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sizzling event 2011

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

<img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-4903" title="sizzling_event" src="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event.jpg" alt="" width="316" height="480" srcset="http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event.jpg 316w, http://www.visitrockypoint.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/sizzling_event-197×300.jpg 197w" sizes="(max-width: 316px) consumer 100vw, 316px” />

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Is Rocky Point Safe?

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Is Rocky Point Safe?


Everyday in seminars, I am asked “Do you feel safe in Mexico”?  Linda & I have owned a home and have driven to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) for years.  To date, we have never had a problem.  I have been burglarized in San Diego, robbed in Tucson and stolen from in Phoenix….not in Rocky Point.

We also do not break the rules.   We drive during daylight hours and we’re not out drunk ray ban outlet in the early morning.  Don’t let the news media frighten us.  Life’s too short!

Playa Hermosa: One of the Best Beaches in Rocky Point Mexico

<p the style=”text-align: justify”>Think of going for a vacation voyage if you’ve got fatigued from your daily tightly scheduled work. There is huge variety about traveling destinations and one of the most wonderful exotic vacation spots with natural beauty is Rocky Point Mexico.

What’s there in Puerto Penaso that attracts the tourist from the far countries? There are superb beaches and thrilling surroundings to enjoy along with other attractions. It is one of the perfect places where you would like to spend your vacation time.

Rocky Point Seashores Adding Beauty to It

Rocky Point, Mexico is noteworthy for its fresh, clean and gorgeous seashores that attract the tourists. The superb Sea of Cortez adds beauty to Rocky Point and more particularly, the “Sandy Beach” is such a calm place where you would just sit for a long time to get relief from nature.

1. Playa Hermosa

Besides sandy beach here, you would think of Playa Hermosa as ideal for sea sports. Enjoy all types of water-sports here with your friends as if you are the part of the Sea!

2. Playa Mirador

Would you like swimming in the sea? Here in Playa Mirador, you have a pleasant chance to swim in the clear Pacific water. Also you have fair opportunities for enjoying varied activities, festivals, local events, bars and night clubs. cheap nfl jerseys In this manner, you’ve everything here that can make you truly enjoy your vacation spot.

3. Las Conchas Beach

Another beach of attraction here at Puerto Penasco in Mexico is the beauty of Las Conchas beach. It is truly a inhabited region often chosen for its unspoiled water and captivating sound of the water. Get to know more about Rocky Point house rentals and have the best accommodation.

Puerto Penasco is all about stunning seashores and is often chosen for its beauty and the various beach sport activities just like swimming, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and all kinds of water adventure. Explore the best Rocky Point vacation rentals alternatives and have the relaxed and happy staying.


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2nd Honeymoon in Rocky Point Mexico

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

2nd Honeymoon in Rocky Point Mexico


My folks are all excited about their trip to Mexico that is coming up soon in June. They have been planning this trip for a long time, something that they have put a lot of thought and planning into during this past year or so. Mom has a sweet Rocky Point rental all lined up from Seasidemexico.com, along with the airplanes tickets all cheap oakleys bought and paid for. The only thing she has left to do is to  pick up a few new outfits for her and Dad to wear that will look good and be suitable for what the tropical Mexican climate has to offer this time of year during their up and coming get-a-way.

My cheap oakleys sunglasses folks went to Rocky Point for their honeymoon and have some very fond memories of this beach side vacation area. They have always wanting to return there, but life seemed to keep getting in the way and now the time has finally come that they удочку are able to re visit the place that they so enjoyed so many years ago, at authentic nfl jerseys the very beginning of their marriage.

This will be much like a second honeymoon for them, which I think is so very cool! I’m sure a lot has changed since then but I hope that the atmosphere is still the way they remember it and that they have a grand ol’ time there during their week and a half long stay, they deserve nothing short of the best at this point in their life.

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Sunday, April 19th, 2009

La cultura en Puerto Peñasco se encuentra activa con programas municipales por parte de Acción  Cívica y Cultural; estatales como el Fortalecimiento a la Estructura Cultural de los municipios, del Instituto Sonorense de Cultura y el H. a Ayuntamiento, y comunitarios, como es el caso de Ideas, Centro Cultural independiente, Peñasco del Sol, con exposiciones en el lobby del hotel cada 15 días; Canal 3 Tele Peñasco con sus Viernes de bohemia y las galerías, Gracida Páez, Mata Galería, Alemán Garelly, Colibrí, Mar Bermejo y Munro Garrely que presentan exposiciones periódicas.


El programa Fortalecimiento  big a la Estructura Cultural de los municipios, beneficia a 25 personas del municipio de Puerto Peñasco para iniciar programas de creadores, cheap ray bans artistas, promotores culturales. Este programa anual entrega aproximadamente 540,000 pesos para las propuestas aprobadas.


Acción Cívica y Cultural a través de la casa de la cultura ofrece varios talleres además de eventos familiares como los Jueves del recuerdo con música bailable del ayer y los domingos familiares en la Plaza de los wholesale china jerseys Gobernadores del Malecón fundadores, con música en vivo, programas culturales y talleres de pintura para los niños.


