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Thursday, April 7th, 2011

The Delegate of SAGARPA in Sonora, Fernando Miranda Blanco, and Mayor of Puerto Peñasco, Alejandro Zepeda Munro, inaugurated the new premises of the Federal Bureau of Fisheries in this port, an effort that will provide a better service to the fishermen of the region.

With an investment of 1.5 billion pesos in infrastructure and equipment, the Federal Bureau of Fisheries Rocky becomes the first 6 offices in the State, which participates in the Institutional Development of SAGARPA, which strives to offer its users dignified spaces, functional and comfortable.

“For 3 years the idea of ​​having this personal space to meet the producers of the best, and today, with the willingness of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda, who initially supported us and made to pay the few resources we had The dream of moving to this office a reality, “said Miranda.

The Federal Commissioner reiterated that these new facilities are for the benefit of fishermen and shore height, which now have a space that can apply to carry out their meetings and make the necessary arrangements for the development of the sector.

“We have the first, hence we are going to Guaymas, because there fishers also need good care office, we only hope that the Mayor, Cesar Lizarraga, support us with space to just get into the modernization of the office,” said Miranda Blanco.

For its part, Alejandro Zepeda said that the City of Puerto Peñasco continue to support the fisheries sector this year, seek to build a new pier.

During 2010, SAGARPA and the National Commission on Fisheries (Conapesca) invested about 72 million pesos to support the fishermen in this region, through its major programs such as Marine Diesel, Gasoline Riverside, Engine Replacement, Modernization and Withdrawal of Fleet.

“We are working in the fisheries management program, we expect between now and 3 months to conclude the badging of the fishermen, and the process of chipping the boats and this year we bring back the engine replacement program and we support projects added value, “said the Commissioner.

At the opening of the new office located at Calle 12 No. 199, Port Area, attended by the Deputy Delegate of Fisheries, José Luis Moreno Gomez, City Clerk of Puerto Peñasco, José Ramón Campos, and the Chief of the Bureau of Fisheries, Hermenegildo Ramírez.

As the Captain of the Port, Miguel Ángel Ramón Gómez, Andrés Fernando Sosa Admiral, Commander of the Military Naval Sector, Mateo López León, president of the Federation of Shipowners and Littoral, and the lord of the Committee on Fisheries, Célida Pérez Duarte as well as representatives of SEMARNAT, and Conanp Profepa

Starts annual collection of Red Cross ambulances and delivery of donations

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

With the commitment and support of the Governor of Sonora, William Father Elias, the state began collecting Mexican Red Cross with the slogan: “With your help we can move forward.”

The State Executive gave the keys of thirteen ambulances were delivered to representatives of municipalities in Hermosillo, Obregón, Agua Prieta, Villa Juarez, Ures, Imuris, Caborca, Guaymas, San Luis Rio Colorado and the Red Cross delegation in Sonora.

Guillermo Padres, said that nine ambulances were able to acquire thanks to the voluntary contribution to society through the exchange program and the remaining plaques was a contribution of one million 600 thousand dollars extra from the State Government.

“A Red Cross thank you to remain an attractive face that has a helping hand to others when they most need, the year the Red Cross gives us a great service and the collection is a good opportunity to demonstrate how much we matter ”

Accompanied by his wife Ivette Dagnino’s father, the governor of Sonora set the example and was the first to make its voluntary contribution to the campaign, then were the different representatives of the Ministries and state agencies who have joined with your gift.

For his part, Carlos Freaner Figueroa, Red Cross delegate in Sonora Sonoran society thanked for their input and made a call to continue contributing to the noble institution that is only maintained the good will of the Sonoran.

He explained that in 2010, Sonora Red Cross provided transportation services 110 000 pre-hospital medical services and 150 thousand from the 37 in the state through its thousand 600 lifeguards.

Padres also presented to the Governor a report on the financial situation of the institution a transparent way the resources and reaffirm its commitment to the Sonoran society who invited to make their voluntary contributions to continue providing 302 services daily.
For a month, aid workers and Red Cross volunteers undertake collections in the main streets of the city with the goal of exceeding the 11 million pesos that were donated last year and that will continue to serve families in Sonora.

Sonora Red Cross
110 000 ambulance services
150 medical services and consultation
302 daily services
37 delegations
140 ambulances
1600 lifeguards
13 ambulances were delivered equipped

Raise funds to promote Puerto Peñasco in Arizona

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

Perform charro event in Hacienda La Cordobesa
With the goal of raising funds to promote Puerto Peñasco in the state of Arizona, yesterday at about 5 pm La Hacienda La Cordoba was the scene of a great event horse dance, skirmishes, flourish of rope, folk dance and singing, especially with the beautiful Mexican stamp that identifies our beloved Mexico: the rodeo.

