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Visitors Center at El Pinacate Reserve opens to public

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

Following nearly four hours years of intense work and negotiation, around noon on September 10th the modern visitors center of the Biosphere Reserve for the Pinacate and Altar Desert  was opened to the public, representing an investment of more than 35 million pesos.


After going through part of 1,300 square meters of the fully sustainable project, the Sonoran leader appeared pleased with the final results and stated this is a demonstrations as to why he became part of the project that was presented to him in 2006.


This visitors center remarked Bours Castelo, is a sign as to how diversity must be taken advantage of and what nature has given, and this is achieved through protection, as is the case.


For his part the director of the Pinacate Reserve, Federico Godinez, acknowledged the support and promotion of Governor Eduardo Bours, as he was a key piece it assuring the success of the construction of the El Pinacate Visitors Center.


During the presentation, Mayor Renteria took advantage of the moment to issue a message of gratitude and farewell to Eduardo Bours, who he considers to have been an exemplary governor who led Sonora to attain unprecedented fair development.





New Airport

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

With an investment topping 450 million pesos, the new international sea of cortez will attract more tourism to Puerto Peñasco as a complement to aspects of drawing in visitors by land, air and sea, remarked outgoing Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours.


During his twenty-second tour through Puerto Peñasco, and his last as Sonora Governor, Bours Castelo, assured that the boom of Puerto Peñasco is just the beginning of what is in store for the Riviera of Sea of Cortez.


After reviewing advancements at the airport, which will be officially inaugurated shortly, the Sonoran leader recalled that when the idea was planted to build a new airport in Peñasco, there were those who called them crazy. This was similar to the reaction received for the Coastal Highway, which is now a reality for the San Luis-Gulf of Santa Clara-Peñasco stretch.


He noted that during his administration they had bet not solely on highway tourism, which is the traditional source for this destination, but also on complementing this through possibilities by sea and air.


Bours castelo stressed the Sea of Cortez airport is a reality that will create an enormous flow of visitors to Peñasco, as is also expected from the construction of a cruise ship home port, currently already on the table and advancing.


He believed that within 20 to 25 years Peñasco will be well above Cabos and other tourism destinations in Mexico, with an extraordinary future strengthened with the sea of cortez international airport and the upcoming cruise ship home port






Hurricane Jimena draws cloud over Peñasco but blows by

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

A blue alert, the lowest warning measure, was decreed in Purto Peñasco in light of the threat of hurricane Jimena, which dissipated before affecting this part of the Upper gulf on California, reported Nicandro Cornejo, director of the municipal unit of civil protection.


Cornejo Torres indicated that despite the alert level, measures were taken locally and the course of the weather pattern followed to prevent surprises.


He detailed that potential shelters were designed and set up, as well as the pinpointing of zones of the greatest risk, either due to wind or flood, which are on the outskirts in the former case and the neighborhoods of Benito Juarez and Brisas del Golfo in the latter.


Cornejo highlighted that given Puerto Peñasco has a viral alert stemming from the H1N1 flu, they are taking this into consideration as part of emergency preventive measures to prevent agglomerations of people at potential shelters.


The director of municipal civil protection recalled that historically Peñasco has not been an area with favorable conditions for hurricanes, yet that is no reason to let one’s guard down.


The director of the municipal civil protection reiterated that although this city is an area considered to be low risk, it is important to be prepared, as in previous years meteorological surprises have hit the area.


Tesoro at Las Conchas

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

At least one development in town will hear no talk of this being a tough year in Rocky Point.

Tesoro at Las Conchas began delivering in August and has been welcoming a healthy flow of sales and reservations since Memorial Day. This is great news for the Puerto Peñasco Community –not only does it show that mayor developments are still entering the market, but Tesoro brings by far the most elegant, world-class project our town as seen.

The attention Tesoro has brings is quite welcome. The town has grown, but has not yet arrived on the international architectural map. Until now.  Tesoro has been invited to participate in a prestigious architectural competition in London and was feature in articles  in Luxury Home Megazine in the United States and two mayor architectural and design digests in Mexico. Join us also learned that Tesoro was recently contacted by the Robb Report.

