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Support for the Study and monitoring of crab and snail

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

The amount of $50,000 pesos was recently presented to local producers, under the conservation and sustainable development program, for the monitoring and study of fishing resources including crab and snail in this area.


         The resources were presented at a ceremony during which emphasis was made that the proposal of said program is to the species while promoting sustainable fishing methods.    


         In this manner they will be able to carry out technical studies, performed by CEDO staff, training, as well as offer productive products in coordination with crab and snail fishermen.

         The Director of the Upper gulf and Rio Colorado Delta Reserve, Jose Rafael Campoy Favela, detailed on this occasion they presented 50 thousand pesos to further studies that to now have shown to have positive results.

         He noted that part of this includes off-season periods for the capture of snail and control of sizes, population desities and recording the sex of crab. This information will serve both to cheap ray bans further sustainable ray ban outlet fishing as well as benefit fishermen, provided they fully know the reproductive characteristics and seasons of the species in order to assure good results in their capture.

         The official from the National commission of protected areas stated through these cheap jerseys studies they have been able to support these same fishermen and cooperatives, who they’ve offered the opportunity to exchange permits to fish shrimp, shark, and flake for productive projects including cabins, tourist vessels, and other types of commerce.

         He stressed all of these measurement are part of the program to protect the sea vaquita, and to date they have presented 35 packages of support of this type.

He indicated that for a second year, permits are $400,000 pesos individually, $500,000 pesos for two and $600,000 pesos for 3.

During this exchange, he detailed, the package of support were presented through permits, fishing cheap nba jerseys tools and boat engines.


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Puerto Peñasco y la Pesca

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Sonora tiene una situación geográfica privilegiada, está rodeado por el mar, el desierto y las montañas. Por ello, el visitante puede realizar variadas actividades turísticas, como buceo, turismo ecológico, pesca en mar y en presas y turismo náutico.
El sector pesquero y acuícola es una de las actividades con mayor importancia dentro del Estado, ubicándolo en un primer plano nacional a nivel productivo; la actividad pesquera en la actualidad depende y se concentra en 6 puertos pesqueros, siendo los más importantes como destinos turísticos Bahía de Kino, San Carlos y  Puerto Peñasco.

Las especies que se pueden cheap nfl jerseys pescar según el lugar que se visite son:

. Garropa
. Sierra
. Pámpano
. Dorado
. Pargo
. Jurel
. Vela

Puerto Peñasco es un destino ideal para la práctica de la pesca deportiva y el buceo. Posee 100 kilómetros de playas de fina textura propicias para disfrutar de tranquilas aguas  así como atractivos esteros en los que se pueden realizar paseos en yate. Además, tiene un enorme potencial para el desarrollo de la pesca deportiva, ya que se ubica en uno oakley outlet de los principales golfos con una gran biodiversidad de especies marinas.

Un lugar ideal para su práctica es la Isla San Jorge, un conjunto de archipiélagos rocosos localizados apenas afuera wholesale Jerseys de la bahía del mismo nombre, cercana a Puerto Peñasco, donde se pueden capturar especies tan atractivas como el vagas cochito, lenguado, cabrilla y dorado, además de una especie de enorme tamaño llamada “la pescada”, que puede llegar a pesar hasta 450 kilos.

Actualmente existe una marina con 14 espacios y una unión de pescadores que brinda el servicio de pesca,  a un costo promedio de 35 dólares, lo cual incluye el servicio de caña, anzuelo, carnada y el fileteado de lo pescado. 


Sonora no cuenta con un convenio para la distribución de permisos de pesca deportiva, sin embargo existe el consejo Estatal de Pesca y Acuacultura.

Para información referente al tema de legislación pesquera debe referirse a http://www.sagarpa.gob.mx/conapesca/  o a la subdelegación de pesca en Sonora:
Tel.- 01 (662)222- 2676 Fax.- 222- 3802 Ave. Aquiles Serdán # 375 Altos, Centro, Guaymas, Sonora, Mx.

