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Sunday, November 8th, 2009



November 5th, 2009,  is the day in which Puerto Penasco, Mexico passed from being the best kept secret of Mexico, a remote destination accessible only driving from Arizona, Hermosillo or Mexicali, to be a major tourism and residential destination for many Americans and Canadians looking to enjoy the Sea of Cortes paradise, where desert meets the ocean.

FAM Avion Presidencial en Puerto Penasco

President Calderon came to Puerto Penasco aboard of the Presidential Plane and 2 other commercial jets, (an Interjet and an Aeromexico) transporting literally hundreds of people from different regions of Mexico and several industrial sectors, like staff of the National Restaurant Chamber of Commerce,Hospitality chambers, and media from every single part of Mexico and International agencies.

The ceremony was very sensitive and emotional for so many Puerto Penasco’s residents who had been dreaming with this International Airport for years and years. As well as with a Panoramic Coastal Highway to connect this beautiful destination US Highway I-8 with Yuma, Az ansd San Diego, Ca. Finally today these two dreams are real!!!

Mr. Daniel Chavez Moran, major stockholder and CEO of Grupo Vidanta owner of Mayan Palace Resorts among other brands, welcomed to President Calderon, Secretaries of Federal Agencies, Fonatur CEO, Governors and Mayors of other regions, and important and strategic CEO’s from several industries. This Airport is the first built in Mexico with 100% private funds, invested by Grupo Vidanta, which has the capacity to receive any kind of planes including Boeing 747.

In addition to this two important projects already delivered,  Puerto Penasco will have a toll Freeway 15th months after getting the State Permits to connect this Mar de Cortes International Airport with the Arizona Border, what will be a shortcut to get here faster, safer and quicker. Actually Puerto Penasco has a great highway to the Border with Lukeville, Az which takes you there in only 50 minutes driving. With this new freeway the time will be reduced to only 25 minutes.

Puerto Penasco Medical facilities had been expended also, having a great General Hospital and a new Social Security clinic providing health care to all its residents. Not only that, to increase medical tourism to the region it also has a brand new state of the art cosmetic surgery clinic.

President Calderon, Governor Guillermo Padres and Mayor Alejandro Zepeda, as well as Mayor Dario Murillo of Caborca where the Gold Coast is located (the 4 of them distinguished members of the PAN party), as all the private sector of this region and Mexico in general, are committed with the future of Puerto Penasco, and the Sonora Gold Coast to make them grow and transform it soon into a major Tourism destination like Cancun and the Mayan Riviera, or Los Cabos corridor where Cabo San Lucas is located.

Interjet and Aeromexico in Puerto Penasco

No other location in Mexico have received all this investment in infrastructure, new businesses and Real Estate projects from the Private Sector, Federal and State Governments like Puerto Penasco already is receiving them. Additionally Puerto Penasco will be home port for Holland Cruises in the very near future as it has been announced.

It is important to remark that the Private investment in Puerto Penasco is not only Mexican capital, there are big investments from the United States, Canada and Spain.

With these kind of actions and real commitment, Puerto Penasco and the Sonora Gold Coast,  are now for sure, the most exiting place in Mexico to Visit, enjoy and relocate to.

Living in Puerto Penasco has so many benefits like; Its weather and natural beauty, its people, the large and great American and Canadian community already living here, affordable health care, Mexico Real Estate practices supervised by AMPI ( Affiliated to NAR), Excellent highways connecting by land this destination with Phoenix and Tucson, Az driving 3.5 hours, or San Diego in only 4.5 hours, a great International Airport and the commitment of all Puerto Penasco community and Mexico to make it grow.

Consider your retirement, investment, relocation, vacation or seasonal residence in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. No other place has this much to offer now.

Puerto Penasco has restaurants, nigh clubs, bars, 3 golf courses, hotels or luxury condos and houses for rent, awesome resorts for any kind of lifestyle; Classy, luxury, easy going, casual, expensive, affordable, families, party, you name it…. , Puerto Penasco has it all for any kind of people who loves living in paradise.

