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Monday, April 18th, 2016


A dream come true for Puerto Penasco is to have our Home Port ended, we are proud to have the joy of living and lead our daily lives in this beautiful place with the contrast of the desert and the ocean together.

The home will be one of the most modern in Latin America. With this Rocky Point will have the option to cruise ships different industries will be interested in this magnificent place of Sonora.


The big advantage is that our Sea of ​​Cortez is navigable all year and with this project (Home Port) would travel from California, Arizona, New Mexico, utha. Texas Nevada and other parts of Mexico. A complete time will have a great economic impact on Peñasco that will return the old status that this port had before the economic crisis.

The big difference this Home port to others is that others besides former home ports are sites that were remodeled as such, however this is built from scratch. Keep in mind that with this construction 300 jobs which in turn will generate 600 indirect jobs which alivianaran life of the inhabitants of Peñasco be generated. They are 300 million pesos investment that have already joined the 191 million pesos already invested since 2013. No doubt the Home Port is something that will give international prestige to Puerto Penasco.


Thursday, March 3rd, 2016



The history of our town started in 1826 when a retired Lt. Robert William Hale Hardy of the British Royal Navy was in this area looking for pearls and precious metals. And named the area Rocky Point and that’s how it was identified on the maps until our president Lazaro Cardenas changed it to Puerto Punta Peñasco. But to make it easier to pronounce the English name dropped the word port and the Spanish name dropped the word gname dropped the nd dropped the word .ent y was in this area looking for pearls and precious metals. and Punta. Prior to the 1920s, this was a safe harbor for the fisherman from the Gulf of California, Guaymas, Bahia Kino, Puerto Libertad, and Puerto Lobos began to come to camp here. The reason these fisherman would come here was for a fish called Totoaba, not for the fish meat but for its medicinal use. During that tome the area was known as Punta de Piedra or Punta Peñasco. The name comes from a large quantity of solidified lava that hit the Gulf. In the 19th century fisherman from Arizona would also come here but since there was no source of drinking water, it was never settled permanently. Back in the 1920s, a man by the name John Stone from Ajo, Arizona, came here to build hotel/casino to take advantage of people coming to escape prohibition. He drilled a water well, and set up flight service from Phoenix and Tucson to bring tourist to drink, gamble and fish. It is said that Al Capone frequented the place. In the 1930s, under president Lazaro Cardenas a railroad was built to connect Baja California to the rest of Mexico, and the town began to grow again, a police delegation was added in 1932, as a dependency from the municipality of Sonoyta even though the town was part of the municipality of Caborca. The railroad grew new population centers and the layout of the city Puerto Peñasco was begun in the 1940s. In 1941, the village had 187 inhabitants who made a living fishing shrimp or working the Sonora Baja California railway.

Francisco Gastelum Morales


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


Puerto Peñasco has one of the best resorts in town. The name of this well known resort on Sandy beach is Princesa de Peñasco. The resort has been here for well over 15 years now. Many visitors of puerto peñasco know this resort and seem to keep coming back to stay at this location. The resort is equipped with all the needs of guests. The resort has a restaurant and a fully equipped convinience store. Any of the guests can open an account to make charges from any of these two areas. The resort has three pools and two jacuzzis. The pools are available for guest from 7 am to 10 pm. During Winter time the main pool is heated. The grounds and landscape of the resort is well maintained as everyone that Works at this resort keep this place spotless clean. There is also a small volley ball court out in the beach in front of the resort. Where many guests can have a good time if they are not swimming. Many guests also lay out in the beach taking up the sun and looking at the beautiful scenery. The view from all of these condos here at the princesa are priceless as many can see the sunset from the balconies. This is why Princesa de Peñasco is one of the best resorts in town.DogWrk (4)

Puerto Penasco

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

Puerto Penasco

It was recorded as a city in 1952 in the recent past years the national counting has been more than 60,000 inhabitants, Rocky Point becomes one ofthe top ten cities in Sonora Mexico. It is located 97 kilometers from the border with Arizona Lukville United States of America.

The primitive village began in 1926 when some fishermen arrived this port and started their catch of fish called totuaba. In those days the shrimp had no such demand. That is why these fishermen just came by fishing season and then went to their place of origin.

downloadThe shrimp was a key starting point for this population since the Japanese started exporting to their country, when this happened fishermen began settling in this port permanently with their families of course the economy was improving gradually. It is said that these people did not live very pleasant conditions but remained.

Through the years passed the town grew and grew into what it is today. Today it is a tourist port and one of the most beautiful and frequented destinations in Mexico. Ricky Point is said to continue to grow and become an international destination for foreigners from more distant countries to come on vacation. Rocky Point has beach and desert at the same time it is not a very frequent contrast.


Monday, February 22nd, 2016


The project that homeport will bring to Puerto Peñasco will be more than 12 million profit to our port.

 Homeport is located in the area of ​​Sandy Beach.

Despite delays on the construction there is much interest to Peñasco being the point for the big cruise ships like Holland America, Princess and Azamara.