Las temporadas más viables para la pesca en Puerto Peñasco son en febrero, julio, agosto y septiembre. El cochito y la cabrilla se encuentran todo el año. De octubre a febrero se encuentra baya, pescada, pargo, baqueta, corvina, sierra y pámpano. En abril pez dorado y vela.
En Puerto Peñasco, actualmente se celebran 3 importantes torneos uno de ellos  “La cholla bay club” realizado a principios del mes de julio y 2 organizados por Desarrollos Turísticos de Peñasco, el primero durante febrero, marzo y abril y el segundo, conocido como “Anger of the year” celebrado en febrero y octubre.

Servicios en Pesca Deportiva
Puerto Peñasco
(638) 383-2785

(638) 383-5450

(638) 383-5834
Sonora Turismo

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Got Boat, take it to rocky point boating on the sea of cortez

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Got boat
Take it to rocky point boating on the sea of cortez

       Most boat enthusiasts from Arizona are unaware how easy it is to travel with a boat to Puerto Peñasco. not by boat, but with  boat….yes, I mean hitchin your favorite floating friend  to your truck or SUV hauling it across the Mexican border to the beautiful sea of Cortez. Crossing the border at Luke-ville/Sonoyta with a boat is not as difficult as one may think. In fact, quiet the opposite is true, it’s a relatively simple task. To show how easy it is to all those gringo’s who imagine they will lose their boat, wreck their boat or encounter foul play if they cross the border, we recently chronicled the journey from phoenix to Rocky Point.

Friday 10:30 AM

Getting ready to leave phoenix-destination Rocky Point, Mexico.

Hit the road Friday morning, no-thing like getting out of dodge a little early to jump star the weekend. Weather: A bit cloudy, which is a bit unusual for a March day in Phoenix, but actually nice to have the cloud cover.                                        On board we have two seventeen year old and two adults ready for a boating adventure.

Before we go: Backed the truck up to the boat, chained the boat, attached the trailer, checked lights and filled the boat gas tank (this is an option as it is heavier to pull and you can by gas at various stops on the way, at the border and in Peñasco) cheap jerseys Checked t he lug nuts on the trailer wheels, greased the ray bans ale wheel bearings, put the cover on the boat.

Checklist for the boat to cross the border:

*Current boat registration

*Title to the trailer

*Owners passport or a driver license and a birth certificate.

Friday 12:00 AM

First stop: 韩国回应中方呼吁中断韩美军演:军演仍将继续 Arrive in Gila Bend, take rest stop break. Weather: Looks like rain, good thing we have all the luggage in trash bags in the back of the pick-up truck. Trip to Gila Bend is easy and uneventful. Travelers are hungry so we cruise through the Burger King drive-thru… with the boat. No problems, just like driving in the car and you can still have it your way, even with a boat behind you.

Friday 1:15 PM

Second stop: Arrive at the Lukeville border: rain(really just a drizzle)however it finally stopped and the weather in front of us looks like nothing but blue skies.   Fueled up the truck with gas at the border (Mexico gas is much cheaper then the U.S prices). Purchased some more supplies at the border store and took another potty break. (3 females with small bladders in the car) Got the green light at the border. Hoping for red so we could detail any new questions but they just waived us through. Piece of cake. If we would have had the red light we may have been asked to pull the cover off the boat so they could look under, show the boat registration and trailer title. fake oakleys Very simple as long as you have your paperwork, proper ID and are prepared.

Friday 3:35 PM

Last stop: Puerto Peñasco. weather: Blue skies, not a cloud in sight, and wonderful warm temperature… we have arrived in paradise.                               Drove directly to the marina to launch the boat. Safe Marina is where we booked a slip for approximately $30 a day. There are several marinas to dry dock or rent a slip by the day, weekend or year. See below for list.

Friday 5:30 PM

Cocktails and sunset on the water. Weather: deeper blue skies, warm, but with a slight wind. As the sun sets, pink, red and orange streaks fill the sky. Another fabulous Rocky Point sunset.                                                                                  Margaritas on hand good music playing on the IPOD or satellite radio and a beautiful view as we glide across the water. Folks, it just doesn’t get any better then this. The best thing is when you come off the water, park in the slip, jump out and head to your condo. Where can you stay in Arizona where you are only 5 minutes door to door from launching the boat?                                                         

Saturday – all day

A day of boating on the sea of Cortez- magnificent. In my pinion this is much nicer than the crowded lakes in Arizona. Weather: Blue Skies, sunshine and warm temperatures, great tanning weather. Cruised the sea of Cortez all day stopping at Balboa’s for lunch, and JJ’s cantina for snack.