Opportunities you missed 25 year ago to buy a piece of Paradise in Cancun o Cabo San Lucas are back!

Puerto Penasco, AKA: Rocky Point Mexico, has Condos for sale, houses for sale, residential lots for sale, developing lots for sale, commercial lots for sale, diversity of real estate offer, and many more things for you to move and enjoy life in Mexico.

If you are fluent in Spanish , I suggest you to watch this Video with President’s Calderon Speech.

Vaya  con   Dios !

Local  044 638 112 0916
US Phone 602-288-8649

Rocky Point Rally Schedule

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Harly Davidson ready to go to Rocky POint

The Rocky Point Rally is an annual event held in the town of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico that showcases motorcycles and other 2-4 wheel vehicles.

The Rocky Point Rally, “Gran Fiesta de Motocicletas,” is also known as the Rocky Point Motorcycle Rally or Rocky Point Biker Rally, or Ralley.

Over ten thousand people from around the world gathered last year to watch parades and contests between motorcycles and other recreational vehicles.

More information and reservations:
Rocky Point Rally Reservations


– Wednesday
1.- Welcome shot at Tequila Factory: We’ll be waiting for you, regardless what time you arrive. Between 9am – 9pm stop by the Tequila Factory for a fun time of free Tequila Tasting. Experience a wide selection of flavored tequilas and learn all there is to know about tequila! Located on the main drag (Benito Juarez Blvd.) in the big blue building just past the turn to Calle 13 (and ALL bikers know Calle 13, right?)

2.- Early Bird Party at The Black Dog: $1 Margaritas! Yes, that’s one dollar Margaritas from 6pm – 8pm at the famous Black Dog on Fremont Blvd. Great food and $2 Bloody Marys. Karaoke from 7pm.

– Thursday
1.- Desert Oasis Biker Registration Party: Registration starts at 9am, so if you get here early, plan on having breakfast at the Oasis. $2 Bloody Marys, Margaritas and Piña Coladas! Tell your friends to meet you here and then ride into town together. Kick off your Rally with a Party at the Oasis…

2.- Welcome shot at Tequila Factory: See Above!

3.- Make the Rounds and Win a Weekend in Rocky Point: The Camel Toe Cantina, Thirsty Parrot, Jerry’s Place, The Black Dog, The Sandbar and Manny’s Beach Club will have tickets for a drawing. Winners will get weekend accommodations in a beautiful beachfront condo. Drawing to be held at 11pm at Manny’s Beach Club.

– Friday
1.- Biker Breakfast Specials at Latitude 31: $2 Bloody Marys. Great breakfast! ProAlliance Insurance will buy your first drink if you show the email that you bought insurance from us! Come on up, meet Mike, and start your day off right with a drink, compliments of your Mexican insurance agent!

2.- Happy Hour at The Reef: On Sandy Beach…right next to The Reef Restaurant. You won’t believe the changes and improvements out there now! The Rocky Point News Online invites you to come and watch the sunset like you’ve never seen it. $12 cover gets you all the national beer and well drinks you want. All other drinks are $2!

3.- Forum Party at JC’s Cantina: This is gonna be a Biker Blast! Live music by the incredible Cellphone Cowboys! Located on Calle 13 above Keno’s Store. Don’t miss it! It will be wild!

– Saturday
1.- Biker Breakfast Specials at Latitude 31: $2 Bloody Marys. Great breakfast! ProAlliance Insurance will buy your first drink if you show the email that you bought insurance from us! Come on up, meet Mike, and start your day off right with a drink, compliments of your Mexican insurance agent!

2.- Bikinis, Bikes and Burnouts in the Malecon: Hang out with the Quick Throttle Team at Jerry’s Place. Babes in Bikinis will wash your bike for a charitable donation! Drink specials galore, official t-shirts for sale, and great food. Meet Jerry and you’ll know you have a friend in Rocky Point! The Thirsty Parrot has drink specials all day! Debbie’s is the spot for the group from cyclerides.com!

