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Puerto Peñasco, Rocky Point

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Last weekend I ventured to Rocky Point, Mexico. A word of advice if you ever plan to visit this lackluster town, bring with you people you love. No matter how fishy the tacos, overly sweet the margaritas, or dirty the water, you will still be gauranteed a good time! Here are a few of my own.

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Monday, January 7th, 2008

We popped down to Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point, Mexico for the weekend. Sallie had won the weekend in a charity silent auction a while back and organised for all of us to go.
Its a 6 hr drive from here and about 1 hour over the Mexican border on the coast of the Sea of Cortez and part of the Sonoran Desert.
The place is supported by rich Americans buying $500 K Beach houses and hordes of uni students descending over Spring Break. Its has been dissed because its not a real ‘Mexico’ experience, more like a China Town or Spanish Quarter. But hey, we had a great time anyway. It is off season, so few people, yummy seafood tacos and that great ocean smell.
We also bought two hand painted sinks, a tile and metal mirror and 100 funky tiles, to help decorate the new house with, so we are pretty happy.
I’ll get photos when I brave going outside to the car to get them..its snowy and deep out there at the moment.
Darwin had the time of her life, sprinting up and down, bounding through waves and stalking seagulls.
We stopped briefly at Organ Pipe Cactus Park, to check out the huge cactus’s and incoming storm. So big and spiky, just the way I like my cactus.

I did want to go out and do a few things today, renew my drivers license, buy a MP3 player, get milk, but the roads haven’t been plowed here yet, so I guess its another cuppa and WOW.

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Happy New Year!

Monday, January 7th, 2008

Hope you all had a great holiday season. We got a ton done and was able to see most of the family. In the first week off we had Mom, Jim, Katie & Josh here. They worked for three days straight on various house projects, getting FiFi/Filbert’s room ready and assembling the crib. I think a conservative estimate would say that they saved us about 8 weekends worth of work. I’ll send some photos as the room shapes up. It was amazing to have them here for Christmas! We had a laugh playing Katie’s new Wii and even took a walk on the beach on Christmas day.

The second week of our holiday vacation, we went to Tucson to visit the Gideon/Wilson clan. The highlight of the weekend was our niece Maya’s baptism. She did great! It was a long service and she got water poured over her head, but she didn’t even cry. What a trooper! All and all it was a beautiful day. Here is a photo of the Gideons and one happy Maya.

Later that afternoon we went to Rocky Point, Mexico with Ryan, Monica, Maya, cousin, grandparents and aunts to enjoy New Years at the Sea of Cortez. It was wonderful to be down by the sea, even though it was a bit chilly. We were amazed at how much the whole area had changed. What was once a quiet little get away, is now a bustling resort town. Here is a photo of Brendt and I on Sandy Beach in front of Aunt Dolores’s condo.

Now we’re back in San Diego, trying to get our lives in order before going back to work. We’re also preparing for Katie Neundorf, my cousin’s wife. She’s going to be staying with us for 3 weeks while she does a rotation at a local hospital.

2008 here we come!

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Business Goals and New Year’s Resolution – WHO do you want to BE in 2008?

Thursday, December 27th, 2007

I’ve written about New Year’s Resolutions in a recent post and here we are almost to the end of 2007. Have you thought about your business and where you want to take it? I know exactly where I’m going because I just updated my business plan.

Here are a few of the questions I asked myself while working on my business plan:

What do I want to do differently in 2008?
This year I want to do more writing about things I’m passionate about. Being an entrepreneur in the business world; characteristics of successful business owners; the benefits of a positive attitude. I also want more time for reading. I have a stack of books with topics that range from internet marketing to learning to train our brains to be more efficient. I just need to carve out time.

What do I want to delegate?
I definitely want to do less administration. Less bookkeeping and reconciliations. Oddly enough I’m fairly good at accounting. This is all thanks to my best friend Laura Klump who taught me how to keep a perfect set of books. I will be delegating the PR side of my business especially since I’m not good at Public Relations. I can help my clients promote themselves any old day, but I don’t seem to be great at it for my own business. I don’t want to delegate marketing because I LOVE IT! My mantra is: Keep doing what you’re good at and delegate the rest.