The natural setting was far superior to Sandy Beach, and in a lower-density, more exclusive neighborhood. Even better, it is the same distance to the center of town, only 10-12 minutes. This is were I would want to bring my wife and children, but there were no resorts yet in the neighborhood. We decided to design a unique building to interact with this remarkable natural setting by the Morua Estuary.

Tesoro’s delivery is the biggest real estate news story of 2009. Look for a Las Conchas map and head out to see what everyone is talking about.

Process of administration transition formally begins

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009


Process of administration transition formally begins

Incumbent Mayor and Mayor elect. Hold first meeting


The first formal meeting between incumbent Mayor Heriberto Renteria Sanchez, and mayor elect, Alejandro Zepeda Munro, was held on July 24th officially marking the delivery-receipt process of the local administration.


At 11:00 a.m. in the Mayor’s chambers, the outgoing city leader received the mayor-elect. The meeting took place in a cordial environment and with the overall objective of assuring a calm transition.


Within this framework, Alejandro Zepeda thanked Heriberto Renteria for the willingness to fulfill the procedure established by the law for the governmental transition.


The mayor elect noted the intent is the begin to establish bases for the arrival of the new administration, through calm, peaceful and cooperative agreements.


For his par, Heriberto Renteria Sanchez expressed his gratitude for this first official visit of Zepeda Munro and reiterated the willingness of his administration to ease the delivery-receipt process.


Renteria Sanchez indicated there is full willingness to establish the basis so that the new administration can begin to work right away, with knowledge of all the issues related to the municipality.


Renteria Sanchez reiterated the intent is to deliver a fully functioning government, with well advanced projects, in order to ease the use of resources and maintain the level of public investment they have achieved over the last two years, in coordination with the state and federal government.








Monday, September 28th, 2009

Over in la Marina Plaza, where Coldwell Banker Real Estate and Max’s Café are located, there is a new little shop named CONSUELO´S ARTS & CRAFTS.  Although Consuelo didn’t have an official opening until May 1st, she made her first sale, to Sandy, the day before.  We (Sandy, Alicia, Claudia and Betty) were brunching outside on the patio of Max’s Café, when we spotted the new store filled with pewter, glass and ceramics from Tonalá and Tlaquepaque, Jalisco.  Wonderful things!  Pieces that you do not see anywhere else yet.  Go check it out, next to Max’s café, across the street (at the very end of Calle 13) from Hotel Peñasco Del Sol (used to be Plaza las Glorias).  Consuelo Chavez is the proud new shop owner.  You can call her at 38-8-3979 or her cellular 044-(638) – 112-1272.


Also new in Marina Plaza, down at the other end, next to the Sunset Grill, in-between the Mayan Resorts office and ERA Real Estate, is the slots of fun, LITTLE LAS VEGAS.  Vickie Emrick is the owner of Black Dog on Blvd Freemont, where the original slot room, Las Vegas, is located.  She phoned to tell me about opening the new location on Friday May 15th.  When she called, tom and I were on the highway, heading down to San Carlos.  We didn’t make it to the opening, but we certainly do have to admit to playing the slots a “couple times” at the Black Dog.  I am sure that I can drag Tom over to Little Las Vegas for a “photo shoot”.  They open at 10 am and do not close until 2am.  Try it, it’s “Slots of fun”!


Over on Sinaloa by the original Reggies 8/12 minismart (they have two stores now), on the west side of the street, toward the beach is very popular restaurant/bar Al Capone’s Pizza & Beer.  Great places to rink, eat, visit, discuss business, people watch, and even celebrate events, like Lannette´s 39th Birthday.


Anyway, Al Capone’s isn’t new, it is almost two years old but, there’s more.  Coming soon?  On Matamoros, the beach road, across from the Pink Cadillac, will be the new AL CAPONE´S GRILL & HIDEAWAY.  Word is that it will also be a restaurant/bar (but different than original), and it may be open by October.  Hope they’ll server ice cold Indio beer there, too!


Also on Sinaloa, just down from Al capons is GARIBALDIS RESTAURANT & SPORTS BAR.  Garibaldi’s isn´t new either, but it is newly re opened.  We used to hang out there.  Actually, the American Legion meetings were held there.