Sunday – all day                                                                                                                                          Another spectacular day of boating on the sea of Cortez. Weather: Repeat of Saturday but even more beautiful if you can image.                                          Inflated the sea doo inner tube raft and pulled the girls around from the harbor to Cholla Bay. Wind picked up a little in the afternoon so we headed back to the narina. Pulled the boat out and it was loaded onto the trailer by the marina employees, for the ride home. They will flush the boat out for $5 and wash the cheap jordan boat for $5. pay the $5 to flush the salt water out. Well worth it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Monday – (early morning) – going home

Weather: is incredible, definitely do not want to leave the blue skies and warm temperatures. No wind. Hate to leave. Crossing Cheap Oakleys the border to re-enter into the USA was very simple. A few questions from the US Fake Oakleys border, such as: Who owns the boat? How long have you owned the boat? Did you sleep on the boat?  That’s it… the whole 3 hour tour…and before you know it you find yourself back in the United States after a great weekend of boating on the ocean. The beautiful ocean which is less than 4 hours from Phoenix with plenty of room for everyone.           In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better or easier than that.

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Fishermen approves vaquita protection program

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Fishermen approve vaquita protection program 

Request for proper enforcement 


Fishermen have cheap oakley sunglasses always, and will always, respect actions to protect the endangered vaquita sea species, affirmed Mateo Lopez Leon, President of the National Chamber of the Fishing Industry (Canainpes). With this in mind, a group of fishermen made their way to Mexicali for the North American Launching of the program to conserve this important species. 


Lopez Leon pointed out that this program, as many others, is very attractive, but requires proper enforcement by environmental replica oakleys authorities. He noted this is something that has not happened up to now as there have been differing statements from various offices. 


He explained that for years, fishermen from cheap jerseys from china this region have collaborated with environmental aspects, even though it is scientifically proven that drag nets do not affect the vaquita in anyway. 


He added that while in mexicali, they took advantage of the presence of the head of the National Commission on Fishing and Aquaculture, Ramon Corral Avila, to Fake Oakleys demand that he intervene on order to assure fulfillment Cheap Oakleys of the agreements already existing between the environmental and fishing authorities. 


Lopez Leon indicated Cheap china Jerseys that during the meeting concerning the Upper Gulf of cheap jordans California they expect Conapesca representation in order to achieve a balance and properly define fishing areas and refuge areas the sea vaquita. 


The leader of the shipowners Go insisted on the necessity to open up dialog in order to prevent conflicts, provide effective communication and cheap jerseys apply adequate criteria under the regulations in effect. 


Therefore, he reiterated, the existing negotiation group has to concretely define how they are going to work, where they are going to work, and then all parties will be pleased.

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October: Great month for free Diving and free dive spear fishing