WHO do I want to BE a year from now?
I want to be a wiser and better-rounded person. For the past 3 years I’ve had my head down while building this coaching business and now that I have a smoothly running machine I can take my foot off the accelerator and ease up a bit. This means I can devote more time to BEING a better friend, sister, auntie, wife, and community resident.

What exciting vacations do I want for 2008?
I don’t know about exciting, but I want to go to Rocky Point Mexico at least a few times this year. There’s nothing better than staying in a house on the beach with close friends and cooking and drinking wine on the patio while watching the wildlife go by. While I love the fancy resorts, I also crave simplicity and authentic relationships. That’s what going to Rocky Point gives me – Time, space, great seafood, sand, ocean, and sunsets.

Take some time in the next few days to do some business planning and thinking about WHO you want to BE in 2008.

Grow Your Business and Prosper!
Suzanne Muusers
Business Coach for Entrepreneurs and Financial Advisors


Former Mt. Pointe athlete dies at 27

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

Colleen Sparks
The Arizona Republic
Dec. 20, 2007 05:28 PM

The Arizona RepublicDec. 20, 2007 05:28 PMIt’s hard to summarize all that Mountain Pointe High School 1998 graduate Kori Jacobson accomplished in 27 years, her friends and family say.

The athlete and chef died at age 27 on Dec. 16 from a reaction to prescription medicine, according to her family.

Jacobson, a talented high school and college athlete, attended Georgia Tech University on a softball scholarship and graduated in three years with a degree in business management. Most recently she lived in Los Angeles and worked for a catering company that served celebrities.

While at Mountain Pointe in Ahwatukee, Jacobson was state badminton singles champion two years, and she was selected for The Arizona Republic’s 5A All-East Valley first-team for softball. She lettered in track three years and graduated second in her class.

“I was always proud of her because she just was such a beautiful person no matter what she did,” her mother Karen Jacobson, of Chandler, said. “She was very, very confident; just a hard worker. She just always wanted to help people. Everybody that ever met her loved her.”

Karen Jacobson, a retired teacher, coached her daughter in badminton and softball at Mountain Pointe.

Ahwatukee resident David Klecka, a former Mountain Pointe teacher, coached Jacobson two years on Mountain Pointe’s track team.

“She was so . . . very grown up; she had it all organized,” Klecka said. “When I would run into her it felt like I was talking to a superior, in a good way.”

Desert Vista High School Principal Anna Battle, who also coached Jacobson on Mountain Pointe’s track team, said she was “a wonderful and beautiful lady,” and “one of the hardest working” and most “talented athletes” that she worked with.

“She did not know how to be mediocre,” Battle said. “I love Kori Jacobson and I always will.”

A Celebration of Life Ceremony for Jacobson will be 6-9 p.m. Friday at The Shalimar Country Club, 2032 E. Golf Ave., Tempe. The family plans to scatter her ashes on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that people donate to the “Kori Jacobson Memorial Fund” at any Wells Fargo Bank. The proceeds will benefit Jacobson’s niece’s club softball team.

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Well we made it Viva la Mexico!!