3.- 1:30pm-3pm Bike Jumpers at the Black Dog: Come and watch the jumpers! There are also LOTS OF SLOTS! Action! Drink specials! Live music & Karaoke!

4.- 6:30pm Low Seas Biker Sunset Cruise: The owners of the Carnaval, Rocky Point’s biggest party boat have reserved the whole boat for a wild Biker Sunset Cruise! Food, Beer, Full Bar and Entertainment, as we take the party out onto the water! For two hours you will enjoy the beauty of Rocky Point from the ocean side… secure parking for your bikes.

5.- 7pm – 2am 2 for 1 Night at Manny’s Beach Club: That’s right…all night long you’ll drink twice as much for half the price! And there’s no need for explanation because you all know Manny, and you know Manny’s Beach Club has been your turf for 27 years! If you haven’t been to Manny’s, it’s time to find out why every hotel room within walking distance of Manny’s is in such high demand!

– Sunday
1.- 1:30pm-3pm Bike Jumpers at the Black Dog: More fantastic bike jumps! More SLOTS! More Action! More Drink specials! More live music & Karaoke! You wanted more? We have MORE!

2.- See You Next Time shot at the Tequila Factory: Aw, c’mon…you’ve gotta come by and say goodbye, don’t you?

– Monday
1.- You Still Here? Breakfast & Bloody Marys at The Thirsty Parrot

Rocky Point airport to open next week

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Commercial air service could begin in January

By Mariana Alvarado
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 10.28.2009

“Arizona’s Beach” will now be only a short flight away.
A new international airport in Puerto Peñasco — also known as Rocky Point — is to open next week. Initially, there will be service for private and executive flights, and the hope is to have commercial flights to and from Tucson, Phoenix and Hermosillo beginning in January.
The Mar de Cortes International Airport was built by Operadora Aeroportuaria Golfo de Cortes. S.E. de C.V. with an initial investment of $45 million, said Fernando Antillón, airport director.
“This is a terminal that is going to keep growing … according to the demand,” said Antillón.
The airport is 20 miles south of Puerto Peñasco and about 60 miles from the U.S. border. Puerto Peñasco is 35 minutes by air from Phoenix and one hour from Los Angeles.
The terminal will be inaugurated next Thursday by Mexico’s president, Felipe Calderón, as well as representatives from the tourism industry.
It will be fully operational by 2012, but currently its 1.55-mile concrete runway is capable of handling all types of service and aircraft up to Boeing 757s and similar aircraft, according to airport officials.
Antillón said the next phase of the construction will bring the total investment in the project to nearly $80 million.
The airport is operated by a subsidiary of conglomerate Grupo Vidanta, which is currently building several resort and residential developments in the region. Grupo Vidanta built and operates the Mayan Palace in Rocky Point.
Airport construction started in 2007. At that time, Grupo Vidanta built in six months a provisional airport to accommodate a Mexico-U.S. border governors conference in Puerto Peñasco.

Projects aimed to speed up wait times at Az/Mexico border

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Three major Arizona-Mexico border stations, including one notorious for making truckers and tourists wait for hours – and even overnight – to cross back into Arizona, are finally expanding.

Construction is about to begin to enlarge the Mariposa Land Port of Entry at Nogales, the nation’s third-busiest border station, over the next 3 1/2 years, with the bulk of the money coming from federal-stimulus dollars.

A new station for trucks at San Luis, southeast of Yuma, is a few months from opening. And work is expected to begin soon on the Lukeville station that leads to Rocky Point.

Those improvements, which are expected to reduce wait times, along with a major seaport Mexico may build at Punta Colonet in Baja California, could boost tourism in Arizona, make the state more competitive and give it a large role in international trade, said Margie Emmermann, executive director of the Arizona Mexico Commission.

