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Citizens in Action

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

  Committed to a better Peñasco took on the task this week on Tuesday April 19 to perform cleaning work in avenues, streets and boardwalk of the old port area, children, women, and members of the American colony residents the city as well as officials and employees of the district headed by the mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Secretary Ramon Santos and Campos Marcos Flores Durazo treasurer, respectively, joined civic exemplary citizen who stated the proud mayor to govern a people as positive and participatory selflessly to the tasks that come to give improvements to the urban image

SESP monitors tourist spots and beaches by land and air

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

  An operation described as historic performed the Executive Secretariat of Public Security (SESP) in this holiday period by deploying three helicopters and hundreds of patrols to monitor air and sea beaches and tourist points of Sonora.
Ernesto Munro Palacio, Executive Secretary of Public Safety, arrived Wednesday at Puerto Penasco for overseeing the Special Operations involving 350 elements of the State Police Public Safety (PESP), distributed in strategic points of the state.
“For the first time in history, ” he said, “we will have three aircraft to monitor the tourist sites and beaches of the state, from Puerto Penasco to Desemboque, Miramar San Carlos and Las Bocas Huatabampito, among other things. ”
He stressed that this is the first mission fully equipped helicopter for surveillance and rescue which recently acquired the Secretariat office.
On his arrival in Puerto Penasco, the owner of the SESP was received by the Mayor, Alejandro Zepeda Munro, Director of Municipal Public Security, Lázaro Hernández Bravo, magistrates and officials, and the Director of Public Safety State Police, Alonso Ulises Gómez Méndez-Manuell.
Munro Palacio said that in Puerto Penasco with the participation of 15 patrol and 55 elements of the PESP, who will coordinate with other corporations of the three levels of government.
He noted that the main objective of Special Operations is to protect the integrity of tourists and residents of Sonora during these Easter holidays for a white balance.
Finally, he asked the tourists to Sonora and extreme caution when taking the highway, using seat belts and not combine alcohol with the steering wheel.


Saturday, April 23rd, 2011


The town, Civil and Military Authorities paid emotional tribute in memory of the Heroes in homeland defense that struggled against the invasion of American naval forces on April 21, 1914 invaded the port of Veracruz.

The warm sunlight of this morning 21 April, the town of Puerto Peñasco, civil authorities and the army of Mexico Rocky sector, paid emotional tribute to the memory of the heroes of the fatherland, who on a fateful day but makes 96 years in the port of Veracruz, the people, the cadets and officers from the military academy established there defended heroically with the delivery of their precious lives for the invasion of pride conquering American naval force invaded for no reason and waters native land

Announced expansion of the coastal Highway Convention Center and Home Port

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

 Coast Highway will be connected with a new extension of it to the area of ​​condominiums. The construction of a new convention center will begin in 60 days in the field of the old airport building, said Javier Tapia Camou, State Coordinator of Tourism and Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro at a press conference to the media held in the mayor’s office this morning on 21 April.
The construction of the roads that connect the coastal road to the resort area of ​​the city will be embodied in a first stage with the signing of the agreement and providing resources that made the Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro and Tourism Development Coordinator Javier Tapia Camou on a working visit to the state official made this municipality.
The Coordinator of Tourism announced that they are about 10 million which will be invested in this first phase of construction includes 4.1 km are a total which will be performed in two phases comprising the project.
He explained that in the two stages will invest more than 20 million pesos concerning the roads which are expected to be materialized in the first quarter of next year.
Camou Tapia noted that currently are working on what is the first stage of construction of the Convention Center which has already been authorized 30 million dollars by the Secretary of Tourism of the 60 that are going to invest in this work which is expected to start this year.
He stressed that this project is supported by the Federal Government, the State, the Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism is expected to start its construction at a maximum of 60 days and look completely finished in 2012.
He stressed that on the instructions of the Governor Guillermo Padres Elijah is working on the implementation of the relevant studies for the arrival of the Home Port is a reality in Puerto Penasco, which is expected to occur in 2013.
Said that major projects such as the Convention Center which is located in the place of the old airport, connecting roads and the arrival of cruise ships are part of a push to increase the flow of visitors to this city to come to enjoy the attractions that this resort offers Sonora.
He added that there is willingness on the part of the State Government to work hand in hand with local authorities for these projects look concretized in a short time for the benefit of residents and the tourism industry of this city.
Alejandro Zepeda welcomed the support being provided to these operations that are to detonate the city which will allow Puerto Peñasco is increasingly regarded as one of the best tourist spots in the region