Thursday, December 13th, 2007

I left Scottsdale this morning, after a wonderful visit with a lovely family and their precious daughter”s, at 6am and with that incredible technology of the GPS I was able to locate a Walmart and stock up on comfort foods for myself and then again with the GPS find my way back to the highway I arrived at the Mexican border at Lukeville at around 12.30pm.
I was wearing my “cross the border Mexican soccer shirt” but didn’t need it as I was waved through in about 20 seconds never even left the vehicle and there it was Ramona had her first taste of Mexican pavement.
A vehicle permit is not needed for this part of the State but because I am going further south I had to drive 21 kilometers to where the Immigration and permit office is located. From previous experience I know this process can be long and cumbersome but there must be some truth to that statement about getting wiser as you get older because I ordered my permit and papers on line a couple of months ago and was very surprised to receive the permit by mail to Nanaimo actually seven days later. So now I went into the office with all my papers and in 10 minutes I was done, Ramona and I were legally documented and free to travel to all parts of the country.
I arrived in Puerto Penasco, where my great friends Linda and Scrooge, sorry, Guy have their lovely restaurant, so it was the first stop for the hugs and kisses. I then drove to the RV Park where I am booked in for one week for a cost of 125 dollars per week. It has full facilities including WiFi, showers, laundry and I am parked 50 feet from the beach. If you double click the Ramona photos you will clearly see the beach and ocean, so there will be morning runs on that beach now. It is lovely and warm but when the sun goes down it is a little cool, no I am not complaining.
It is quite amazing that two days ago I was in this very affluent area of California with a high standard of living and now in a small border town where many people are struggling to get by, but they do with pride, happiness and music. As I sit writing this there is wonderful music coming from close by.
It is great to be back in Mexico and all that it entails and I am looking forward to helping Linda with some food packages for some needy families.
Thank you to everyone for all your words of encouragement and e mails and I wish you all well from SUNNY MEXICO!!

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Mexico by Annie and Gunner

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

We had a great trip to Rocky Point last weekend. Gunner is a stud in his little jacket and button up shirt! The kids had so much fun that they forgot they needed to nap and go to bed at a reasonable time. It was a fun relaxing weekend! Ricky took us to the offroad race down there and got a few pics. Gunner loved seeing all the vroom vrooms. Oh, and there’s a few shots of Joe and Hudson Kerby. It was good to see Joe and Laura, hopefully I’ll get to take their family pictures soon!

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La Playa y Los Niños

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Like a bazillion years ago, it seems, I found myself soaking up the warm Mexican sun on the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. Rocky Point, as it’s known north of the border, has become quite the American hang out. The last time I was there as a teenager, we stayed in a very Mexican beach house, but now there are these HUGE hotels and resorts all over the place, which makes going as a gaggle of a family much easier. We had a great time, and I even took some pictures. Lacy, my marathon running SIL, posted some really superior ones on her blog (in a timely fashion, I might add.)


Powerful Words from a Real Buyer

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

November 26, 2007

To Whom It May Concern,

I found yesterday’s article in the Arizona Republic ‘Prime deal, prime debacle’ to be not only misrepresentative of the state of real estate in Puerto Penasco but also insulting and harmful to all of the Arizonans who have made sound and secure investments there. I bought a condominium on Sandy Beach a year ago this past October, have my bank trust in hand, and have been able to enjoy my vacation home from the day I bought it.

This article was about one very small area of Penasco but came across as if it was all of Penasco. As in any place in the world there is high risk in buying something on speculation, especially from unknown entities. I, along with over 5,000 other current owners, did my homework on the developer I chose to go with and purchased in a property of sound reputation.

I am a writer and often write about Mexico and investing there. I feel that it is the writer’s responsibility to tell the whole story to the public. I do not believe that this happened in this article. There is nothing wrong with reporting on specific problem areas but I believe it is wrong to sensationalize it to sound bigger than reality.


Ellen Boland
Puerta Privada
Puerto Peñasco


M.N.Johnston Blog

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

After Thanksgiving we headed off to Rocky Point, Mexico to the beach for some fun. The weather was gorgeous sunny, but windy and chilly at times. That would be chilly for us Arizona kids. We stayed in a huge house with a really nice kitchen that had a bar all across the entire counter, there must have been at least 11 stools and it had a great living room area.

The kids had fun on the beach, it was a little different for them to be there when we wore pants and sweaters. There’s no way you couldn’t be out there though, the sound of the ocean and the sand under your feet is awesome, at any time of year!

There were lots of good things about our trip, going into town with everyone is cool. Talking the local vendors down for my Prada purse is always interesting and Rocky Point is starting to have some cool local spots along the water. Of course the seafood at the fish market is always amazing too. Huge shrimp for $5.50/lb!

Some other fun smaller things: Seeing the sweetest black cocker spaniel on the beach that reminded me of my little critter at home, seeing our friends’ daughter Madi dig her little heart out in the sand, flying a kite with Mallory – “Run Forest, Run!” and collecting shells with Nick