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Before Amenities Arrived in Cholla Bay

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

by ANON from Phoenix

    This is a story about a happening that took place in Cholla Bay many years before the area was endowed with electricity and telephones. The citizen band (C.B.) radios were our only form of communication. One day I received a call from a very excited friend, Paul, who proceeded to tell me to get to their house right away because he and his wife, Jean had something very special to show me. My first reaction was to an emergency, but as he rattled on I could tell this was not the case and he went on to tell me he and Jean had been sitting on their porch having their evening cocktail when along comes this vendor carrying a cage overloaded with little birds of every color of the rainbow plus colors they had never seen before so get here and share this spectacular scene with us. I begged for ten minutes and then I’d be there. While collecting my car keys, etc. I recalled how Jean had had Paul screen in a section of the porch on the ocean side of the house and put in a few tree branches so they could make it an aviary for little birds they had hoped to acquire and felt certain this is where they had put their precious purchase.
    Just as I was getting in my car I heard my neighbor calling for me to wait. This neighbor, Terry, was the bird watcher of the community so I figured she had heard the call. As she got to the car she confessed she had been ‘rubber necking’ on the C.B. and wanted to join in. She got in the car and we were on our way.
    What a sight we walked into. All these colorful lil’ finches (about 2 dozen of them Paul said) jumping from branch to branch enjoying their new found freedom. Paul was right, of the twenty-four finches no two seemed to be exactly the same color. We all sat there for the remainder of the cocktail hour admiring the sight until darkness forced the closure of the fun hour.
    Jean’s house was the center for the ladies, almost-daily, card games. For the next few weeks the aviary and colorful birds were the center of attraction for everyone who entered the premises and passer-bys walking the beach.
    Horror of horrors!! This colorful array came to a surprise ending. Everyone living in this area knows it ‘almost’ never rains in Cholla. They claim the average rainfall is 1½ inches per year, but this night I think we got the years supply plus a little extra. Paul and Jean got up that morning to an aviary full of lil’ drab brown finches fluttering branch to branch trying to dry out their feathers. They took the whole situation in good spirits while Paul did express a desire to see that vendor again. No, not to bawl him out or to complain, but just to find out where he found all the colors and how did he apply them to the bird without making them sick. After a couple days Paul and Jean decided the lil’ birds had returned to their natural color so why not let them return to their natural environment and they opened up the screens and let the lil’ finches fly off onto another new adventure.
    The birds certainly were the talk and attraction of the community for a few weeks. However, since that happening I have never heard of anyone who has purchased an over-crowded cage full of colorful lil’ birds and that incident took place over thirty years ago right here in Cholla Bay.

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Cet-Mar Aqaurium is your “Ocean-Eye” View

Wednesday, December 5th, 2007

    You want to get up close and personal with all the spiny type things that inhabit our ocean around Rocky Point?
    Welcome to Cet-Mar Aquarium, easily accessible on the right as you drive to the entrance of Las Conchas.
    For two-bucks per adult and one-buck for kids you will see all types of sea dwelling whatchamacallits.
    Included are horned sharks, brown shrimp (yes, they do have heads), yellow snapper, lobsters, moray eels, sting rays, sea stars, sea cucumbers and every kind of crab known to man.

    Sea turtles? One of the two residing in a large tank swam up and accepted a pat on the shell.
    One tank featured a redsaddled sand stargazer, with the accompanying sign: “This fish is buried in the sand, Can you find him?”
    Answer: Nope.
    There were two small petting pools where observers (especially kids) can probe around with such critters as starfish, octopuses (octopi?), clams, sea urchins, snails and oysters.
    Outside the Aquarium is a sign in Spanish which, translated, says: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.”
    Go and enjoy.

    “There are only a few original jokes, and most of them are in Congress.” – Will Rogers

    So these three senior citizen ladies from Green Valley, AZ, are in Rocky Point. They admit they are hooked on “S-M’s.”
    At the Friendly Dolphin…S-M’s. A night later at The Lighthouse…S-M’s. Yet another night later at Lily’s…more S-M’s.
    They return to Green Valley to dry out. They openly admit they must have their S-M’s when in Rocky Point.
    The ladies are Dodie Bowler, Sonia Flowers and Lorraine Vonk.
    S-M’s? That would be “strawberry margaritas.” And I’m here to tell you when they order, they always add three words at the end.
    “Grandes, por favor.”