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

OCTOBER: Great month for free Diving and free Dive spear Fishing

The month of October is my favorite month of the year, not only because it is my birthday, also because the weather is perfect in Rocky Point, RCPM has the Circus Mexicus Concert, sunsets are fabulous, water temperature is still warm and there are a plenty of days with clear waters perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, kite surfing and also free diving and spear fishing.  One very interesting man I met in Rocky Point and now I am fortunate to call my friend is Carlo Bonacci.  We met kite surfing at the beach and have been friends since.  cheap jerseys If we go out on a cheap ray bans boat I snorkel and he goes spear fishing for lunch.  I had the pleasure to interview him:
R: Hello Carlo, tell us a bit about yourself:
C: I am a Geriatric Neurophysiologist, so I work with the elderly who have mental problems and memory disorders and I spend most of my free time doing water sports like free diving and kite surfing.  I have lived in Washington D.C., Italy, New Jersey and California where I got free diving.  I now live in Phoenix.  I started diving for abalone in Northern California which now that I look back on was insane; it cheap football jerseys is freezing cold water, terrible visibility, high currents and high shark attack rates.
R: So you like Extreme sports:
C: Yes bit I didn’t know it was an extreme sport initially.  I really got into it because of tranquility of diving, I love to swim around in the ocean and look around Donmak in the ocean and look around at the sea life down there, follow the stingrays, and other sea animals.  There is calming effect of diving into the deep, straight down, it is different when you go into a reef and the things you can look at than when you are diving into the open blue and just feel yourself getting deeper and deeper feeling the pleasure of the water heavier and heavier on you, primero you are floating in there and you cheap jerseys stop swimming but you continue to sink, once you reach certain point you reach what is called negative buoyancy which is like a freedom, like flying underwater.  When you train a little bit free diving you get really comfortable and after some 45 seconds of diving you feel pretty free, when I got to cheap oakleys sunglasses that point I started fishing for abalone and then free dive spear fishing.
R: What is it that you like about free diving in Rocky Point?
C: One of the things I like is the proximity.  Since I live in Arizona, Rocky Point is the closest beach to us, so we typically dive in San Diego and the Sea of Cortez.  Rocky Point is my choice because it is much less crowed and more convenient than the other choices I have.  I also like its easy-going ambiance and character, and for me it has become a very comfortable setting.  I feel very safe there, just taking the precautions I would take anywhere else.  It is especially nice because it is a small community and I like the familiarity of it.
R: What would you say about the water temperature compared to San Diego?
C: The water is much warmer in Rocky Point and that is of the big plusses, water temperature, you can dive probably May through October with just shorts.  If anything you can use a 1 mil long sleeve top, but nothing more.  In San Diego you need a full 6 mil suit or you would be very cold.
R: What would you say about the cost of going Rocky Point?
C: Rocky Point is just a much more convenient spot.  It is much easier to get around, find a place to stay that is reasonable and I can afford, than it would be in San Diego.  You have so many more obstacles there, even just parking in San Diego at dive spot is a bit of a challenge.  Rocky Point you can drive right to the point we want to dive off and Kayak all around.  It is very convenient.
R: What is your favorite sport in Rocky Point for Diving?
C: The spot out in front of the Reef Restaurant on Sandy Beach, there is some really good structure there, enormous rocks and visibility is better because it is not so affected with the sand of Cholla bay.  For just snorkeling, there is place called Don’s Ponds which is a little preserve with a lot of Marine life like halibut, octopus, a lot of star fish, Cheap Jerseys stingray, all kinds of shells Wholesale Jerseys and little fish, and once in a while we get to see cheap nfl jerseys good size fish in there because they are well preserved since no one is supposed to be fishing in that area for a while.  Unfortunately, I have seen some net scraps in that area recently which means that rule may not be respect as it should.  Bird island is also great.  You need a boat to get there, but there is also a lot of underwater structure there and you can dive anywhere from 2 feet to 80 feet and see all kinds of stuff.  There is a sloping pinnacle and visibility is great, I like it especially in the summer months when the water is warm, there is also more interesting fish including yellowtail.  You may even get to see a blue shark, and also you can swim with the sea lions which are very playful and fun to watch.  Just stay away from the males who will bark at you.  It is females who are very curios  and they will be twice your size and swim right next to you.  There are very graceful under water.


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Agreements established to reactivate fishing in upper gulf

Sunday, November 16th, 2008

Agreements established to reactivate fishing in the upper gulf
Bringing an end to nearly decade long conflict

