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Aeromexico PPE-HMO Flights:

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Aeromexico PPE-HMO Flights:

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As of June 20, 2013, Puerto Peñasco has flights to Hermosillo and Hermosillo to Puerto Penasco by the airline Aeromexico Connect, the only two days of flights will be on Thursday and Sunday of each week, prices range from $ 1,600.00 and $ 1,800.00 pesos each flight per adult.

The Sea of ​​Cortez airport starts with these flights and needs as they increase, will increase the number of flights.

Benefits of life by the sea

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Benefits of life by the sea

next to sea

There are many people who move to areas close to the sea for many reasons: by the sound of the waves, unique landscapes areas, for recreation, or just for relax motivation. Some people are just fascinated by this atmosphere of satisfaction.

There are occasions when people move to beach areas for health reasons as it has been scientifically proven that chronic diseases such as heart or lungs are better treated in this same area. Many factors such as oxygenation make this easier to happen near sea side areas.

Oceanfront living enables us to exercise and / or maintain a healthier lifestyle. The movement and sound of the waves are the perfect remedies for people who suffer of stress just by giving us tranquility to mind and body

The beach sand acts as a perfect muscle and acts as a therapy for tired muscles. In the city of Puerto Peñasco, there are variables on beaches with different features for the convenience of visitors, differences in surf, sand characteristics, location of landscapes and sunset view. Because of this, many people have used to buy an unlimited number of properties by the sea.

In short, people living near the beach are more likely to live a healthier life, consult your family doctor.

Aquarium for Rocky Point

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Aquarium for Rocky Point

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Rocky needs a tourist attraction as it is an Aquarius; we are privileged to have the Gulf of California before us which Jacques Cousteau named as the world’s aquarium, as it has a variety of marine species which areonly this area. An aquarium in our city would become a tourist attraction and most of all a great help to promote the care of marine species and help education. An aquarium would become an icon that distinguish us as a port, the aquarium is currently in school Cet Mar, but very small, need more space, more species to show and especially cabinets where they can appreciate all species and if possible show some water. Stated Kiko Munro.

World Flyweight Champion

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

Rocky Point’s very own World Flyweight Champion


Juan Francisco Estrada better known as “El Gallo” Estrada, took down the Hawaiian Brian Viloria, known as “Hawaiian Punch”, this past Saturday April 6th at the Cotai Arena in Macau, China. Estrada entered this bout at 23 Wins (18KO) 2Losses and the champion Brian Viloria who was defending his title entered at 32 Wins (19KO) and 4 Losses making him the favored one for this fight as the arena was filled with Viloria fans. Arriving as a hero from his long trip from China, more than 300 fans including family, friends and the press waited for his arrival at the airport in Hermosillo. “I am very happy to be home and better yet being back knowing I accomplished a promise I made to become a world champ. I shall be going to my native home town to visit in these next few days.” Those were the words of Estrada as the fans kept on congratulating him on his victory against Viloria. He traveled to the other side of the world a boy with a dream and came back a man with a goal accomplished. Estrada’s goal now is to stay on top and keep on winning. 

Labor Underperforming Employees are happier

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Labor Underperforming Employees are happier

Logic dictates that the top performers are those who are more comfortable with their work and enjoy certain Articulos 7 y  8benefits through the recognition of their heads. But the reality is exactly the opposite. From acuerdocon some estudoos made in Atlanta, United States, people with poor job performance tend to feel more happy and satisfied than those that best meet their work.

According to Mark Murphy, director of Leadership IQ, these results may be because employees often end worst performing their work faster and they are less pressured by their bosses, making them less stressed and more comfortable with your work and personal life. By contrast, those who do better tend to stay up late editing the work of others and feel more harassed by their managers. This shows that the less responsible reassures him not intereza in if your employment status ..

In addition, the consultant looked at a technology company with a thousand employees to determine the levels of commitment they have with the company. To the question “I am motivated to give one hundred percent effort at work?” The results indicated that, on a seven-point scale, low-performing workers were engaged in a level of 5.99 points, while higher performance than a 5.36. Also, the former were more likely to recommend the company as “a good place to work.”

Finally, the study says that those who do poorly do not know they are considered as such and in most cases its performance harms the rest of the employees, generating even desire to leave the job.

These data suggest that many employers are not appreciating the efforts of some of its employees, who may choose to go to other companies for feeling frustrated. The report recommends that managers talk with workers both high or medium yield and with low yield. While the former have to let them know they are happy with their performance, the latter should point out what their weaknesses to try to improve them and not create situations of disparity and resentment among employees

Easter White Balance, Rocky, FORWARD

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Easter White Balance, Rocky, FORWARD!

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Although Cliff received over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) visitors, the balance was white, with only mishaps of detainees was drunk what is reported in the village during the holy days.

The tourist inflow received from different points of rock country such as: Sonora, Chihuahua, Baja California and the United States, hotels, condominiums and other income rooms were at 100% capacity every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, for move to withdraw most on Sunday and as many on Monday.