    Golf is not a game of perfection. It is a game of surviving imperfection. – Dick Eitel

    Near JJ’s Cantina in Cholla Bay there’s a newly constructed, fine-looking house overlooking the bay.
    Next to it is an equally large house, but obviously one of the originals, showing considerable signs of wear and tear.
    Painted across the eves is a large sign which reads, “Buy me. I could be as pretty as my neighbor.” And a large arrow points from the old to the new.

    Nutritional tip of the day. Eat lots of ice cream.
    Now I know there are those who will frown on that advice, but listen me out (out, listen me in?).
    We were at Guillermo’s (the Caliente Sports Book) in Rocky Point, and who should be sitting at the next table but Beto Malone, internationally known nutritionist from Searchlight, NV (a former pearl diver from Yuma).
    So I asked him point blank: “If you eat a lot of ice cream, will you get stalactites?”
    Beto: “No.”
    Moon: “If you eat lots of ice cream will you get stalagmites?”
    Beto: “No.”
    There you have it! There is no need to say anything more, except the cherry-amaretto at any of the Thrifty’s is to die for (for is to die?).

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Big Yard Sale to Benefit Animals of Rocky Point

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

The last yard sale to benefit the animal adoption center in Rocky Point drew hundreds and hundreds of people and was a huge success. The demand for another sale has prompted Nancy Phelan to enlist the help of her volunteers and have another on April 20th, 2002.
     This community yard sale effort is set up so everyone can participate. You can set up your own space and sell your wares, baked goods, crafts, used items, etc. (with a portion of your proceeds going to the adoption center) or you can donate items to be sold. At the last sale there were many donated items as well as vendors selling their wares and used goods. The stream of people started at 8:00 AM and kept coming all day long. As well as items for sale there were many cats and dogs up for adoption.
    For those of you who don’t know, Nancy Phelan, has created an animal adoption center, which has been running out of her home. She has turned her yard and home into a haven for stray cats and dogs needing medical care, a loving home and attention. Many volunteers have donated their time building dog houses, fences and pens and others have donated cleaning supplies, cat food and litter, medicine, dog food and pet supplies in general. Nancy is now working on expanding her operation to be able to help more stray animals in the city. Her plans include a larger adoption center, educating the youth of Puerto Peñasco and eventually to rid the city streets of homeless animals.
    The money raised from the last yard sale went for medicine, food and the general care and upkeep of the 50+ animals she houses. The proceeds from this yard sale will also go for the care and feeding of the animals. Come out to the yard sale and see your donations at work!
    The animal adoption center is located on Leon de la Barra (Calle 15). Take the main blvd. north from the overpass and make a right at the electric company. Go up 3 blocks and it will be on your left hand side (I block behind the Hotel Villa Granda).
    The sale will start at 8:00 PM and will probably go on until 2:00 or 3:00 PM. Start cleaning out those closets or making those crafts and come on out – it is surely going to be another beautiful day in Rocky Point.

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Aleman Gallery Opens in Old Port

Tuesday, December 4th, 2007

by Byron B. Jones

    Victor Aleman, internationally recognized spray paint artist, recently opened his new gallery in the fish market area just beyond Lily’s Restaurant. A beautiful view of the ocean now comes as a backdrop to his display of gorgeous “fine art.” Aleman will also do a scene of your choice while you wait.

    Aleman could be called the dean of spray paint artists. His work could hang in the finest galleries.
    The technique first appeared in the streets of Mexico City in a more primitive form using geometric patterns. Stumbled on by Aleman, he worked and practiced weeks developing it into true “fine art.”
    To watch him work is an amazing experience; hard to believe unless seen with your own eyes, not to be missed while visiting Puerto Peñasco. His artwork is something to be treasured, a painting just for you, while you wait, and a scene of your choice. For an appointment you may phone Victor at (044-638) 385-0669.

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Monday, December 3rd, 2007

by Tom Young


Well here we are looking at the first days of April. Many folks have already headed for home with more leaving every day. We have less than one month before we head for the high country again. It is always a sad time for us to be getting ready to leave Puerto Peñasco. It seems like the last six months have gone by a little faster this year than they did last year. I guess I must be getting old!