“Right now, one of the biggest obstacles to people using our region as a gateway and port of entry is the fact that we have a lot of outdated infrastructure and our process for using our ports of entry is just very inefficient,” she said.

Arizona companies did about $10.8 billion in trading by surface transportation with Mexico last year, ranking fifth among all the states, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Surface transportation includes trucks, rails and pipelines.

While the improvements will reduce wait times, Emmermann said there still could be waits because of extra security measures being taken since 9/11. Eventually, as inspectors get used to new technology being introduced, security delays could subside.

Depending on congressional funding, improvements also could come in the next few years to ports of entry at Douglas in southeastern Arizona and for a second border station at San Luis, known as San Luis 1, that is the principal entry point for hundreds of field workers who cross the border to work the produce fields in Yuma every winter.


A groundbreaking ceremony will be held today on a $213 millionproject to modernize and expand the Mariposa Port of Entry at Nogales for those people heading to San Carlos.

Built in 1973, the station has become the main port of entry for fresh produce from Mexico. It is one of two ports at Nogales. The smaller Dennis DeConcini Port of Entry is used primarily for residents, shoppers and workers crossing between Nogales, Ariz., and Nogales, Sonora.

The Mariposa station is considered a linchpin in the infrastructure needed for international trade among the U.S., Mexico and Canada and is part of the Canada to Mexico Trade Corridor, or CANAMEX, according to an environmental-impact statement completed in June.

The station has been too small for a long time.

“It was designed for about 400 trucks a day,” said Luis Ramirez, a Phoenix consultant working with the commission on the project. “We reached that in 1983.”

Truckers have said that they have to wait up to eight hours or even overnight to cross into Arizona, he said. Emmermann said it took her 4 1/2 hours to re-enter Arizona in December at the Mariposa station.

During the peak of the growing season, from January to March, as many as 1,400 trucks a day pass through Nogales, the environmental statement said. Delays not only cost drivers frustration, time and money, but can mean produce arrives in stores in a riper state.

Pedestrian crossings have more than tripled since 2002, reaching about 557,000 in 2006, and are expected to grow almost 200 percent by 2025.The environmental report also said the station offers miserable working conditions. Inspectors in one building can work only 90-minute shifts because of heavy exhaust fumes. Some inspection-lane booths are not under a canopy, forcing inspectors to work in the blazing sun in the summer.

The station will continue to operate during construction but Ramirez said the challenge will be to not lengthen wait times.

If it wasn’t for about $199 million in stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the project would have been delayed a year, and it would have been done in phases, he said. Now, it can all be done at once. It is the largest single stimulus project outside Washington, D.C.


Brian Levin, a spokesman for U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said a three-month project to expand the Lukeville station from three to five lanes could start in December or January.

Two of the lanes will be reversible to handle greater crowds going south into Mexico on holiday weekends to Puerto Penasco and then switched to handle crowds coming back.

Lukeville handles about 800 vehicles on weekdays and up to 6,000 on holiday weekends.

Levin said waits have been reduced to a maximum of two hours on holiday weekends and the expansion should reduce those further.

San Luis

As the first community in the state to get a modern border station, Yuma is already seeing more businesses and expects to reap wide economic benefits, said Julie Engel, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Yuma Economic Development Corp.

“We do want to be known for our international capabilities and what we can do for the economy in the state,” she said.

Even though it is not as busy as the Nogales station, San Luis was worked on first because it had become so dangerous, said Emmermann, who said lobbying for the improvements began in the mid-1990s.

Trucks and cars often mingle with pedestrians, especially the hundreds of produce workers who cross daily in the Yuma area during the winter.

So the San Luis station was split into San Luis 1, for pedestrians and non-commercial traffic, and San Luis 2, for commercial traffic. The $42 million San Luis 2 station, southeast of Yuma, is essentially done and is waiting for a comparable station to be completed on the Mexican side. Both are expected to open by the beginning of 2010.

The Arizona station will have the latest technology, such as heat scanners that detect humans hiding in vehicles. It will be able to handle at least 500 trucks a day.