The work, which began in January 2013 in the area of ​​Sandy Beach in Puerto Penasco, consists of a breakwater, a platform for building a cruise ship pier, an avenue of access and a pedestrian boardwalk with private beach and ocean views. Big business will be present in the Sandy Beach area restaurants, craft shops and more. Tourism will come to Puerto Penasco and will bring big profits it will be something wonderful, is the opportunity to be of more known, will bring people from all over the world will help the town people have more income, our port will be known worldwide. There will be tourist around the port it will bring great sales to the sales persons. We will have the opportunity to travel on a luxury cruise and see wonderful places, beautiful sunsets, and wonderful experience being able to enjoy a trip on the ocean.



Monday, February 22nd, 2016


An attraction for tourists and people from Rocky Point is the binoculars installed by the Cooperative Jasay Star Peñasco.  

These binoculars have a field of view of seven kilometers away, enough to appreciate the resorts and all beach runner. Victor Portela, is the driving force behind the project.    To enjoy these binoculars will have to deposit 5 pesos for every peso and 25 cents is entered will be used to support social programs being developed by the DIF.

 These binoculars have a height of 1.62 cm are made of steel and aluminum and have a 285-degree horizontal movement and freedom of movement of 35 degrees.

 This is another way to leverage our environment and enjoy it and what better way than seeing Cortez Sea from sunrise to sunset.

You can see the hills of the California low easily or shrimp boats and because there tourists who enjoy boating.

 It is another attraction to the boardwalk to motivate people to return and enjoy the beauty of the sea.   Do not forget to bring your coins get to enjoy these binoculars.download


Monday, November 30th, 2015

Puerto penasco also known as Rocky Point, is located in the state of Sonora on the rpsea of Cortez. It is about 66 miles from the U.S border at Lukeville AZ and the mexican border of Sonoyta, Sonora Mexico. Rocky Point is located within the “free Hassle Zone “so no vehicle permit are required for you to visit , but you will need your Passport or ID to re enter the United States. Rocky point offers a verity of land and sea activities for every age and is very family oriented Rocky point is known for its warm weather and beautiful sunsets and gourges beaches. It also has a lotsof places were youcan go shopping. You can find fine arts to a curious made by mexicanhandcrafters.Rocky Point has also two wonderful golf cources one of them is actualy designed by Jack nicholson which is at Laguna Del Mar on the outside of town on your way to el Golfo de santaclara. At night you may head ou to enjoy a peaceful walk at the malcon and enjoy of listening to the mexican music layed by the bandas and norteno groups. Another thing you can do at night is go to the dancing clubs that are located on 13th st and at the mirador were most of the people go to have fun in Rocky point. Just remember that all the fun can be had but always have a designated driver not to drink so you can be safe allthe time.

Crafts and decorations

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

Another thing that Puerto Penasco offers its tourism are curiosities, since most tourism draw much attention to them crafts and decorations with which they can decorate their homes or bring a gift to their friends, family or just for have a souvenir of their visit to this port.
As we know, on the beach and in the port walk many hawkers selling all such decorations, in fact in the port there are many craft stalls with a variety of curiosities that tourists frequent already know, but Puerto Peñasco offers another place called Rode Drive, this place is located on the road to la Cholla, on this site you will find many things for your home or for whatever you like, from jewelry to fruit bowls, hand-woven rugs, pieces of talavera, clay plates, hats, dresses and embroidered blanket, pendants, wall lamps, in short is a huge list of what you can find in these craft stalls, with very affordable prices.
The baskets are one of the pieces handwoven by Sonoran indigenous women, are known as coritas, are made of a desert palms calls torote and palmillo, the price of these baskets is a bit high because its development requires a process rather complex craft.
The yarn bracelets hand woven called friendship bracelets , is something called a retention of tourism as there are a variety of different types.

The Ocean and much, much more

Friday, August 24th, 2012

To visit Northwestern Sonora is to be close to the sea, in the sea or even under the sea connecting with underwater life. It is also to be in the biodiversity of the desert and living off road adventure. It is also playing golf, enjoying first class recreational areas, exclusive resorts with excellent service and unequaled comforts. For many vacationers, it is a Mexican Fiesta, a beach party or tasting delicious food enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and sunsets.

Experience trolling or bottom sports fishing, diving, surfing, banana boat rides,  sailing, sunset party cruises, jet skiing or just sunbathing on the beach.

The desert shares with you its scenery, animal life and volcanic peaks and craters of Natl. Park El Pinacate. Unique in the world. Don’t miss it.

Four wheels or doble traction vehicles can be ridden on the sand dunes and tracks in Rocky Point, San Luis Rio Colorado and Caborca. Here, international tournaments take place.

Golf by the sea:
Three world class golf courses with awe inspiring ocean views await the avis golfer or casual player in Rocky Point. A moment to cherish.

The cultural history of the regions is written in ancient petroglyphs, pottery and rock formations. The missions temples tell of a solid past.

The fiesta at the Malecon, by the sea or at a beachfront cantina doesn’t stop. It’s Mexico, it’s a party, and it’s a good time.

Source- Sonora Noroeste magazine.

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Thursday, July 21st, 2011