Easter Charts in rocky Point

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011
Peñasco and visitors are having a party, and fortunately so far, there is white balance!.

The graphs we present are recorded accurately by the thousands of families gathered to enjoy the holiday resort with the occasion of Easter, which allowed residents, local visitors and hundreds of foreign visitors for a few days to forget about everyday problems come and enjoy the large sun, attitude and clean beaches, warm waters of the Red Sea, the famous seafood cuisine and the contagious joy rocaportense night and day to give visitors to the newly refurbished pier founders more than 3 dozen bands tasted.

Sonora ticketed front row

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

In my imagination the Sonora state resembles the actress Maria Felix, the delicious flour tortillas Caborca, the gardens of houses in Alamos, the Sea of ​​Cortez, the tang of bacanora, however, now, also been thinking about this I refer to the action. Recognizing Sonora
I had already seen the sinuosity of the Sierra Madre Occidental, since then I fell in love with its mountains, so close to the tropics,
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Nancy Hernández Yáñez Text
Photos of Mauricio Ramos
Besides its traditional bacanora, its huge flour tortillas and beautiful desert landscape, this state is ideal for rafting.
March 2011 manage, browse, explore and escape
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align themselves with moisture to become a haven for various forms of animal and plant life, but I never admitted to its mangroves and had sailed the rivers, so far I can say just beginning to learn Sonora.
I came directly to Los Alamos, I’ve always liked for its colonial houses of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, its orchards and gardens where they grow mangoes and pomegranates and seek beautiful flower beds, pools and fountains.
The first thing I did when arriving at Los Alamos was to meet my good friend Spiro Pavlovich, director of Municipal Tourism in Sonora who had prepared for me and the bike to visit the Sierra de San Bernardo. Pedaling at this place is like buying front row ticket to watch the spectacle of nature, this is one of the places in Mexico with the highest diversity and biological wealth, counting among its assets with 1,100 recorded species of higher plants and 351 species birds among which are the green macaw, the mountain parrot, the golden eagle, osprey, falcons, eagles and hawks, to name a few.
Then I went to Huatabampo (“Sauce on the Water” Cahita language), where the first thing I did was give me a swim at the beach and I was ready for the next stop: the mouth of the Rio Mayo, and back to water take a kayak trip to the sand dunes. The Mayo is the second largest river in Sonora and one of the few with perennial streams, their waters have subsided with the construction of a dam and are used for irrigation. By boat you can make a nice route and arrive at Santa Barbara, a town in May. And for lovers of photography, the ride offers amazing scenery. During the kayaking, bird watching that live among the mangroves, is the main activity, the “paddle” is just a complement, and be able to observe such beautiful birds in their natural habitat is carried throughout the function.
The time paddling to reach the dunes is about 40 minutes and believe me, it is worthwhile to do a river and join sand dunes in turn are attached to the sea, is not an everyday thing. And in the dunes, you can practice
Sea travel the Yucatan Peninsula to view the union of the Gulf of Mexico with the Ocean Caribe.Duisissequat vulputpat, at smodipit veliqui.