Nearly a decade of conflict, tension and uncertainty in the fishing area came to a close through the cheap ray bans establishment of agreements and the reactivation of shrimp capture cheap jerseys in the Upper Gulf of California for large vessels.
Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez reported that following a four hour meeting at the state capitol OPTIMAL with federal authorities, they were able to address the situation and reach a satisfactory agreement for all involved.
He detailed that during the session, they heard and dealt with positions from fishermen, employers, and ship builders as well as the state and municipal government, and were able to resolve the problem without resorting to the need for producers to turn to measures of social pressure, as had been warned.
The Mayor explained that among the agreements reached was that to let ships from Puerto Peñasco enter shrimp areas in the Upper Gulf beginning Wednesday, Oct. 15th, while respecting established guidelines and the fishing exclusion polygon for the protection of the vaquita marina.
He added that they also agreed that beginning on October 21st, they would establish a permanent negotiation board here in Puerto Peñasco to work on steps Geddel and fake oakleys procedures for fishing in the Upper Gulf of Californiafor the long term.
“ We saw the willingness and openness of the federal authorities, as well as of those from the fishing sector, which made it possible to come to a documented agreement with which all those involved plan to follow,” he explained.
The Mayor appeared satisfied with the results of the proceedings he had headed up, as they were able to establish conditions to achieve solutions for the short and long term to benefit fishermen as well as ecology in the Reserve o fthe Upper Gulf of California.
He reiterated that by reaching agreements, they are taking necessary steps to assure we don´t relive the situation from over the past seven years, which included demonstrations and social pressure.
The City Leader stated that they willingness of everyone was key, stating they must now must assure follow up with the agreements. 

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Shrimp boats head to high seas

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Shrimp boats head to high seas 

With the expectations of netting a total production of between 1,300 and 1,400 tons this year, on Tuesday, September 9th, ships from the local shrimp fleet headed out to seek the so called pink gold. This launched the highly anticipated 2008-2009 fishing season, confirmed Cesar Alejandro Villaescusa Fontes, Head of the local fishing office (CONAPESCA).

      Villaescusa Fontes indicated that initianlly the launch for the Upper Gulf of Califrnia fishing season was slated for September 12th, yet the decision was made to move this date up for larger vessels so they could begin heading out on the 9th.

He detailed that with regards to the local fleet, nearly 60 vessels had set up to begin shrimp capture in the areas of Topolobampo, Yavaros and Kino Bay; the remaining 48 were preparing to depart shortly thereafter in detido order to work in the area surrounding this port as wells as Kino Bay.

      The local CONAPESCA director stated that some problems arose Prova in the area of supplying fuel to a number Cheap Football Jerseys of vessels, which then had to depart later. Yet, he assured, this was minimal and really only affected two or three local ships as, in general, the diesel subsidy has not failed.

He affirmed that producers are remaining optimistic and expect a oakley outlet production similar to that of last year, which brought in 1,389 tons.

      Villaescusa Fontes indicated that with respect to shrimp quotes for the season, up to now prices have not yet been revealed, although they expect these to be positive.  This will all depend, he explained, on the size of the product that comes in from the first trips, which they expect will come from those fishing cheap jerseys in the area of Upper Gulf of California. 

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Fishing Charters are Plentiful in Rocky Point!

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

If you want to enjoy a fun filled day of Fishing on the beautiful Sea of Cortez, then pack your vehicle and head south to Rocky Point, Mexico. Rocky Point is an exciting Fishing Village that has grown to be a wonderful destination for travelers from all over the US and beyond. If you don’t have your own gear, don’t worry. The captains of each fishing charter has made fake oakleys it easy by offering all the supplies you will need for your fishing adventure. All you need to bring fake ray bans is some cold «Спартака» drinks to enjoy while you fish. Here are some photos we have for you. Take a look!

      Fishing     Fishing     Fishing

      Fishing     Fishing     Fishing

      Fishing     Fishing           Fishing           

I guess if you really want to test your fishing skills, you could try Spear Fishing like the fella in the photo above. He must think he’s in the movie “The Blue Lagoon”!! Tough Guy..

The locals do it the easy way and fish right off the rocks by the Marina. You have to admit, it looks fun and easy, doesn’t it?!

      Rock Fishing     Rock Fishing     Rock Fishing

Fishing Charters can be arranged ahead of time, or on site once you are in Rocky Point. Here is who you will need to contact if you want to set up your charter before your trip to Rocky Point.

You can contact our friends at “What To Do”, Sea Fari Tours at 011-52-638-38-38175, fake oakleys or on wholesale nfl jerseys the web at www.seafarirockypoint.com. They have access to just about every ocean activity in Rocky Point, including Fishing Charters!

** If you book with What To Do (Sea Fari), please hockey jerseys tell them that your were provided with their information from Shea Peil at the Sea Side Phoenix Office at 1-866-785-2350. I truly thank you for doing that **

If you have any questions, please contact Shea at seasideshea@gmail.com

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