Engel said it could draw business from Nogales and other border choke points.

The Arizona Department of Transportation completed a new limited-access expressway, Arizona 195, from the station to Interstate 8, so heavy commercial traffic can bypass Yuma.

Engel said two companies have already moved into Yuma County and plan to build near the new port after it opens. A third company, a solar manufacturer, also has expressed interest.

Choosing Furniture for beachfront Living

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

by Eddie Wharez

Whether you have owned a beach property in Rocky Point before or not, you will be amazed at how the salty air will destroy your possessions in short order. Even the life expectancy of beachfront houses is shortened. That is why you must be careful when choosing patio furniture.  This article provides information to help you make an educated decision, including some tips and considerations. The exceptionally caustic environment in Rocky Point is due to the high salt concentration at the northern most part of the sea of cortez..

Before you go shopping, it would be wise to ask yourself some questions:
  • Will my outdoor furniture be used only by me and my family, or will it be for a rental property?
  • Will I have space for a seating area large enough for more than two people?
  • Will my terrace or patio be used occasionally to entertain or perhaps have a nice dinner with my spouse or friends?
  • Will the furniture have to stay outdoors or could it be stored?
  • Will my outdoor furniture follow a specific design or theme, maybe traditional, eclectic or transitional?

Outdoor wicker: Rattan, water hyacinth, sea grass, banana leaves, bamboo and the like, add the tropical and classical feel we all like when we are in a vacation site. The beauty of the natural materials will last longer in an enclosed area, however, most of it will not do so well at full exposure to the elements.

Teak is one of the most durable woods in the market, it goes from reddish brown to silver gray once it has weathered; you can prevent it from happening if you take care of it with special oil or stain.

Wrought iron is a very sturdy material ideal for windy areas, available in a variety of designs. Just keep in mind that, even with the best of treatments, iron will still rust. So, think twice about it if you need it for a beach home. If feel you are going to miss the enchantment of the iron work, guess what? Nowadays you can get cast aluminum in the traditional look of iron, especially if you want keep a Mexican design for your home.

Resin and cast aluminum: These two elements will do wonders together. They are usually weather proof, care and rust free. All you need to do is hose them down, vacuum them once in a while and your set will look like new! Perfect for rental properties. Just a small piece of advice: Check the weight of them, because on a windy day you don’t want any of your chairs to end up somewhere else than on your terrace!

As far as fabric is concerned you’ll find quite a large selection of patterns and colors. For fabric to endure the weather, it has to be polyester based, vinyl or acrylic, so it dries quickly and resists mildew. Keep in mind that even the most water-resistant fabrics will break down when they sit outside for too long without use. Therefore, storing fabric will extend the life and beauty of your cushions. Remember, cushions will be basically the only thing you will want to replace after a few years; but, you’ll probably love to change colors and patterns anyway, right?

Eddie Wharez is the owner and designer of Diseños Casa y Jardín. If you have any questions or comments, contact him at eddiewharez@yahoo.com,

Salty Goes Seaside: Welcome Back to Rocky Point

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Salty Senorita, Sea Side Reservations and Re/Max Legacy of Rocky Point Mexico have partnered to send Phoenix residents south of the border!

Every Friday night, November 6th through November 27th, all Salty Senoritas will be giving away an amazing Sea Side Reservation Vacation Package to their resorts in Rocky Point, Mexico.

Each trip is for two adults and includes a 3-day 2-night stay in luxury accommodations and more. Even if you don’t win the big trip you are still a winner at Salty! On every entry form there is a tear off secret discount code for 15% off your next trip to Rocky Point via Sea Reservations, the Rocky Point Experts at www.seasidemexico.com.

The concept of Salty Senorita was inspired by little beach towns like Rocky Point, Mexico and Salty is eager to help Valley residents experience an amazing vacation as well as encourage tourism to such a relaxing destination. The residents of Rocky Point, valley residents with second homes in Rocky Point, Re/Max Legacy, The Rocky Point Times, Rocky Point Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Sea Side Reservations are excited to welcome new and returning guests to Rocky Point, Mexico.