Entre los talleres de la casa de la Cultura están: Dibujo Japonés, pintura para niños, pintura práctica, danza hawaiana y tahitiana, danza folklórica, salsa rítmica, banda de música para niños y jóvenes, Guitarra, Piano y Saxofón.


El centro cultural independiente, Ideas, del grupo independiente Culturarías, está llevando a cabo exposiciones con artistas invitados de varías partes del estado de Sonora así como artistas y fotógrafos locales, y cada Miércoles, el programa Noches de trova a la luz de la luna. Ofrece también clases de guitarra clásica, solfeo, armonía y apreciación musical con el maestro cubano Rafael Columbié, y de pintura con Julieta Olalde, de percusión ray ban outlet y batería con Alfonso Flores, entre otros interesantes talleres. Una actividad considerada tradicional de Culturarías es la Ruta del arte y del vino en Octubre y Mayo de cada año.

Rocky Point Magazine

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SeaSideMexico.com – Rocky Point House Rentals

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

If you are planning to have a vacation in Mexico? I highly recommend Rocky Point beach vacation for the ultimate Mexico vacations. Mexico is an awesome place to visit. Its natural beauty attracts millions of people from all around the world each year. Sea Side Reservations can help you make visiting Mexico a great experience without any hassle. In fact, there are tons of information available on the website that you can make use of and make your trip memorable. I used Sea Side Reservation to book a Rocky Point House Rentals close to the beach. And also got travel informations, events and activities. Check out some of their recommended activities and things to do in Puerto Penasco. For the ultimate Wholesale NFL Jerseys vacation, Sea Side Reservations is your resource for planning.

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Sea Side Reservations

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

If you are planning for a tour to Mexico, you can find good hotels and reserve rooms online at Sea Side Reservations . You will enjoy your stay in these hotels because they are located near a beautiful seashore .Most of the beaches in Mexico are very dangerous for swimming except very few beaches near Plaza Las Glorias. Puerto Penasco resorts are located very near to Plaza Las Glorias which is a very fake oakleys safe place for swimming and these beaches are open free of cost too. If you go to Mexico you can easily book resorts online at Sea Side Reservations who offer great deals.

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Let’s go visit Mexico!

Sunday, August 31st, 2008

Seasidemexico.com is offering its lodging service in Mexico. As I browse the website tonight, the lodding houses and resorts looks beautiful and all of these resorts are located by the cheap nfl jerseys beach.

Here’s a list of their lodging resorts:

Puerto Penasco lodging
– Sonoran Sun Condos
– Puerto Penasco MX Oceanfront Condos
– Condominiums Rocky cheap oakleys Point
– Esmeralda wholesale jerseys Resort
– Encanto Resort
– Casa Blanca Condominiums
– Las Palmas
– Rocky Point Mexico Rentals and many more

Give this website a try now and you’re in for the best oceanfront vacation of your dreams!

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Sea Side Reservations: Your Travel Guide

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

If you are still planning your summer vacation, you better hurry. Summer is almost over. Now Hacked if you are a student like me Wholesale NFL Jerseys there’s really not much time. But if you don’t have any kids or that you are a working professional and wants to take a long vacation then check out Sea Side Reservations.

Sea Side Reservations is a company that cater mainly for vacation reservations, travel information Cheap NFL Jerseys in a condo or hotel and anything that goes with vacations. They offer information for those who would like to cheap jerseys travel to Mexico. They have a selection of places that you can book as far as lodging is concern, activities such as boat ride, island tours, fishing charters, horseback riding and jet ski and wave runners.

And the best part for me is that they 2016-12-11 give you an extensive information relating to your travel guide to Mexico. They even offer Rocky Point map that you can cheap authentic jerseys use to get to a particular place.

So if you are ready to reserve your vacation, go to SeaSideMexico.com

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Rocky Point

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Are you searching for a good place to spend your next vacation? Then Rocky point in Mexico is the best place to go. There are many beautiful places in Mexico to visit. I and my friends are planning to go there for the next summer. To book hotels and for other reservation you can check seasidemexico.com. The hotel rates are very cheap and reasonable. The website contains all the information about the all the locations that you need. Sea Side Reservations is the best resource for your vacation planning. So if you are planning to spend ray ban sunglasses your ray ban outlet vacation in Mexico you can make use of this wonderful site.

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Ultimate Rocky Point Beach Vacation

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

For the ultimate Rocky Point beach vacation, Sea Side Reservations is your resource for planning. If you are planning to propose to your love one or have a wedding, this is one of the best places where you can spend cheap oakley sunglasses romantic moments with your love one. Either a Rocky Point Mexico wedding or just purely a vacation, you would love to visit this place and have a great stay. You can make Puerto Penasco reservations oakley outlet in a condo or hotel and enjoy the best services that they offer. Get travel information now and learn about Rocky Point events and activities and more!

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