Monday, September 28th, 2009




Lawyer, miner and farmer from Tlalpujahua, who joined Hidalgo’s forces early, in Maravatio, and became Hidalgo’s secretary.  From the beginning of the struggle, he devoted himself to formally constitute an insurgent authority.  At the same time, he was the key promoter of El Despertador Americano, the newspaper of the Independence movement.  After the defeat of the insurgents at the Calderon Bridge, López Rayón followed the main caudillos in they journey north, but he split paths with them in Saltillo to complete the task they gave him: to continue the fight.


In his return to Michoacan, entrenched himself at Zitácuaro, where he established The Supreme Governing Junta (August 1811), of which was president, along with Jose Maria Liceaga and José Sixto Verduzco (spokesmen)  Many laws, proclamations and rules were written by this Junta.  After the fall of Zitacuáro to the royalist, the Junta survived as a migrating government until it was incorporated, 1813, into the proceedings of the Chilpancingo Congress.


Although Ignacio López Rayón contributed actively to Mexico’s Independence movement in military affairs (where he was part of key events ), without a doubt, his most significant contribution was in the realm of political affairs as he participated importantly in the Chilpancingo Congress and the Apatzingán Constitution, which set the basis for the construstruction of Mexico’s constitutional principles.





Francisco Xavier Mina 81789-1817).  Liberal Spaniar who during his exile in London met with the also exiled priest Servando Teresa de Mier, along with other supporters of the Mexican Independence movement.  For Mina, the battle against the absolutist government represented by Fernando VII could be fought in Spain as well as the search for better battle conditions, Mina moved to the New World.  He arrived in North America in 1816, to prepare is expedition to New Spain and, the following year, landed in Soto la Marina.  There he started an epic  military Campaign which led him to travel through territories in the northeast and center of the viceroyalty.


He obtained resounding victories such as those of the Hacienda of Peotillos and El Arrastradero.  Mina joined his forces with those of the insurgent leader Pedro Moreno in the battles of Sombrero and Los Remedios.  After many difficult encounters with the royalist forces in which he demonstrated his military prowess, Mina was finally captured in October 1817 and executed by firing squad soon afterwards.


Apart  from the ,military challenges of General Francisco Xavier Mina and his Mexican Auxiliary Army, his expedition to Mexico broaden the perspective on the War for Independence at a time where it had been reduced to a minimal level with only a few caudillos, such as Vicente Guerrero and Guadalupe Victoria keeping the fight alive.  From another point view, Mina´s expedition represented a high point in solidarity from other nations with the cause of Mexican Independence.

Rescued in the sierra pinta desert

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Two men lost in the sierra pinta desert and t risk of losing their lives were rescued around midday on June 19th, after they had tried to bring a foreign car into the country by going the almejas customs crossing


Andres Gomes Perez, 36 years old, and Fernando Valdez Alcantar, 18 , both originally from Alamos, Sonora, lived to tell their stories after lasting nearly 19 hours lost in the desert region.


Official information indicates that around 9a.m. on July 19th. a report came into the C-4 066 emergency number, requesting help for two people who were lost in the area of sierra pinta.


Staff from the municipal police and civil protection entered the desert, around the area of Santa Rita ranch, where they found tracks that continued for around 3000 meters. The tracks led to a 1997 beige colored pick-up Ford with California plate, stuck in the sand. This discovery occurred around 11 a.m.


As there no one in the area where the vehicle was found, the rescue workers continued to advance their search by following foot tracks that headed east.


They followed the path for a few hours until around 2:50 p.m., when they came across two men who were insistently signaling to them. They confirmed these to be the two lost individuals that had requested assistance in the morning.


Andres Gomez Perez, 36 years, and Fernando Valdez Alcantar, 18, notified their rescuers that they had bought the pick-up in Mexicali, Baja California with the intent of taking it to Alamos, Sonora. However, they continued, when they arrived at the almejas crossing they were not allowed to pass because the vehicle had not been imported.


Given the situation, around 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 18th. They decided to try to go around the customs crossing, but their vehicle got stuck, which resulted in the subsequent predicament.


The rescued men told their rescuers they had been born again and apparently did not seem to have any serious complications due to their health, therefore, following the assistance received they continued their journey to Alamos, Sonora. As indicated by the report given by participants in the search and rescue.