Rocky Point, or Puerto Penasco, Mexico is an easy 3 ½ to 4 hour drive from the Phoenix area. There you can choose to partake in the many great land and ocean activities, enjoy the culture and history of the area or simply relax on the beautiful sands of The Sea of Cortez.

While you are listening for your name to be drawn to win one of these hot vacations, Salty will be serving up tacos and ice cold Miller Chill from 8pm to close. There is no purchase necessary to win. Contestants can enter at any Salty location by filling out a way cool entry form from their server. Drawings will be every Friday at each Salty location between 8pm and 9pm.

So every Friday throw on your favorite pair of flip flops and head to Salty Senorita, where you can eat, drink, and be mermaid.

Old Town Scottsdale
3636 N. Scottsdale Rd.
(480) 946-SALTY

1860 S. Stapley Dr.
(480) 632-TACO

North Scottsdale
14950 N. Northsight Blvd.
(480) 922-MARG

8011 W. Paradise Lane
(623) 979-GUAC

Check us out online at www.saltysenorita.com or visit Seaside Reservations at www.seasidemexico.com .

For Rocky Point Real Estate questions please visit www.realestaterockypoint.net

Press Release Source: Salty Senorita


Sunday, October 11th, 2009


Egiptanos is a Mexican assembly dedicated to the rescue, preservation and dissemination of Romany Culture, specifically oriented to its link with Mexican Culture.

Formed in 2003 by Lila Zellet Elijah Egiptanos convenes a meeting of different Gypsy families who through music and dance lead the public by different landscapes: from the Balkan mountains, the deserts of the Middle East. From the “tablaos” from Spain to their final destination: Latin America. Where the public will discover a little-known Mexico: The Mexico Gypsy.


Breathes culture, CHE

Playing for the first time in Puerto Penasco, on the Malecon FOUNDERS on Friday, 23 will go from early exhibitions, theater, cultural activities, attend to: have fun, and full of culture….

Tremendous tour!



Real Estate Tips

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Real Estate Tips


         Owning property in Mexico is easier and saber than ever, because now there are established and well defined rules regarding foreigners owning land in Mexico.


These rules are in place to protect your ownership rights and to promote the sale of real estate to foreign investors. The key is a safe, established and perpetually renewable Mexican Property Trust called a Fideicomiso.


         With the advent of the North American treaty agreement, the Mexican government recognized that it was critical to make foreign investment in Mexico safer and easier than ever. Because the Mexican constitution prohibits foreigners from purchasing or owning real estate within 30 miles of the Mexican Coast, a new safe method of holding title was created.

This new instrument, modeled after the one in Monaco, allows ownership through a Mexican property trust, called a Fideicomiso.

This is a trust agreement, much like an estate trust, giving you all the rights of ownership.


Much like living wills or estate trusts in the U.S., the bank, takes instructions only from the beneficiary of the trust.

The beneficiary may also sell the property by instructions the trustee to transfer the rights to another qualified owner, or bequeath the property to an inheritor. The initial term of the trust is 50 years indefinitely, providing for long-term control of the asset.


In the trust document, you must name the beneficiary or foreign owner for the property. This can be you personally, multiple partners, a foreign corporation, an estate trust, a living will, or other entity.


Summer tourism wraps up, fulfilling expectations

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Summer tourism wraps up, fulfilling expectations


         After meeting expectations and welcoming 35 500 visitors to the area, the summer tourism season for Puerto Peñasco recently came to an end.

This period helped breathe life into the local economy, remarked Rafael Gonzalez, Director of the city’s convention and visitors Bureau.


         Gonzalez Valenzuela stated that although the number of visitors decreased in the last two weeks due to the return to classes, there was an increase of between 8 to 10% in the number of tourists who chose to spend their vacations in Peñasco.