With the visit of several bands, clown shows, fast food hawkers and tourists were seen in the area of ​​the Malecón, Explanadita and Mirador.

Peñasco is said satisfied the economic benefit received and is already preparing for Easter 2014.

With rescue workers, police, firefighters and Red Cross 24 hours who were constantly patrolling the city in order to obtain this result for White Balance.

Teenager sold a app for millions of dollars

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Teenager sold a app for millions of dollars

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Nick d’Aloisiom, a young British entrepreneur as 17 who have not completed high school, won the ‘jackpot’ after selling their successful implementation, Summly, mobile, search engine giant Yahoo!

, Yahoo! did not disclose how much pay for Summly, although the figure is estimated at several million dollars.

D’Aloisio, 17, who dreamed of the idea of ​​a program to trim content while studying for his high school exams, said he was surprised by the agreement.

The young mensiono: “I never imagined being in this position so suddenly,” D’Aloisio wrote on his website, before thanking his family, his school, and the investor Li Ka-Shing, who provided the capital Risk-on support. The boy with so Summly founded 15 years of age.

Summly condenses content so that readers can check more information faster, something useful on small screens of mobile multifunctional.

Summly was selected as one of the best apps of 2012 by Apple.

The deal announced Monday represents the fifth acquisition of Yahoo! for a small business in the past five months.

All have been part of the effort of his general manager Marissa Mayer to attract more engineers with experience in developing mobile services multifucionales and tablet type computers.

Although the new acquisition will be formalized in the coming months, D’Aloisio said Summly is no longer available to the public.

Summly technology will the population as part of other products in Yahoo! said.

D’Aloisio work to Yahoo! from its London office on a part-time shift so that you can complete their high school exams.

Summly Two other workers will join the internet giant based in Sunnyvale, California.

The young entrepreneur is younger than Yahoo!, formed in March 1995.

Gold Animals and Hazards

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

Gold Animals and Hazards:

Golden poison frog

Articulos 1 y 2There are different species of golden frogs and are believed most poisonous among vertebrates in the world.

Its venom is so powerful that 10 milligrams of concentrated substance could end up with ten thousand mice, up to 20 human and two elephants.

Golden Snake

The golden snakes have a reason for their luxurious color and is the ability to blend. Living in desert environments, this color allows them confused with soil and vegetation, as well as more easily hunt their prey.

Sand Driving Tips

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Sand Driving Tips


I have a great tip since you are in Rocky Point we assume everybody that comes knows what they are doing when driving here, since we already been there and done it ourselves . Just recently got stuck so it reminded me that ,not everybody knows .A 4×4 is really helpful but it doesn’t mean you cant get stuck the possibility is the same. There is tricks to that trade it requires airdown if you have an air gauge in hand use 15 psi that is about right if you have 4×4 even better with air down. If you have no gauge be careful make sure they look a little flat,when in a stuck position do not keep pressing gas you will sink .Get off and air down press gas slowly if moving keep going steady if not find help as soon as possible never sink vehicle it makes it harder to help, nearly impossible .When going into sand stay at a certain speed don’t slow down till getting out of cituation , if you are riding on sand keep momentum. Caution when using low pressure tire it has high possibility of coming off the rim.Drive slow on pavement till getting to an air compressor that means air at any location possible example Circle K ,Oxxo ,Pemex just a small tip.


Wrote by: Salvador Espinoza

What do locals do in Rocky Point?

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

What do locals do in Rocky Point?


In Rocky Point, the local people enjoy different types of activities that have become a custom for the families.

Activities such as fishing, visiting the desert, visiting the Pinacate, the estuaries, the beach, the old port and many others activities.

Even though fishing is no longer the number one mainstay of the people of Rocky Point, it is still a popular activity especially amongst local young people. It has evolved as a sport and a symbol of anti stress and relaxation for many. Enjoying the tranquil waters, the peacefulness or the sea on a sunny day brings a feeling of satisfaction to so many locals.

The desert it’s an enjoyment for local people and has been one of the favorite activities for a long time, riding buggies, 4x4s, etc. “Competition hill” has become a typical place for locals and visitors, it has become a meeting place to enjoy the adrenaline rush of watching the powerful atv, trucks and 4x4s that have been modified to compete in these types of events.

The sand dunes that are located on the way to Las Conchas, have also become a meeting point amongst locals that meet there every Sunday. There are reports that 200 to 300 cars meet there to compete or simply enjoy the races being held there. There are places there where you can enjoy a snack and drinks while you relax and enjoy quality time with your family and friends.

Summer time it’s the perfect time to visit the beach to cool down by jumping in the ocean, visiting the estuaries and enjoy some fresh oysters, fried fish, tostadas, etc. while watching your kids play in the sand an enjoying the breeze.

One of the favorite meeting points amongst locals has always been the “malecon” or the old port, walking along side of the sea and enjoying the beautiful sunsets with your family while the local band, the trios or a solo artist with his guitar will never go out of style in Rocky Point.

This small fishing town will always enjoy its customs and traditions, there are a lot of changes coming to this port but its traditions will continue.