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I would love a vacation!

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

I haven’t been in a real vacation in a while. Hubby doesn’t fly. The last time I was on an air plane it was for my brother’s wedding and I was in High School! Do you know where I’d like to go if I can go somewhere? Mexico!! That’s one of my spots to visit. I’m a beach lover all the way so anywhere in the Caribbean and Mexico would be a place I’d love to get to sometime. If I had some money though I would do something different. Instead of staying at a hotel I’d love to get a private beach house or villa. Looking at Puerto Penasco on seasidemexico.com looks beautiful. And there’s so much you can do on this website you can plan your vacation from beginning to end. Why stay at a hotel when you have so many different choices of what you can do? You can reserve it online as well. I like all inclusive packages because you don’t have to worry about every dime you’re spending. All your extra cash would be for shopping since you’ve paid for food and lodging in advance. And you know that those are the two most important things!

Goodness, I’ll be dreaming tonight of sitting on a nice beach with a margarita watching the sun set. One day it will happen!! In the meantime check out the website and let me know what you think! I’m hoping one day I can go to Sea Side Reservations and reserve my spot in paradise!

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Title: Sea Side Reservations

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

One of my favorite vacations was to Cancun, Mexico. If I get the chance I would definitely visit a tourist beach of Mexico again. The weather was beautiful, the water warm, and the atmosphere relaxing. One seaside resort area is Puerto Penasco and I think that would be a great vacation spot. With Sea Side Reservations you can book Puerto Penasco hotels and get travel information to plan a great Rocky Point beach vacation. They make it easy to find a great place to stay, as well as tell you about local attractions and events so you can make the most of your vacation.Posted by Kara at http://www.ramblingmom.com on 8/20/2008

Mexico Beach Vacations

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Mexico is one of the many places that my husband and I are planning to visit. We both love the waters and Mexico has a lot of great beaches that we will surely enjoy. We’ve heard so many good things about Mexico Rocky Point on TV and radio, so we were intrigued and decided that this will be the right spot to start our Mexican vacation . But since it will be our first time to visit Mexico, we need a great resource to help us plan this escapade and Sea Side Reservations is the best site to go online to do so. Sea Side Reservations can help you make visiting Mexico a great experience without any hassle. It helps you with the reservations in luxurious beach front condo or hotel. It provides important travel information and tips to guide you while in Rocky Point. Also, Sea Side Reservations can give great recommendations about activities and events that you can do and enjoy while visiting Rocky Point. With Sea Side Reservation, traveling to Mexico will not be a problem.

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Rocky Point

Friday, March 7th, 2008

The kids were released from school at noon last Friday, so we took off for Rocky Point, Mexico. Neither Ike nor I had ever heard of this place, probably because of our proximity to Baja, but this is the closest beach to Arizona and it is pristine. No waves, but great tide pool hunting. While sitting on the beach, we were offered the option of purchasing jewelry, “art”, horseback rides and even water skiing! Heaven. Our neighbors and friends, Gerrin and Karen (and Abby…not pictured because she was asleep) invited us to their condo in Rocky Point. We ate, and played on the beach, and ate, and got sunburned, and ate, and shopped, and ate, and played golf, and ate. When you can give opinions on the ice cream at three different places in one weekend, you are doing something right. We came home Monday tired and happy.

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AZ Republic – Get Off Our Back!

Friday, March 7th, 2008

We’re sorry, but can the AZ Republic EVER write something GOOD about Rocky Point? Every single one of the last 3 or 4 articles have been negative. Never do they point out all the good things, like the airport or the coastal highway or the new infrastructure we have, or the great things that Americans are doing to help the less privilaged or the charity events sending hundreds of kids to school, or the clean up efforts – the beach comber, the new garbage trucks, the animal control diminishing the number of stay animals, or the paving of SO many streets, the health inpectors cracking down on restaurant food handling standards…are you seeing where we’re going with this? The list is endless.

Maybe if they interviewed people other than those that shelled out tons of cash without seeing anything but sand dunes, then they’d get a better perspective of what’s really going on here…

Bad real estate transactions happen everywhere, even in the USA – A.R.M’s anyone?? If that wasn’t pulling the wool over people’s eyes, then we don’t know what was. Some of those companies never disclosed that the rates would sky rocket in 3-5-7 years causing the USA housing market would crash like it has.

There are PLENTY of happy investors here that did their homework before throwing their life savings and what not into their real estate purchase.

PS: Last we heard, Playa Azul gave back 85% of the investors’ money they had in the project.

