitos, numerosas especies de peces y criaturas que viven en la profundidad del mundo marino.

CEDO es un centro de estudios localizado en la comunidad de las Conchas y abierto al público en general. Cuenta con una tienda de regalos y souvenir, así como su atractivo principal que son todas las actividades de estudio marino.


Industria actualmente la planta industrial se compone por 5 plantas procesadoras de productos del mar y una empresa exportadora de jaiba.

La industria naval se compone por 4 talleres que se dedican a la construcción y reparación de embarcaciones. Así mismo y de manera conexa existen 6 talleres de torno; se generan más de 1,300 empleos.

Comercio es una de las actividades más importantes para la economía municipal, ya que existen 706 comercios diversos ofreciendo empleo a 2,595 personas, entre las que se contemplan las empresas relacionadas con los servicios de turismo.

Los giros más dinámicos siguen siendo los relativos a comercialización de alimentos básicos, ropa y calzado.

Los servicios comerciales se subdividen en más de 40 giros y lo constituyen desde hoteles, restaurantes, hasta gasolineras, talleres, abarrotes, centros comerciales de autoservicios y artesanales.

Pesca es el soporte económico del municipio ya que su recurso marino es un gran potencial productivo para la pesca del camarón y los productos de escama. Cuenta con 110 kilómetros de litorales, cuya biodiversidad de flora y fauna marina le permitió ser declarado reserva ecológica para la preservación de especies endémicas.

La flota pesquera de altura con que cuenta el municipio es de 125 embarcaciones mayores y 300 embarcaciones menores para la pesca de ribera.

Las principales especies por sus volúmenes de producción y generación de empleos son: el chano, el camarón y la jaiba, así como la manta, la sierra y el cazón. Cabe señalar que estos volúmenes de captura, han favorecido para que Sonora ocupe los primeros lugares a nivel nacional, tanto para consumo nacional como para la exportación.

Infraestructura En la zona existen grandes proyectos habitacionales de hasta mil 500 condominios, entre los desarrollos destacan Sandy Beach Resorts, Costa Diamante, Sonora Sea, Bella Sirena, Las Palmas, que están preparando a Puerto Peñasco para una significante evolución.

También anualmente estudiantes de las Universidades de Estados Unidos eligen este destino como punto de diversión en el “Spring Break”.


El clima es extremoso, la época para vacacionar es de mayo a octubre, el mejor tiempo es de marzo hasta abril …. el invierno es templado como destino turístico, ya que es zona desértica, la época de lluvias es en verano, pero por lo regular nunca llueve. Un promedio de lluvia en horas sería de 1 hora la máxima duración.

Clima desértico, polvoso, con ocasionales tolvaneras, las temperaturas de verano llegan a superar los 40 ºC; los rayos ultravioleta casi siempre son de 10+ extremo , así que si se quiere vacionar en verano no olvidar el bloqueador. Cerca de ahí se encuentra la playa de San Felipe, Baja California.

New tourism and commercial complex will provide boost in port area

Monday, May 11th, 2009

New tourism and commercial complex will provide boost in port area

Mayor deems this is a sign of confidence in peñasco


A new tourism and commercial complex, representing an estimated investment of nearly 5000 million pesos, is already under construction in the port area. This undoubtedly will provide s positive boost for this sector, affirmed Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez.


The Mayor indicated the development underway involves construction on a area of 46,426 square meters and represents a sign of confidence and optimism on the part of investors towards Puerto Peñasco.


He stressed the project, involving Mexican investors, named “Puerto Mio, Rocky Point Marina, Resort & Spa”, was designed by the Metropoli architecture Group and will be located on lot 1 of block 1 in the port area, which once was home to an industrial building of the corporation Procesamar.


Mayor Renteria Sanchez indicated the integral project will encompass 28 commercial units and 7 office spaces available for rent, a 40 room hotel, six movie theaters and parking lot for up to 401 cars, within an area of 46,000 square meters.


The mayor noted the first phase is already underway, which includes the commercial area of 28 spaces that will be available to rent.


He reiterated this investment, estimated at nearly 500 million pesos, is a positive sign of confidence in Puerto Peñasco during these times of crisis.


The city leader stated that similar to the launching of this development in the port area, they are aware of other investment groups who are ready to reactive their projects, including Perla del Mar and Las Palomas, among others.


He remains optimistic as the flow of private investment represents, in addition to a sign of confidence in the area, the creation of jobs, an area that has been seriously affected by the crisis.