The sun was slowly disappearing, attendees were ready and excited to witness the great event, participants were organized to find its place of participation, suddenly, the voice of Miguel Guevara announces the start of the event by presenting participants in Mexicali skirmishes and spontaneous applause started and stayed for all other presentations.

It was a fresh air but it seemed that people who cooperated in this event, did not feel it was much more whip looked up the various artists who had the cool evening, really enjoyed the event!, Whose presentations were by the association of charros de Mexicali.

Miguel Guevara Askar, owner of the hacienda and host of the night commented that he hopes to multiply the money with the municipal, state and federal project the image of Puerto Peñasco abroad, “we are in a difficult situation and we must unite the rocaporteneses to do something, and I really want to give thanks to the American community who are mostly those who support us and also many Mexicans and everyone puts their bit to where I can “he said.

It is important to note that this is the fourth event set by the estate of Cordoba, the first was to collect and distribute groceries to the community of Puerto Peñasco, the second was to help the church in Puerto Penasco La Guadalupana, the third party which enjoyed the presentation of Jenny Rivera was to help the school of Music in Puerto Peñasco and this most recent to promote Puerto Peñasco abroad.

Askar said that Guevara will continue to do events for different causes that benefit the people of Peñasco, “We are not professionals, we are not dedicated to this, but if we can do and raise money for what we do and also doing a lot of fun

Train staff of the Public Municipal Security

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


With the goal of having more police forces trained and equipped to provide better service to citizens the Public Security Bureau launched the “Training Program 2011 ¨ the elements of the Municipal Police provides 16 workshops to be held this year .

Items such as weapons and shooting, human rights, police ethics, basic manual, reporting among others are part of this training will be given to police officers by the City and the Grant for Municipal Public Security (Subsemun) in addition to the Institute of Public Safety of the State (ISSPE).

On behalf of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the Secretary José Ramón Campos Santos welcomed the audience by emphasizing the great importance that have this type of training for agents, which will help them continue with due regard to the public.

He stressed that these programs allow them to better public servants, men and parents, instilling respect for the peñasquenses, stressing the commitment of the Municipal Government to continue providing the necessary tools to do a better job.

“This course is for the benefit of you, to continue honoring this corporation and what care is their job, all in support of our community,” he said.

Highlighted the work of the Inhabitant of the efforts so far to the elements that make up the Municipal Police have this kind of training and a good team, hoping this will become one of the best in the state and national levels, said Santos Campos.

For its part, the Director of Public Safety Lazaro Hernandez Bravo said that these workshops will give better guidance elements and preparation for the city, and inspire warmth and trustingly on people.

He urged the staff of this corporation to put total dedication and commitment during this training which is part of a better preparation to continue with their daily work to the benefit of the integrity of the inhabitants of this Municipality


Friday, April 1st, 2011

With the airways of Juarez. Queretaro and Tijuana, Peñasco is the closest beach destination

Will be tentatively on 15 April when he restarted for the second time the rate charter tourist flights, the Air Globar Mexican company, with routes Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Queretaro and Tijuana, Oscar Palacio Soto, representative of the Port Hotel Peñasco.
The dynamic is the same as the one held last year, said Stewart Hall, where charter flights from three different points of the Mexican Republic arrive in the Sea of ​​Cortez airport on Monday and Friday of each week, so that new account is opened the air travel market in the northwestern state.
He noted that thanks to the efforts of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the state governor, Guillermo Padres, the coordinator of Tourism, Javier Tapia Camou and the company Global Air, you bet again to Rocky Point as a destination top tourist and where entrepreneurs from different sectors need to be united and ready to receive important air travel market.
“We have a strong promotional campaign in Ciudad Juarez, Queretaro and Tijuana for opening of tourist type charter flights company Global Air, April 15, so we’re betting a lot on tourism by air, the government state and the company chartered and conventions and we for our part we are in the logistics for transporting passengers, “said the representative of the hotel in Rocky Point.
Soto Palacio states that Puerto Peñasco is the closest beach destination to all the people out of Querétaro and the center of the republic in terms of flight hours, so you must take this situation certainly benefiting all sectors tour of the port.
He recognized that the new airport Sea of ​​Cortez is sacrificing economic revenue for this market is an embodiment air, so the hotel developers must do their part to attractive promotions, in addition to the population and service providers must improve care for the new tourist feel comfortable and safe in your care.
He noted the gratitude to the state government when these conventions and be a guarantee to the airline and the support of municipal authorities for facilitating the things that allow a greater influx of tourists in Puerto Peñasco and the opening for the second time in the tourist market air in this beach resort in northwestern Sonora

Why the speed of a ship expressed in knots?