         He explained that with the registered influx, they reached an average occupation rate at hotels from Sunday to Thursday of 48% while the percentage of rooms reserved on Fridays and Saturdays was typically between 70 to 75 %.


The OCV Director stressed the high temperatures do not have any effect on summer tourism for Puerto Peñasco, which can be felt in the flow of visitors coming principally from the markets of Chihuahua and Baja California.


He reiterated there was a notable improvement over last year, despite the economic crisis, with the summer season wrapping up after having received 35 500 visitors, a great majority of them from other states within Mexico.


To Jail Goes Jesus Cota Castro, Known Union Leader

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

PEI(State Police) apprehends and arrests 9 suspects involved in Laguna Shores strike

By Victor Salazar and Alberto Aldrete Valdez

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

More than ten ex-workers from the Laguna Shores Real Estate Company in Puerto Penasco blocked off the company building located on the intersection of Boulevard Benito Juarez and Juan de la Barrera due to unjustified dismissal. The PEI has received a warrant against 9 of the persons that were involved in what the order states “aggravated eviction and aggravated unlawful detention”.

A warrant was issued this past Saturday the 19th of September, when the Rocky Point chief of the PEI, Luis Carlos Villalobos executed the order, of which the folio number is 881/2009II, with the date of the 11th of September of the present year. The warrant requires the capture and admission to the Centro de Rehabilitacion Social(Social Rehabilitation Centre) The accused were listed as Jesus Cota Castro, Manuel Maltos Campos, Martin Alonso Vega Gamez, Juan Jose Felix Lopez, Juan Angel Reyes Garcia, Leonel Garcia Vargas, Jose Gilberto Quiroz Alvarez, Eliazar Zaragoza Granja, and Pedro Juanes.

The document marks the aggravated eviction and unlawful detention against Laguna Shores, citing damages against Maria Guadalupe Lopez Larios, Michael Roberto Klein, Roberto Irineo Rocha, Roberto Excalante Ramirez, Maria Elena Vaca Cervantes, Hector Manuel Escalante Martinez and Manuel Rodriguez, all of whom reside in Puerto Peñasco.

Judge Leobardo Burgos Calleja supervised the detention of the above mentioned persons. The implicated party was apprehended that very Sunday and put into the Social Rehabilitation Centre, wherein the authorities confirmed their arrest.

Detainees’ relatives criticize arrest; “it is unjust”, they remarked.

Wives and family of the detainees declared the arrest as an unfair violation of labor rights at the offices of this newspaper.

The family members stated that the accusations made against the 9 detainees, “aggravated eviction and aggravated unlawful detention”, do not match the facts. By their own word, they assure that no person was unlawfully treated when the black and red flags were set; they only did not allow personnel to take items out of the building and they did not evict anyone, what is defined within their own labor rights. Amongst the complaints is the lack of payment by the company to their ex-workers. They are quick to point out that there is an embargo upon the property that repays the dropped salaries, other costs and case costs.

Without giving any names for fear of retaliation, the family members indicated that the strike was still standing “because (Michael Kline) has never been willing to negotiate with the employees; he has not even assisted any of the Worker’s Compensation Board meetings”.

They also stated that 2 of the detainees were not even employees, but there for support, for which they ask for help by the authorities to help quicken the investigations, as they could not post bail.

The group indicated that throughout the strike, (Michael Kline) was insulting them and provoking them with obscenities, such as showing them a male sexual organ made out of rubber stating that “this was what he was going to give them”. They successfully did not succumb to these provocations.

The families affirmed that they depend on the 9 detainees and find it unjustified of what they feel is a constitutional violation, that a foreigner can make fun of their situation and to worsen it, that the authorities are on the foreigner’s side.

The detainees’ families have stated that they will pressure the authorities with other methods, because it is necessary that it be known that Puerto Peñasco’s labor rights are non-existent, or in other words that no respect is given due to the authorities’ compliances with others.