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sandboarding-slide through the sand on a table-sport very exciting. The show must go on
And yes. Navopatia continued to reach, where a stately home mangle a family of dolphins! More birds! so again I got to kayak to admire and, plus, I had the opportunity to see a forest of pitayas, something unknown to me. This place is an hour and a half of Huatabampo and is ideal for the practice of camping, it’s so neat its variety of birds that settled here a research center at the University of Washington for bird watching as caracara The black duck, the white pelican, the Harris hawk and woodpeckers, among many others.
The best thing about camping in Navopatia happens at night when you can throw more
Equipment, organization of tours and guides for bird watching (http://www.solipaso.com/ info@solipaso.com).
Sonora Tourist Information
Spiro Pavlovich, Pavlovichspiro.pavlovich @ gmail.com
Accommodations in Alamos
www.elpedregalmexico.compara just watch the sky and its stars. The sunrises are also spectacular, the sun emerges on the horizon and tones ranging from red to yellow through blue, shades to which no words to describe them. After the show I went to the Kawi May Hill to practice trekking, fresh air and admire nature. Perm voluntary anencia
Staying in Sonora is an almost irresistible temptation, but I have to go. On another occasion again to visit indigenous communities and Mayo gaurijios to learn about their origins, their culture and how they have adapted to civilization.
What is not left yet but I will return to do was eat the rich flour tortillas, machaca and coyotes. KEEP WELL HYDRATED SKIN IS OF VITAL IMPORTANCE AS THE WIND FRICTION AND SON SAL ABRASIVE.
Sea travel the Yucatan Peninsula to view the union of the Gulf of Mexico with the Ocean Caribe.Duisissequat vulputpat, at smodipit veliqui

Puerto Peñasco will host the contest Nuestra Belleza

Saturday, April 9th, 2011


Puerto Peñasco will again host the event Nuestra Belleza Sonora 2011 to be held this coming June 11 in the resort Las Palomas Mayor Alejandro Zepeda said Munro with his wife Marcela Albelaiz and the Director of Televisa Hermosillo Ruben Lucero.

In the presence of Nuestra Belleza Sonora 2010 Ericka Bernal, the mayor stressed that this great event will allow our city to project a national level to be seen by a potential market of more than 30 million viewers in different states of Mexico.

He appreciated the good dispocision Televisa Hermosillo company for work done in conjunction with municipal authorities to Peñasco is the protagonist of this event that highlights the beauty of the Sonoran woman that is made to benefit the Municipal DIF.

Ruben Lucero outside this contest is regarded as the best state-level competition from around the country and with the live broadcast will be a great enhancement to this tourist destination thus highlighting the attractions of mind, being projected in entities such as Baja California, Sinaloa, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Guanajuato, Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas and this year joins the Bajio region highlighted Leon and Aguascalientes.

He extended the invitation to all citizens and the general public to come and enjoy the competition adding to this gala night for the second straight will be developed in this paradiasico place adorned by the beauty of its participants.

He said that will work in coordination with municipal authorities that the event managed to get the best of success as it was last year to the delight of all spectators.

In turn Ericka Bernal spoke about the great taste and satisfaction that is for her to wear the crown for a year to represent their state and appealed to all youth interested in participating in this contest to cheer and do not let it seem their dreams and goals.

He added that the event allowed him to gain confidence in itself also represents a great pride to be the bearer of this appointment and be able to become part of the final representation of Sonora.

During the press conference was also attended by Secretary José Ramón Campos Santos, Noe Bañaga Trustee Attorney, Armando Portugal Amavizca, Fausto Soto International Relations and Hector Vazquez of the OCV, etc

The Tournament Begins Final AMATEUR Ping Pong IMJ-YUMA

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

  At the conclusion of the regular role of tournament tennis AMATEUR YUMA IMJ-organized by the municipal youth school this coming Thursday, the finals begin with 8 participants who seek to get the championship trophy.

Manuel Bujanda turn ends up as the absolute leader in the overall standings, undefeated coming into the finals of the tournament.