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Trirreme griego

Ever wondered why you have in the Navy to refer to the speed of a boat, knots are used? A lack of resources, in ancient times had to use imagination to rely on the sea, and despite today’s explanation is simple, not lack of talent.

One of the first methods that were sailors to determine the speed of the ships was an archaic probe. It was basically throwing a rope supplied water of knots separated by a distance, so after a while – once set by the hourglass – the crew picked up the Task Manager to see how the widget was nodes that had been unwound (The rope with knots was wrapped in a piece of wood). Based on data obtained on board knew full speed they carried.

At the end I considered that a knot equivalent to one nautical mile per hour (1 nautical mile = 1.852 km), so that a speed of 10 knots equals 18.52 km / h.

3000 pets vaccinated in Puerto Peñasco

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

With an excellent response from the community conducted ¨ Rabies Vaccination Day National exceed the target ° to about 3000 pets vaccinated throughout the site on Saturday March 26 reported, Socorro Ruiz Villareal.

The Municipal Health Coordinator called positive vaccination campaign who attended most of the colonies of the city with the aim of preventing diseases among dogs and cats, especially now that seasons are approaching the strong heat.

Revealed that during this long day was attended by staff of the agency in charge as well as the Health Ministry who from an early hour were covering all the animals that required immunizations.

Be stressed that continuously implementing such programs in the area with the sole purpose of working on rabies prevention and disease transmission risks that may impair the health of animals and their owners.

Ruiz Villareal called on all citizens to participate in this program, taking their dogs and cats to be vaccinated inviting them to come to the offices of the Municipal Health Coordination where permanent vaccination

Mayor support for coastal fishermen

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

  Resources for more than 18 thousand pesos were given this day to coastal fishermen by the Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro to carry out three steps that need to be able to obtain fishing permits.

The Mayor, accompanied by the trustee Noe Bañaga Farias, the town clerk, José Ramón Campos Santos and Councilman Luis Lopez Lopez, presented the support of representatives of the fishermen.

“We have a commitment to you, so we are now handing this check to perform the procedures they lack, and know that they have our support, “he said.

Obtaining the registration and safety certificates, in addition to the certification of procurement, are the processes which will be allocated the resources that the municipal government gave them.

The fishermen expressed their gratitude to the mayor to comply with a commitment made ​​to them and expressed their confidence that this situation comes to an end as soon as possible and thus able to return to fishing activities

Progress in paving by 85% at Malecon

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

A 85% advance in the work of paving the waterfront is what is recorded until today and confirmed the date for delivery of the work to be before 16 April reported Curiel Fernando Navarro.

The Public Works director of the council, said details are to close the sidewalk to continue with the pavement on the south side of the pier, which includes the first part of the pavement from the building where the offices of finance to Hotel Viña del Mar.

Reported that already have facilities ready to receive the lighting, which is already engaged and is having the same characteristics of what is already installed in some areas of the port.

With regard to electric power lines for delivery said this first stage is covered 100%, so everything will be underground and will be eliminated facilities currently air.

As for the rest of what is the Malecon, and out of main and side streets cavalcade, reported that the process to lower the resources in this period, it goes very well on the way, for what is expected very soon have favorable news and to announce the start of the second stage, which covers the rest of the pier in its entirety.

He finished by explaining that the coming days of Holy Week will be paved and potholes the rest of the streets so that visitors can travel safely and comfortably the boardwalk

Athletes raise money for Japan

Friday, March 25th, 2011

The so-called ‘Team Japan’ has collected $ 227 000 in five days to help earthquake victims, it leads the athlete Dai Tamesue
A group of Japanese athletes, some of them from their places of competition or training abroad in five days has raised $ 227 000 to help victims of the earthquake that struck the country last week.

The group ‘Team Japan’ was established on March 13th, two days after the quake, led by Dai Tamesue athlete, twice a bronze medal in World championships in 400m hurdles, who has provided 80 000 600 dollars.

“It breaks my heart not be there to help. I’m currently in San Diego, but this devastating crisis has made me realize that my heart is with the people of Japan. As athletes, we never give up. So we play to our . I have faith that Japan will never surrender. We have the strength to overcome this tragedy, “said Dai Tamesue