Construction of Children’s Multiple Use Center

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Through an investment of just over half a million pesos, construction on the children’s Multiple Use Center (CUMI) got underway in the children’s park popularly known as “El Carcamo”, behind the offices public services.


The work with community, through the sonoran program of social participation (PASOS), allowed for the construction of the center, which will be finished within a period of two months. There, the young children of this part of the city, will be able to take courses, do activities, and participate in events, among other benefits.


With the presence of members from the civil groups 20 de noviembre and rosa del desierto, who promoted this project, the traditional flag-waving to launch the construction took place. A total of 573,000 pesos will be invested in the project.


In the act, Mrs. Maria del Socorro Marin Medina, secretary of the 20 de noviembre association, explained that finally, following tremendous effort, they were able to achieve this project that directly impacts new generations.


She deemed the construction of the Children’s Multiple Use Center as a dream become reality, and expressed her gratitude to the PASOS program, Governor Eduardo Bours and Mayor Heriberto Renteria, for helping to make this possible.


Miguel Lopez Lara, a member of the the PASOS committee that will oversee this project, underscored the impact this will have is transcendental, given the fact that it is focused on the youth and children, who are the present and future of Puerto peñasco.


On behalf of Mayor Heriberto Renteria, Hector Israel Garcia Rojas stated that this Children’s Multiple Use Center is an example that persistence can become reality.


After stressing the unity and organization of the 20 de noviembre association, he emphasized that this project will create initial benefits for the oriente neighborhood, but undoubtedly will also benefit the entire city.


Similarly, deputy director of PASOS, Juan de Dios Burgos Higuera, highlighted the importance of this consensus program with the fact that in the last six years they have invested in peñasco nearly 100 million pesos precisely through PASOS, of which 15 million were contributed by the community.


He called for the continuity of strategies of this type within the administration, as the value of projects and actions to benefit the community has been demonstrated, such as in the case of this municipal endeavor.




Mexico Safer than the US?

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

To listen to the new you would think Mexico was a war zone.  Yet, despite some bad press coverage recently, Mexico’s tourist zones are safer than the U.S.

A small amount of research by the Seaside Reservations Team  uncovered crime rates in Mexico and U.S.A. and compared them side by side.. .GUESS WHAT WE FOUND!!!!!

The results are startling. They indicate that major tourist zones in Mexico are up to 26 times safer than some tourist zones in the U.S.A.

The Mexican state of Baja California Sur – location of tourist zones Los Cabos, La Paz and Loreto – has a homicide rate 26 times lower than Orlando, 18 times lower than Miami, 17 times lower than West Palm Beach, 12 times lower than Tampa and half that of Honolulu.

The Mexican state of Quintana Roo – location of tourist zones Cancun and the Riviera Maya – has a homicide rate 14 times lower than Orlando, 10 times lower than Miami, 9 times lower than West Palm Beach, 6 times lower than Tampa and lower than that of Honolulu.

Puerto Penasco has had less murders in the past 10 years than Phoenix Arizona had in a single month.

The tourist areas of Las Vegas, New Orleans and Chicago have more violent crimes per capita than ANYWHERE in Mexico.

We have all heard the statistic that 6,000 people died due to drug related homicides in Mexico last year, Did you also realize that in that same time period 19,000 people died in the US from Drug related homicides. That is more than 3 times as many.

The figures also show that Mexican tourist zones are even safer when the homicide rate is compared with major non tourist cities in the U.S.A. and Canada, where many tourists to Mexico have their homes.

For example, Baja California Sur has a homicide rate 39 times lower than Washington D.C., 19 times lower than Houston, 17 times lower than Dallas, 7 times lower than the city of New York and 3 times lower than Vancouver.

We all know that sensationalism sells. Reporting crime out of context in Mexico gets people to watch, so Mexico takes a beating in a race for advertising dollars in the ratings game. With of President Obama’s visit to Mexico, we hope that the research will help overcome the recent representation in some media of Mexico as a violent country all over.

Tourists are safer on vacation in Mexico than when living at home.  Mexico’s remain a true paradise for vacationers, and with the media beat down of Mexico, Mexico Real Estate prices may never be this low again. For listing  of some really great pricing check out Rocky Point Real Estate website or for Properties in the Baja Check out Rosarito Condo Sales