The final games will take place as follows:

· Manuel Bujanda VS Alberto Mejia

· Ruben Escobar Fabian Bernal VS

· Osman VS Carlos Flores Pérez

· Jorge Martinez VS Angel Castro

Finally we are inviting all fans apresenciar table Teniz the finals which will be taking next Thursday at about 6.30 pm, at the premises of DISTRIBUTOR YUMA

Train staff of the Municipal Public Security

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

 With the goal of having more police forces trained and equipped to provide better service to citizens the Public Security Bureau launched the “Training Program 2011 ¨ the elements of the Municipal Police provides 16 workshops to be held this year .

Items such as weapons and shooting, human rights, police ethics, basic manual, reporting among others are part of this training will be given to police officers by the City and the Grant for Municipal Public Security (Subsemun) in addition to the Institute of Public Safety of the State (ISSPE).

On behalf of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro, the Secretary José Ramón Campos Santos welcomed the audience by emphasizing the great importance that have this type of training for agents, which will help them continue with due regard to the public.

He stressed that these programs allow them to better public servants, men and parents, instilling respect for the peñasquenses, stressing the commitment of the Municipal Government to continue providing the necessary tools to do a better job.

“This course is for the benefit of you, to continue honoring this corporation and what care is their job, all in support of our community,” he said.

Highlighted the work of the Inhabitant of the efforts so far to the elements that make up the Municipal Police have this kind of training and a good team, hoping this will become one of the best in the state and national levels, said Santos Campos.

For its part, the Director of Public Safety Lazaro Hernandez Bravo said that these workshops will give better guidance elements and preparation for the city, and inspire warmth and trustingly on people.

He urged the staff of this corporation to put total dedication and commitment during this training which is part of a better preparation to continue with their daily work to the benefit of the integrity of the inhabitants of this Municipality

Join forces to increase the number of foreign and domestic visitors

Thursday, April 7th, 2011


Rocky Point as the best destination for foreign and domestic tourists is part of the 2011 Priorities of Mayor Alejandro Zepeda said Munro after leading an important meeting accompanied by Rodolfo López Negrete Chairman of the Mexico Tourism Board (MTB).

During your visit to this municipality the Head of the CPTM prison along with the Mayor this important meeting which brought together representatives of the CVB, Sonora Tourism, hoteliers, developers and federal officials exposed the importance of continuing to work together to raise promotion of the Sonoran Spa.

In the presence of the Coordinator for the Promotion of Tourism in Sonora Javier Tapia Camou, managers of the various committees stressed that its main objective is to recover market share in addition to continuing international growth market.

Showed interest in highlighting the benefits of this city with the opening of charter flights to the Bajio and Baja California in addition to the connectivity that exists with the coastal road which will allow more people visit us every year so they can enjoy the natural beauty that has our port.

It said the resumption of charter flights from the cities of Queretaro and Tijuana Chihuahua besides the April 15 which approach a higher number of visitors, so soon is to add high-impact cities like Las Vegas Nevada, Canada, and Phoenix Arizona.

Munro Zepeda said that by working with the Federation, the state, private media and opinion leaders in this municipality may open up new markets such as Baja Calirnia, United States, Canada and possibly to increase the flow of tourists to the city .

During the fruitful meeting called for support in our city to develop world-class events that bring thousands of spectators from various destinations, this key point of this tour such as Port Biosphere Reserve Pinacate, plus continue to promote overseas with the support of public relations in target markets.

Rodolfo López Negrete external that has a very clear vision of where you want to go by what he will join forces with three levels of government to support largely on the evolution and transformation of this city with events and other activities will disseminate this tourist destination to national and international level.

He stressed the importance of publicizing the tourist spots of the city so that more people show interest in this wonderful place and thus fulfill the objectives are drawn for the benefit of this municipality.

The Head of the Commune good dispocion thanked the Chairman of the Tourism Council for the interest you have to work for Puerto Penasco for more and more people come to appreciate the attractions that account and become the best destination for tourists and for its own inhabitants.

The meeting was attended by the President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau Héctor Vázquez de Mercado, the Delegate for Tourism Laura Palacio Soto, Oscar Palacio Soto and others