I think I’ll write one more article for the Rocky Point Times before we leave for the season. Then I’ll take a sabbatical for the summer and if Tom & Sandy will put up with me again next season maybe we’ll do it again. It’s tough writing for the RPTimes from the perspective of reporting things that happened a month ago, or guessing what’s going to happen in the next month. So sometimes we sound like were a little bit late.

We are looking forward to a long planned trip to Alaska with two of my brothers and their wives this summer. I’ve always felt the best of two worlds is Alaska in the summer and Puerto Peñasco in the winter. To me it don’t get any better than that.

We want to thank everyone that has made ‘Saturdays Soup Kitchen’ such a great success this year. Our monthly raffle allowed us to give some support to some very deserving organizations, including Alan and Connie White with “Esperanza de Vida” mission, as well as “Casa Hogar” and “Manos de Ayuda.” Our winners of $350.00 for the February raffle drawing were Dee & Ron Benninghoff of Phoenix.

The experience of being involved in feeding the children each Saturday afternoon has been very rewarding to us. The smiles and hugs we receive from the children is always welcome. To everyone that helped peel the veggies, serve up the soup, hand out the cookies, or just came along to lend moral support, we say thanks. We enjoyed holding the raffles each month and have made several folks happy with each monthly winner getting $350.00, or one of several fine meals.

We are thankful for the generosity of a great many people and organizations with the material and financial support given to us this year. Among those that we will always be grateful to is Roger, Jeanette and Mike Clifton and Playa Elegante RV Park management and staff. Also many thanks goes to Baja Cantina, Latitude 31, JR’s BBQ, Sr. Amigos, and the Lighthouse Restaurant who supported us with dinners for two along with drinks for our monthly raffles. Thanks to Tom & Sandy O’Hare and the Rocky Point Times for the space to report what’s happening.

Anyone can come along with us on Saturday. Just drop by space 120 in Playa Elegante RV Park. To all of you that are getting ready to leave Rocky Point, again we say—“drive careful, stay happy and love your loved ones.”


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Monday, December 3rd, 2007

by Byron B. Jones

International Correspondent


Once again an overflow crowd found its way into the City Park across from the Police Station on Benito Juarez street to attend the annual Art and Crafts Show organized by Victor Aleman.

Well known, acclaimed, artists and craftsmen and women presented a variety of unique, interesting and attractive work. Both local and visiting artists were represented.

Among the participants were 3 art teachers from the local Cultural Center: Ricardo Arenas presenting a variety of small, intricately designed glass sculpture; Ilva Carrillo offering an outstanding display of decorative tin work framing mirrors, boxes, etc.; Nidia Pino displaying a wide selection of attractive native pottery. Cornelia Felix’s exquisite hand beaded jewelry and earrings, along with her lovely hand painted shells, were instant crowd pleasers. The unique pottery of Dominga Toribio was much sought after.

Victor Aleman, the internationally acclaimed spray paint artist and RV muralist attracted crowds with his on-the-spot paintings, by request, in 5 or 6 minutes as well as displaying a selection of his beautiful tiles.


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The First CEDO Kayak Caper of the Season – A Huge Success!

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

CEDO staff


CEDO held its first new and improved Kayak Caper of the season on January 22nd, 2000, and what a success it was! Picture this… After a scenic drive to Estero Morua, we arrived the Aquamar oyster cooperative whose associates, Don Vincente and his son Juan Carlos, kindly allowed us to launch our kayaks on their beach. As the afternoon sun heated up the brisk January day, the kayakers got a quick orientation on boat safety and use by their experienced guides (and CEDO docents), Dennis, Lauri, and Mary. Accompanying the group was veteran birder (and CEDO docent), Gloria, who was available to answer any birding questions during the paddle. Each kayaker went armed with a laminated field guide provided by CEDO to help them identify different bird species.

The group set out to negotiate the windy fingers of the estuary, utilizing the incoming tide and current, while quietly approaching hordes of fiddler crabs, gulls, egrets, long-billed curlews, and herons. This diversity of species is a testament to the tremendous richness of Estero Morua. The estuary waterfowl is an enchanting site, and watching these birds in their natural habitat is a priceless experience. No resort can re-create the natural beauty and richness that nature has already created.