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Rocky Point, Mexico, Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Need a tropical getaway while on a budget. If you live in the southwest, then Rocky Point, Mexico is your ticket to paradise. Just a 4 hour drive from phoenix and no passport required, this wonderful city offers incredible views and great shopping at an even better price. There are two options for housing; the rapidly growing hotel district or renting a beach house at Las Conchas or Cholla bay. If you’ve got a family or large group then getting a beach house is the way to go. Las Conchas offers a variety of houses at affordable prices. With miles of private beaches, and the tide coming up to your backdoor, these houses are a goldmine for site seeing and romantic getaways.

During the day, there is an assortment of things to do. Going to the fish market is a must. The local flavor and excitement of bartering for authentic souvenirs and seafood is all part of the experience of Rocky Point. There are many pleasure cruises and deep sea fishing trips that you can also sign up for near the marina.

The nightlife is just as exciting, from dance clubs like Manny’s and great bars like the Pink Cadillac, college students find plenty of ways to enjoy themselves during the midnight hours.

So if your looking for a place that offers beautiful views and great shopping at a cheap price; Rocky Point, Mexico is a must!

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“Studio D”…. Enjoying Life

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

We came for the sunshine and shrimp, and they were both wonderful. We had beautiful weather for all 4 days. As we returned home today the weather got a bit cooler & windy, but it was a lovely time spent with my sister Ev and her husband Richard, and 2 other couples, Fred & Janice, Norm and Joan who are Richard’s family…Great company and wonderful food and of course a few drinks.

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Puerto Peñasco Report Last Weekend

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

The forecast was calling for windy conditions late last week and again sunday and monday in rocky point but saturday looked like it might be just calm enough to make it out. I woke up saturday morning at 5:00 am to very slight breezes so i picked up my good fishing buddies Shawn Gustafson and Bill Hayden and we launched out of cholla bay just before 7:00 am. We stopped at the 16 mile reef on 180 degree heading to catch some bait. We had hoped to load up on live pacific mackerel but only caught 3 although the large (6-10 inch) sardines were very thick and we caught an entire bucket full in about an hour. These do not survive in the livewell but make excellent fresh dead bait. The breeze had picked up and we had a bumpy ride out with a following sea in 2-3 ft tightly spaced whitecapped chop. We arrived at the first spot and 3 boats were already fishing. 2 were already anchored and one was just getting set up. On the second drift we had a double hookup and Shawn picked up a nice white sea bass on a large jig and I brought in a good red snapper using a whole sardine rigged on a circle hook. We made several more drifts with no additonal bites and did not see a lot of action on the other boats so we headed to another spot a couple miles away. We made several drifts over the structure and had triple hookups each time on large goldspotted bass and ocean whitefish. We then anchored up and had consistent action on the goldspots and whitefish and a couple more snapper using the fresh dead sardines but Shawn continued to use the jig with good success on the same fish but after a while he got into a hot bite on yellowtail and picked up several from 8 to almost 20 lbs. We fished until about 5:30 pm and luckily the seas had calmed down nicely and we ran back to cholla bay and were back on the trailer just as the sun set.

Posted by Blood Decks.com — Take a look at the great photos of the fish they caught!

Trip To Puerto Peñasco

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

We took a three day, two night trip to Puero Penasco, Sonora, Mexico on the 9th of January. On the way down, we toured the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, just north of Lukeville, Arizona. We stayed at the Playa Inn near the old town harbor just off of Hwy 37 at the south edge of town. One of our primary goals for the trip was to pickup some fresh seafood to take back to the RV Park. We returned north to Dateland with 30 lbs of fresh, cleaned and peeled jumbo shrimp and 12.5 lbs of fresh filets of red snapper and flounder. The weather was good, sunny but a little cool. The old town area had a new, waterfront plaza honoring the governors (gubernators) of the states on both sides of the border between Mexico and the United States.

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Christmas and New Years

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

The day after Christmas, we packed up early to head to Mexico. We picked Alison and Brandon up at the airport and then drove straight to Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Chase and Caitlin also drove down that day from San Diego and met us at the beach house. Mexico is always guaranteed fun. Here are some pictures of the many activities.
A giant squid washed up on the beach right in front of the house. This was the first time I’ve sees one in the wild. It was awesome!
We did some good kayaking and fishing. We both caught a couple of fish, and one evening a pod of 6 or so dolphins swam right in front of us. It was beautiful.
We did Tai-Bo one night. Only the girls were strong enough to last the whole video.
Winter is shrimp season, and we bought some delicious shrimp and made fajitas and shrimp cocktail.

Mom made each couple take turns making dinner; we made the shrimp fajitas, Chase and Cait made chicken coconut curry, Alison and Brandon made some rockin pizza, and Mom made ravioli and the New Years Eve appetizers. We ate so well. We also did some shopping in town and on the beach from the vendors. It’s always so tempting to by tacky sombreros and enormous tin sculptures.
I wish we could stay in Mexico forever!

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