As the afternoon progressed, the kayakers paddled their way into narrowing canals, stopping for a refreshing snack and some good laughs while the tide turned. Following the outgoing tide, they made their way back to the Aquamar beach only to be greeted by tables set with nachos and salsas, a fully stocked bar, a blazing bonfire, and Chef Noel (in his chef’s hat, no less) preparing dinner on an outside grill.

After a few cocktails, our staff ventured down to the oyster farm and bought three dozen fresh oysters and clams that we immediately threw on the grill for tasty appetizers! As the sun set, and the wine bottles got a little lighter, Noel and Jenny, of Diego’s Restaurant in Old Port, served a fabulous dinner consisting of pescado al mojo de ajo, shrimp in cream sauce, shrimp over rice with a Mexican sauce, rice, tortillas, guacamole, and sour cream. As if dinner wasn’t enough, the flan that followed was out of this world! We couldn’t have been happier.

We are proud to say that the first Kayak Caper of the season was a terrific success, but we hope the second one is even better. Don’t miss Kayak Caper #2 on May 27th, 2000. This time, we will paddle out to the mouth of the Estero Morua where we will snorkel around the rocky reef, and return to the beach to be greeted by another fabulous dinner. The third and final Kayak Caper of the season is planned for November 11th, a wine and dine sunset and moonlight tour. CEDO kayak tours are informative and entertaining mini adventures. A basic level of fitness, the ability to swim, and a sense of adventure are the only requirements. Remember, space is limited!! Sign up soon!

Each luxury tour includes expert guides, local ecology talk, full day kayak rental, and an elegant full course meal with beverages included. We use beginner-friendly sit-on-top kayaks, and are fully equipped with life jackets and backrests. The cost of the tour is $100 ($90 for CEDO members) and is limited to ages 18 and over. All profits benefit CEDO’s research, conservation, and education projects.


CEDO’s mission is to acquire and distribute information about the Upper Gulf of California and Surrounding Sonoran Desert. These eco-tours are part of an on-going education program teaching people about the local ecosystems and how to enjoy them in sustainable ways.


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What to do in the Ajo area

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

What wonderful weather! Could we ask for more? (well, maybe a little rain to help the spring flowers along, but…..)

In reviewing past “What to do columns” we have covered the world famous open pit copper mine, the Ajo Golf Course, Day and Night Free Tennis Courts, The Ajo Airport, The Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Driving El Camino del Diablo, Organ Pipe National Monument and it’s 20 and 50 mile scenic tour loops, The Ajo scenic loop, Sonoran Desert Flora and fauna, touring the pipeline road and many of the special events that have occurred here in Ajo.

There is really a lot more to do here and April is one of the best months to do it all except maybe swimming. (Our new public swimming pool will be completed by the time everyone is ready to dive in.)

In the month of April the council for the Arts will sponsor a “Mardi Gras” and “Igor and the Jazz Cowboys” in a not to be missed return engagement.

Hiking in the desert is a favorite pastime and the weather in April is perfect (not too warm and if there are any wildflowers this year, this is the time to carry your favorite camera).

The Tohono O’Odham (formerly Papago) reservation begins at Why, Arizona, about 10 miles south of Ajo and on the highway to Tucson. There are several trading posts between Why and Tucson, with lost of Indian wares and exquisite baskets on display and for sale. The Papago baskets are probably the most intricate to be found in the southwest.

You pass through Why to get to Rocky Point. It’s a two hour drive though the beautiful Northern Sonoran Desert, Organ Pipe National Monument and in Mexico you skirt the spectacular Pinacates. (When we get cravings for Margaritas, shrimp, excellent fishing, and a Mariachi, we head south)

Here is some trivia for you

How did Why get its name? At one time the area was referred to simply as the “Y” and then when the residents wanted a post office the government said there had to be at least three letters in an official address. So they changed it to Why.

Why has two gas station, two saloons and a couple of restaurants, plus the “Why Not” store and Flores Chevron where you can buy Mexican Insurance and a variety of snacks to take with you across the border.

The Golden Hassan casino and convenience store and a very nice RV Park are just East of Why on the highway to Tucson. The population explodes in the wintertime by at least a thousand snowbirds who camp out in the desert for two or three months, in every kind of rig you imagine. Tents, campers, trailers on up to the most elaborate and expensive blue bird motor homes with everything from solar panels to satellite dishes. To see is to believe.

In the last column we told you about the new Chamber of Commerce office located just to the west (and slightly behind the fire station) but gave you the wrong website address. We didn’t know the old one had been closed. The new website is www.ajoinaz.com try it and see what’s going on in Ajo that we might have missed here and for time and ticket prices on coming events.

Rocky Point, Puerto Peñasco, is only 1 hour and 40 minutes from Ajo, Arizona.


Proper Animal Care

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

by Pat Famulatte

    This past month has been very busy for El Pobre de Asis. We had some problems with the land given us by the city but I am happy to report that it has all been straightened out. At the bottom of this article I have included a map to the new property location. Signs will be posted on the land soon and we will include specifics about the land size, etc.
    Donations are starting to come in for the animal shelter and we would like to thank everyone for their donations and we want to get work started on the shelter as soon as possible.
    Another spay and neuter clinic will be held in Peñasco on April 21. You can make an appointment with me to have your animal scheduled for surgery. If you are interested please leave me a message at the office of the Rocky Point Times.

    Besides the usual donations of building materials and money we also need cat and dog food, cat litter and kitty boxes, shredded newspaper, kitty toys and anything to help the animals in general.

    A website has been created for El Pobre de Asis and it can be found at www.rptimes.com/elpobredeasis.html. Here we will have the latest information available about the animal shelter, photos of the property and construction taking place, latest donations needed, etc. You can also email elpobre@rptimes.com or elpobrerockypoint@yahoo.com.
    Here are some important tips to remember for your pet’s safety:

• On a 90° day the inside of your car reaches 160° in only a matter of minutes. Even a short delay during your errand can be deadly for your pet.

• Opening the window will not provide enough ventilation to cool your pet.

• Dogs and cats do not sweat as humans; they must pant to cool down. The combination of heat stress and hyperventilation from panting can mean brain damage or death for the pet in a very short time.

• Signs of heat stroke: heavy panting, vomiting, glazed eyes, deep red or purple tongue, rapid pulse, and dizziness.

• Take these steps if your pet appears to be suffering from heat stroke: Do not give unlimited drinking water, do give small amounts of water, do apply wet towels to pet’s head, neck and chest to reduce the body temperature, immediately get the pet to a veterinarian.

The best way to prevent a tragedy is to leave your pet at home while shopping!

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Bikers are Good People

Saturday, December 1st, 2007

by Tom O’Hare

    Appearances are not always what they seem to be. A case in point was the 1st of March when five Harley Davidson Motorcycle riders came into Rocky Point, some with long hair flying, roaring engines and dressed in their leathers.
    Your first impression could run from A to Z. In reality they were five adventurous Canadians visiting Puerto Peñasco for the first time from Calgary, Alberta.

    Since 1991 this group has vacationed together by loading up their Harley’s and heading for a warm climate. They avoid the Interstate Highways whenever possible and they leave with no set agenda. This year they trucked their bikes to Mesquite., Nevada where they stored their bike trailers, and averaging 250 to 300 miles per day, arrived in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. While visiting Lake Havasu the group met “Red,” a local pub owner and frequent Rocky Point visitor. The group intended to visit Ajo, Arizona and then go on to Texas but after being convinced by Red what a great place Rocky Point was they decided to make the trip south.
    The following are quotes about their stay in Rocky Point. Bruce Spears a.k.a. “Sleepy” (concrete contractor), “I’m blown out of the water, I met two people from Canada that I did work for and have not seen for 13 years. (Greg and Mitzi, residents of Puerto Peñasco). Marv Drake (retired), “I’m overwhelmed by our acceptance.” Tom Scully (irrigation contractor), “A great experience.” Ron Alprecht (CPA), “The hospitality is indescribable.” Darrel Myroniuk (Logic Safety Systems), “The people are fantastic.”
    All the men want to thank “Red” for steering them to Rocky Point and they are looking forward to an extended stay next year in 2002.
    If you are ever in Lake Havasu City stop by and say hi to Red at Red’s Tavern on Swanson.

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